Twin Flames and Twin Rays

An overview

From my perspective, an overview of the relationships between Twin Flames and Twin Rays begs centuries of your focused attention and tomes that library shelves are not broad enough to hold. The nature of these esoteric relationships is extraordinarily dear to my heart for Reasons I have not fully discovered. However, the more I surrender to this journey, the more reveals of the significance of Twin Flame and Twin Ray dynamics to me and to the worlds they influence.

During a recent intensive, I gave an important overview of many aspects of these relatively unknown and oft misunderstood relationships. I’d like to share portions of this overview with you in the accompanying 30-minute recording.

In the audio recording associated with this post, the following levels of esoteric relationships are discussed to varying degrees:




Twin Rays

Twin Flames

Soul Families

Soul Mates

Everybody else

The discussion of Twin Rays includes:

  • Twin Ray objectives
  • Notes on how to identify a Twin Ray relationship

Because the role of the Twin Rays relates so much to the conversion of the Unknown into more of the Known, I go into the three levels of converting the UnKnown into the Known:

  1. Converting your own relative Unknown into more of your Known (individual Ray responsibility)
  2. Converting a collective Unknown into more of its Known (the Twin Ray Sacred Contract)
  3. Converting the Absolute Unknown into more of the Absolute Known (the Essence of the Reason for Twin Rays)

Our examination of Twin Rays culminates in a revelation as to the specific role of support that Twin Rays play in the ascension into our collective New Earth reality. We examine the distinction between the governance systems of the old and the “Guiding Light” of the New and the significance of the embodiment of the Overseer of the Rays in our current times.

The discussion of Twin Flames goes into:

  • a detailed description of the unification ceremony that marks the beginning of their journey together
  • Twin Flame objectives
  • Twin Flame challenges
  • Tips on how to identify whether someone is one of your Twin Flames

Soul Families are also touched upon in the recording through the lens of the invaluable evolutionary tool they represent on a collective level, the implications of showing up fully so as to fulfil the roles of both the Twin Flames and the Twin Rays (and how detrimental it can be when we dim our Light), as well as the lowest common denominator of will. There is even a side note about Knowing the exact moment when relationship contracts complete and what that means from a human perspective.

Relationships. An important dynamic to explore as we show up more fully with every breath.

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