Timeline Wars

Now is the end.
Now is the beginning.

Note to the reader:

What you are about to read is concentrated Intelligence. The anchoring of this Intelligence into the collective consciousness is tremendously important at this monumental moment in history. Those who can integrate the nuances of the content of this piece place themselves at a great advantage in the years to come. Ways to cultivate harmonious relationships with those who seem to be on the other side of the fence will begin to present. Strategies on how to position your businesses to align with the needs and benefits of the collective will clarify in profound ways. But because this piece is very richly encoded and not all advanced subject matter is expanded upon in detail, you have the opportunity to sign up for a mini-course on the Timeline Wars in order to ask questions, to engage in discussion about the implications of what you are about to read, and to clarify your next strategic steps.

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A History of the Timeline Wars

Approximately 9,000 years ago, two warring factions came to Earth to experience time here. 

Original Earthly Timeline

These two factions both represented groups of Beings who were Masters of Time. Masters of Time Know how to do many things with time including how to stop time, bend time, expand time, Create time, dissolve time, transcend time, and bridge time. They began to navigate the Earthly timeline, while abiding by the laws of time as defined by the parameters of Earthly time. However, this singular linear trajectory of time limited the two factions’ abilities to war against each other. Remember, both sides were Masters of Time so they were a few steps ahead of each other all of the time. In order to gain an advantage, both factions began to craft additional timelines (in other words, Create time) and bridge those additional timelines out from the original Earthly timeline. This Act of crafting multiple timelines and bridging time within the Earthly reality violated many laws of this world and resulted in the Earthly reality running on multiple timelines at once.

Bridged Time

By bridging time, the two factions could construct realities on divergent, convergent, and parallel timelines that would serve their agendas to weaken the other while gaining strength to win their battles. The pawns in these battles were the Beings embodied on Earth. By bridging time, the Beings could be redistributed from the original Earthly timeline to the bridged timelines. The redistribution disrupted many life design contracts. Beings who were contracted to share periods of linear time to fulfill individual- and collective-centric Work together were now faced with only the occasional crossing of paths, which severely limited their opportunity to co-create/Create together. (The Timeline Wars essentially created the concept of “crossing paths” through the bridging of time.)

Crossing of Paths

These battles on bridged timelines eventually led to an historic event called the Timeline Wars. These wars resulted in 8 billion years of linear time being condensed into 9,000 years of time. While only 9,000 linear years passed, the potential for 8 billion linear years passed. This resulted in 8 billion years of karma (concentrations of a lack of resolution) being packed into 9,000 years of life.

By 2008, we were able to collapse a significant number of these timelines and largely stabilize the timeline dynamics disrupted by the bridging of time. In the process, we cleared some of the karmic debt accumulated during this time distortion. However, the lack of resolution that was not resolved was layered into the cellular memory of the Beings participating in any part of this 9,000-year history.

This mile marker of linear time (2008 in our calendar cycle) denotes the end of the Timeline Wars, which is a big deal. In 2011, all of the timelines collapsed into one unified timeline for a moment to create a collective basecamp of time. After this moment of convergence, we shifted to three major timelines. Then the three major timelines separated out again. In 2013, these three major timelines collapsed again for a moment, and then diverged again. Every instant in which timelines collapsed (whether it was hundreds of timelines into dozens or three into one), people who were traveling different timelines increased their likelihood of crossing paths again.

Timeline Convergences

In 2015, another attempt to converge all timelines occurred. Then, again in 2017 a convergence attempt was made. These convergence attempts were numerous because humanity, as a whole, was not able to hold space/Space for the convergence into one unified timeline. However, on the calendar date of January 28th, 2020, the timeline convergence completed. The three major timelines are converged into one now, resulting in the resolution of a major byproduct of the Timeline Wars.

Divergent Paths

The multitude of timelines that were created/Created during the Timeline Wars established extremely fragmented realities for those on Earth. Life took on a deeply refracted nature. You would cross paths with someone in physical form and naturally assume they were in the same reality as you. But you may have been on two very different timelines that only crossed for a moment. A deep yearning or desire to continue sharing experiences could very well have ignited within these Beings crossing paths. However, once their timelines diverged, they were out of each other’s lives once again. (The expressions of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time“ or of “being in the right place at the right time” may start taking on new meaning for you now.)

