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Many speak of this concept called the “Higher Self.” It often translates into a “Higher Knowingness.” But what does “Higher” mean? Does it refer to a State of awareness greater (or Higher) than the one you have now? Or does it refer to a Higher Knowing than Fred, the neighbour you had when you were four?

The very nature of the concept of “Higher” — Higher Self or Higher Knowing — is relative. Higher can be perceived as anything that is above what is now. Accessing an awareness of a Higher version of one’s Self, or accessing a Higher level of Knowingness, refers quite simply to the frequency at which one emanates in any given Now moment. The Higher your frequency, the Higher the level of your awareness of You, as Spirit.

Take Joan, for example. Joan has been labelled as clinically depressed. In this moment, let’s say that Joan has the potential to access a relatively Higher level of awareness of her Self, as Spirit, than she could yesterday. As long as she raises her frequency to a Higher relative level today, she can access a Higher level of awareness of her Higher Self. But the level of Higher Knowingness that Joan accesses could be drastically lower than the Higher Self someone who does not experience emotional ups and down can access. So what represents the level of Higher Self Joan is able to access could represent a devastating dip in frequency for Jen, who is very zen.

Vantage Point Scale of Highest Self

In this depiction, Joan would have to Work on herself in a very dedicate way in order to have a chance to access the level of Higher Self that Jen operates from on a daily basis. Jen, on the other hand, would have to incur a tremendous trauma at Soul-level to lower her frequency to the level Joan resonates at day-to-day. It’s not likely that Joan and Jen would have much to talk about unless Jen came from a Space of Service and Joan expressed a willingness to elevate her frequency.

If you’re reading this and see similarities between you and your family dynamics and the dynamics that Joan and Jen are modelling, you may be wondering whether there’s any chance to maintain fruitful relationships with the people in your life who don’t seem to connect with the way you perceive the world. The answer always goes back to Service. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily stay in relationships where you are chronically diminishing yourself to make others comfortable. I get that this is a big topic, and I get that many of you are searching for answers on how to navigate your lives as we experience a bifurcation of realities on this planet. The solution is bespoke, custom to you and your dynamics (that span multiple lives in many places). For now, focus on your relationship with your Highest Self — that of Spirit.

When we pray to access our Higher Self, for what are we really praying? When we say affirmation after mantra ad nauseam to proclaim our dedication to accessing Higher States of Knowingness, how High are we aiming and whose Knowingness are we positioning ourselves to access?

Energy is precise. It is mathematical. When we use words to set an energetic equation in motion, it helps to appreciate the factors we are including in the equation. When someone says, “I’m trying to get in touch with my Higher Self,” they’re saying quite a lot. In the trying, they are deciding not to. In the generalization of referring to their Higher Self (rather than to their Highest Self), they are not discerning  with purposeful precision — where on the vantage point scale of access to Knowingness they are placing their focused attention. Considering the force of counter intention determined to prevent you from elevating to a Higher State, you’re better off being purposefully precise; otherwise, you’re not even in the game much less playing it to win.

What if…your Highest Self is formless?

What if…at Our Essence, We Is nothingness?

The accompanying recording to this reading broaches this topic of nothingness.

The additional resource below can function in two ways: as a prompt to reflect upon and incorporate into your practice of Self study, as well as a sequence to deliberately speak aloud on a daily basis as you reawaken the cells of your body to your Highest State of Being. Download the image onto your computer and save it to your phone to make it easy to access. No excuses.

Reflective Prompt: Nothingness

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