The Key to 2021

How much in integrity are you with your Self lately? Because if you don’t have a crystal clear answer to that question, there is a high probability that you’ll waver in the coming days…starting today.

I can tell you that I’m pretty clear on what I’ve Remembered about myself so far. I’m also damn certain that there’s more to come. As I Remember more, my definition of my Self and my place in this world changes. It has to. If my perception of my Self doesn’t evolve, what is all the Work for? What is all the Self study for? Nothing.


Because the point, a point, of all this is evolution. It is allowing yourself to discover your Self, ideally with every breath. But, one step at a time we go.

I may be perfectly ok with redefining my Self. I can do it on a daily basis and still recognize the person in the mirror, wearing the costumes, playing some roles. But what I discovered today is that not everyone in my life is ok with it.

Here is where it’s important not to get caught up in the human drama. It’s not about the personalities and the people. It’s about a much bigger picture. The bigger you recognize you are, the more counter intention may want to slow your acceleration. No, that’s not always the case. But sometimes…especially when you go through a massive upgrade and awaken to some Superhuman aspects of your Self that you had no idea you could hold Space for, you may get some pushback from counter. And if you do, be damn certain you Remember how to get back to the Stillness of You.

Some people see these pushbacks as tests. Some as lessons. To me, they’re patterns replicating themselves — like a swarm of Mr. Smiths coming at you at once. There was this one scene in the second or third Matrix film where Neo was speaking with the Oracle. They were sitting on a bench somewhere outside. Then she left and when she did, one Smith showed up, followed by a horde of others. Neo fought and fought. With agility and certainty, he kept fighting. Until one moment when he recognized that it wasn’t about the battle. So, he activated a Superhuman Power he happened to have: flying. And he flew away. Into the clouds. Into a place that could hold enough Space for him to breathe again.

So I go back to the question: how much in integrity are you with yourself lately? Because you may be pushed. There may be energies that you may not see/See that want to throw you off your throne. Will you let them? And you can. Because getting knocked off simply presents you with the opportunity to climb back into it. But always remember that you have a choice; even if you don’t have free will anymore, you can always find a choice.

As the accompanying recording to this reflection outlines, the second half of 2021 has a theme and that theme is integrity. Humanity’s integrity, as well as our own individual relationship to it. Being in integrity with oneself means living a life in alignment with Your Reason for Being here. Within this context, integrity is defined through the Eyes of Spirit. Consider what that means to you. What does integrity mean to you? And are you in integrity with yourself? The sooner you can clarify your answer to yourself and for your Self, the easier this next six months will Be.

About Katherine Pisana

I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.