Let’s take an example to highlight what these disjointed realities did to the potential evolution of humanity. Assume there are four Beings who have a joint Sacred Contract together. This means that at life design, all four of these Beings agreed to Work together in Service to the evolution of humanity. Every one of these four Beings is massive. Every one of them is capable of embodying degrees of Mastery that easily fall within the category of Superhuman capacity. And for thousands upon thousands of years, these four Beings traveled on disparate timelines. Occasionally, their paths would cross for what felt like an insufficient moment in time leaving them feeling at a loss as to why they couldn’t continue their Work together. And then 2017 came along. They all met again, as if for the first time. Their timelines converged. In today’s linear moment in time, they say to themselves — all separately, all individually to themselves — “Our time has come.” They don’t quite understand what this means but they all feel it in their cells. What this means for humanity, only they can answer. 

Here’s what their stories have Looked like over time:

Our time has come.

Because there were so many variations of reality from all of the timelines, discerning what reality was representative of the original timeline was very challenging. What if True Reality — representative of the original Earthly timeline — were conducive to supporting our organic harmonized process of individual and collective evolution? And what if every timeline constructed during the Timeline Wars were representative of an inverted reality based on counter intention, where counter intention is an energetic algorithmic construct meant to keep you from evolving?


What if most are so deeply engrained in inverted realities (because they’ve been traveling so many of the timelines constructed during the Timeline Wars), that they can’t tell Truth from counter intention but…as of January 28th, 2020 in our current calendar cycle, the timelines of counter intention have been dissolving and/or collapsing out of physical reality? In a physical reality, that tends to play out as systems and infrastructures crumbling, falling apart, failing us.

Refracted Realities

Refractions were a major foundational component of the timelines created during the Timeline Wars. Refractions take on names of experiences that violate an individual’s sovereignty, such as suicide, rape, addiction, and forgetting (but to name but a few). They lead to things called regret, depression, victimhood, retribution, excess, gluttony, and denial (again, but to name a few). As we experience the reconfiguration of our reality from being inverted to being right side up, all of the refractions that have no place on the True Reality timeline (the original Earthly Timeline) get highlighted.

When the refractions get highlighted, the human State of mind experiences what it likes to call “tests.” What is happening on a quantum level when refractions are highlighted is that specific energetic algorithms in the form of trajectories or currents, stream through a Being. If that Being resonates at a level of a lack of resolution with respect to what the energetic algorithm represents, then a charge takes place. You can also Look at it as a chemical reaction that produces small-scale explosions or eruptions on an energetic level in the Being. That refraction will become extremely supercharged the more the Being is resistant to resolving it. The supercharged State of refraction tends to result in a “worst-case scenario” in human terms. If, however, the Being is able to work through the intensity of the “test,” they will more strongly anchor to the unified timeline where (theoretically) there does not exist an external counter intention to their individual sovereignty nor to their fulfilling their Sacred Work to contribute to the collective evolution of (in our case) humanity.

If everyone who has the refracted algorithm of war in their signature energy pattern were to “pass the test” of war, war would cease to exist in this planetary reality. If everyone who has the energetic algorithm of suicide in their signature energy pattern were to “pass the test” and resolve their personal traumas around this experience, humanity would no longer have suicide as part of its reality. That’s how Powerful the merging of timelines into one is. If, on the other hand, the majority struggling with suicide do not reach resolution within themselves around the multi-life traumas incurred around it, humanity may experience unprecedented rates of suicides as fewer anchor more deeply into the unified timeline.

This is one perspective on why it is so imperative that we all do Work on ourselves to clear the refractions in our signature energy patterns. Engaging in “self-improvement” initiatives or “personal development work” (or whatever you want to call it) is vital. Susan and I don’t offer intensives and actualizers because we like to make all kinds of friends and chit chat all day. The nature of these sessions is intense. They are exploratory journeys into uncovering concentrations of a lack of resolution that are keeping you stuck in inverted realities that you don’t have to remain in. Intensives and actualizers are a very small part of our Work but they are essential to Assist those anchoring more fully onto the unified timeline to be able to function at optimum capacity as Superhumans navigating a transcendent reality far removed from external counter intention. Until you do the Work and achieve resolution within, you don’t have access to that transcendent State of reality.

Karma Clean Up

These energetic algorithmic refractions (such as suicide, rape, war, etc.) represent collective contracts that were established during the Timeline Wars. In that linear span of 9,000 years, 8 billion years of karma (or a lack of resolution) was established. The container of time equivalent to 9,000 years was not large enough to hold (or contain) that amount of karma. As a result, High Counsels monitoring the conditions and probabilities of our realities sent Masters into our collective planes of existence to Assist in the karma clean up. You can consider them the Ascended Master Karma Clean Up Crew. Their job (a.k.a. Sacred Contract): model Mastery. Model Mastery so that those struggling to “pass the tests of illumination” can get a cheat sheet that helps them transcend the dynamics of disempowerment more quickly within the context of linear time. (Are you starting to See a deeper meaning to “walking the talk”? It’s all about modelling in the name of Service to the evolution of humanity. If it’s not about that for you, find a model and get to Work on yourself because there’s a great deal for all of us to do to achieve our collective greatness.)

Now let’s talk about the Master timeline. The Master timeline is the timeline those of Mastery have access to. Why was the Master timeline Created? So that we could clear karma at a rate faster than the rate of linear time. For those working toward bending time, how about putting a pin in that project and jumping onto the Master Line instead? Give it a go. Test it out for yourself. You may find that, more than ever, people will comment on how time goes by so quickly when they are with you. It’s because you brought them onto (or into the vicinity of) the Master timeline with you and everything accelerated. Because they don’t tend to navigate their realities from the vantage point of the Master timeline, they will feel quite a difference in their experience of reality when they are in Your Presence. That is…if you are modelling in awareness through the emanation of Your Presence while with them. If you jump off the Master timeline, if you turn off your awareness and step into being human and step away from Your Bigness (Your Isness), time ramps down to a standard rate of linearity.

Purposeful Precision

This is where purposeful precision comes in. If you have a Sacred Contract and retrieve the details of it, you Remember your Reason for Being in this life. Working toward activating and then amplifying your Attributes (activated aspects of Mastery that you retrieve the details of during your Sacred Contract retrieval process), you Know what to do to Be in alignment with your life design. At that point, it’s simply a question of whether you choose alignment in awareness, or whether you choose to turn off that awareness and slip back into the human State of mind. Those who Remember why they are here and are willing to embody their Mastery through expression (Actions, words, thoughts, etc.), modelling (walking the talk), and emanation (the radiation of the purest form of your signature energy pattern that you are able to embody in form in any given Now moment) live at a level of purposeful precision.

Remembering why you are here in this life gives you the opportunity to choose whether to Act in alignment with your Reason. Your Reason encapsulates the details of the Sacred Work you have come here to fulfill. Acting in alignment takes place when we are purposefully precise in the way we make decisions: does doing x or thinking y bring me into greater alignment with my Reason for Being? If yes, then you do it. If no, then perhaps you don’t.

Pairing purposeful precision with the activation and amplification of your Attributes makes it seamless to live your reality from a vantage point of the Master Line, where time is nearly irrelevant and Creation is the objective so as to model the Divinity within. This is the path of Divinity awakening Divinity. This is humanity’s primary objective now that the Timeline Wars have ended.

Cellular Trauma

Cellular trauma accumulated over those 9,000 years; 8 billion years worth of cellular trauma, actually. Those who had access to returning Home between embodiments were able to process and clear some of this cellular trauma during their stays in quantum ICUs and during life review. When commencing new life designs, these Beings could also exercise high degrees of purposeful precision in establishing the details of their Divine Blueprints in a way as to accelerate their process of clearing their cellular traumas and thus, in resolving their concentrations of a lack of resolution in subsequent lives. Those who did not have access to returning Home during these 9,000 linear years were simply accumulating life after life’s worth of cellular trauma, creating a build-up that would sometimes result in embodiments in which they appeared to have lost the lottery of birth in a big way. (Note: this is not always the cause of seemingly disadvantaged life stories.)

Time for Creativity

As the unified timeline progressively reconfigures our individual and collective realities, more and more people will experience the dissolution of time. Time will dissolve for many on this planet. You’ll find yourself forgetting what day it is more and more. You’ll start to recall events and experiences more than when they actually took place. You will either feel as though time is moving slower or that you are able to accomplish more in the same amount of time. For those who do not have a sense of clarity as to why they are here and what they are meant to do in their lives, time will likely drag. Days may begin to feel excruciatingly long to finish. For those who are actively engaged in their life’s Work, you will likely begin to experience prolific stints of creativity/Creativity without the loss of vital energy. In other words, creation/Creation will feel blissfully rejuvenating and killing time will feel like time is killing you.

2022 is the year of discovery when humanity, as a whole, will increasingly focus attention on exploring human potential. This timeline milestone of 2022 will be the official start to the collective consciousness shifting into considering the possibility of Superhuman potential as something more than a key component of a Marvel movie. 2022 is the year when many will awaken to a deep desire to Remember why they are here. It is the year of the Soul’s Desire being heard by the masses.

Upcoming Time Markers

The Soulful and the Soulless

The proportion of Soulless to Soulful Beings is at an all-time high on this planet. Soulless Beings are not villains. They are simply different from Soulful Beings. (Rooting in duality will not help you assimilate the codes in this text.) Soulless Beings do not have free will; Soulful Beings very often relinquish their free will. Soulless Beings have simplified signature energy patterns; Soulful Beings have comparatively much more complex signature energy patterns. Soulless Beings are based on predictive models: they behave based on commands that compose their algorithmic scripts. They do not have the capacity to be unpredictable. Soulful Beings, on the other hand, have the option of evolving to a State of Mastery in which they can read energy and discern the potential for unpredictable Actions in given scenarios. To Be unpredictable is to render counter intention irrelevant because unpredictability positions you ahead of the calculations of predictability made on you at every choice point. Soulless Beings do not have access to life design in the same way that Soulful Beings do: Soulless Beings have an algorithm that dictates their function; Soulful Beings have complex Divine Blueprints that establish the fixed and dynamic parameters of a life. Soulless Beings play a similar function to the personality entities contracted at life design to Assist with the appreciation and experiencing of complex subject matter such as love, hate, greed, guilt, betrayal, generosity, and so on. Soulless Beings do not change through life, while Soulful Beings have the capacity to change.

Soulful and Soulless

Technically, Soulless Beings function at a higher rate of purposeful precision than Soulful Beings. The reason for this is something called free will. If we had not travelled through the veils of forgetting upon entering the reality of this experiential plane, we would be much more equipped to leverage purposeful precision when exercising free will to make choices. Those who travel further along the path of Remembering while in physical embodiment increase their capacity to exercise free will with purposeful precision in alignment with the parameters stipulated in their Divine Blueprints. Those who have not yet embarked on the journey of Remembering are akin to toddlers with butcher knives running around kitchen islands. It’s inevitable that they will eventually hurt themselves; the greatest hurt being the relinquishing of their free will in a State of unawareness.

The Soulless Beings are operating in order to act out their algorithmic sequence. No plethora of choices distracts them because they do not have choices. Just as a computer program is written in a specific language composed of sets of commands that instruct the computer to perform in a certain way, so too do Soulless Beings operate based on algorithmic command. At the very essence of the Reason for their Creation, Soulless Beings eventually fulfill a very specific function: to challenge Soulful Beings to step more fully into their Power. So when you consider that there are currently more Soulless Beings on this planet than the Soulful ones, what does that do to your perception of the world? How does that impact the way you define life?


As time dissolves in the Earthly reality, more and more Beings currently in embodiment will choose to leave. The main reason is because they will decide that the acceleration into no time is too intense for them to handle. In general, one of two things will happen once the decision to leave is made: the original consciousness of the Being will depart the body (along with the Soul) and a walk-in will take over the physical vessel, or the original consciousness will leave and the body will give out because it could not hold the Presence of the High-level walk-in representing a new consciousness attempting to inhabit the body.

Between August and November 2021, massive amounts of walk-ins will come to inhabit the majority of physical vessels on the planet. This phenomenon pertains mostly to the Soulless Beings on the planet. They will get Souls again, but the new Souls will come with new expressions of consciousness willing and able to inhabit the vacant physical vessels in this world. (Note: not all walk-ins will have Souls and not all walk-ins will resonate at comparatively Higher frequencies than the original expressions of consciousness in form.) 

Please do not attach to this specified timeframe, for the walk-ins have already started flooding the planet. This wave of new walk-ins has already been taking place since approximately December 2020 but the height of walk-ins takes place during the portion of linear time when humanity will live out 2021 (August to November 2021). Every case is unique. There is no one blueprint of the walk-in experience that can encompass and address all of the nuances that take place with every individual going through this process. Those who are aware of walk-ins that have already replaced expressions of consciousness in their lives are asked to consider sharing your experiences as humanity begins to process the 2021 flood of walk-ins about to take place.

The consciousness originally inhabiting the physical vessel (the one born into it at physical birth that witnessed the physical body’s first breath) has a few options as to what happens to it once it leaves its original physical vessel of a life. If the Being is not caught in cycles of forced reincarnation, it will generally either go Home, go to a school residing in the subtle planes, or go to another experiential plane (post new life design) that resonates at a slower rate of acceleration. These latter two options enable the Being to engage in further individual evolution. The more Beings who feel they cannot handle acceleration decide to make the choice to leave Earthly embodiment, the more the rate of acceleration of the Earthly reality increases for the rest of us who remain. This is another way of Looking at the phenomenon of the bifurcation of realities currently taking place on the planet.

Physical Body

For the next few months, consider making your physical vessel your priority so as to increase its capacity to hold more Light. The well-being of the physical vessel is paramount for all Soulful Beings. Our consciousness can absolutely handle shifts into Higher dimensional realities. Our Souls are made to support us in our evolutionary journeys. It is the signature energy pattern of the physical body that benefits from our focused attention at this transitionary point in the evolution of humanity because if it is not resonating at a high level of purity, it will not be able to sustain the shock of the upgrades that come with the acceleration of a shift into a unified timeline. Clearing the system of metals and other toxins, purging parasitic and fungal overgrowths, aiding the digestive system in purging waste, elevating the diet to an higher energetic octave, and supporting the optimization of the microcirculatory system are key areas of focus for all those positioning themselves for Superhuman embodiment. Once the denser aspects of bodily well-being are addressed, transmutation of the blood into ichor (plasma) becomes the organic focus.

There are sound frequencies that can greatly support the process of adapting the blood circulatory system of the physical vessel to a non-blood (plasma) system. The Greeks referenced ichor when speaking of the “blood-like” fluid of the gods — a fluid harmful to humans because of the disparity between the frequency levels at which blood and ichor resonate. The adaptation of the blood into ichor is a somewhat physical aspect of the merging of the I and the Am. This is commonly conceived of as the integration of the Light Body into physical form, however there exist metaphysical inaccuracies in this common belief. Quantum mechanics dictate the foundational premise of this phenomenon as being the substantial increasing of the rate of oscillation of both the physical and the subtle bodies’ cells in order to generate, and thus radiate, greater degrees of Light through form. The key here is to appreciate that form burns up when exposed to such degrees of Light.

The adaptation of blood into ichor is essential in order to preserve the physical vessel through the integration of the I with the Am. This phenomenon, Known by ancient races who had gone through this same stage of their evolutionary processes, enables the Being to regenerate its physical vessel at more efficient rates while preserving its form, all while the Being becomes more formless. This is a key aspect of Superhuman embodiment. Where the I and the Am integrate in form, there exists immortality; there exists the densification of denseness; the sanctification of flesh.

Going back to the quantum dynamics of evolution, it is very important to appreciate that there is a potent paradox to navigate as you increase your density quotient (where density is defined as the level of Light within the corresponding cells of matter, while denseness is the degree of solidity of matter). The more Light you hold within the cells of your Being, the more pure Source energy floods you. However, anchoring that flow is an extremely high energy burn initiative. In other words, it takes tremendous amounts of energy to hold vast amounts of energy. Become accustomed to performing that function as you peel cucumbers for your child’s lunch and fold laundry between sessions. It becomes a way of life once you activate these Higher aspects of Being.

Where do we go from here?

Admittedly, there is a lot in this reading. To support those who want to take the next step in unpacking its contents, I’m offering a mini-online course on the subject matter presented in this post. For more details, click here.

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