Remember the Reason why You designed this life

Once upon a time, you agreed to this life. You mapped out its Reason and how you could achieve Your Divine objectives. You designed major milestones and drew lines in the sands of time where Your Path of free will could be laid. Retrieving Your Sacred Contract illuminates all these details.

Identify how aligned you are with Your Divine Plan

Some of the choices you have made up until now have been on point and some have taken you off course. Spirit Knows. It guides you as much as you let It but ultimately, free will is yours to exercise. Identify what areas of your life are aligned with Your Reason for Being here and amply them with purposeful precision.

Readjust your course to complete Your Assignment

Remembering Your Divine objectives empowers you to make informed choices about your next steps. Seeing what is out of alignment, you now have the option to take strategic steps toward removing the noise, the distraction, and the pain. In silence, conscious choice has space to lead the way.

Remember why You are here

We live in an unprecedented time in Earth’s history.

We have crossed a threshold into an Unknown far beyond previous attempts. For a long time, humanity was in separation from Spirit. Separation is no longer an option.

For eons, we were asked to travel through a veil of forgetfulness before entering into this reality. The reasons for this veil were manyfold. This veil created a separation between Spirit and the realities designed into the first concrete version of this experiential plane. The veil is now lifted.

Many of you have read of and experienced the shifts that took place since 2012. When a certain number of Beings awoke to their Divine nature and stepped out of that reality of separation, a critical mass was reached. This deeply significant event initiated the lifting of the veil of separation on a mass scale.

The game is expanding.

The lifting of the veil has changed the game. We can now access Our Divine Blueprints, which hold the details of Our Sacred Contracts. The reason most of us were not given access to the Divine details of Our Sacred Contracts for many centuries is because the human mind tended to fall into the following misconception:

“Oh! That’s what I’m here to do. Great. So…since it’s written in my Blueprint that I’ll end up doing that eventually, I might as well sit back and relax. It’ll happen when it’s meant to happen.”

Well, not exactly.

Many factors have to be at play for the fulfilment of a Sacred Contract. One very important factor that must play a role is that of action. If we don’t act, very little will happen. Why? Because we are Spirit having a human experience on a physical experiential plane. Earth is made up of dense matter. We have to move through that denseness to create in this spectrum of vibration. That is one of the rules that has not changed from the old Earth to the New Earth game. We still have to act.

It doesn’t have to take fumbling through lifetimes to make the connection.


Has there ever been a part of you that wondered why you weren’t able to See Your Master Plan? Well, you’re not alone. Through the process of introspection and Self-Observation, we (Katherine and Susan) began noticing that we were getting grander and more fantastical views of Our Gifts but we didn’t understand what to do with Them.

We don’t give you the details.
We hold Space.
You reveal the details to yourself.

Seemingly by accident, we retrieved the details of Our Sacred Contract by intuitively working through the process we now share with others. We were inspired to dig deeper than we normally would to see if we could uncover the Sacred Reason for Our connection. As we surrendered to the Unknown, It effortlessly began revealing Itself.

By the end of the process, we realized what we had done. We remembered why We are here and the nature of the Work We are here to complete together. Jaws dropped. Eyes popped. We had entered an unexplored spectrum of possibility. The Game expanded.

It was an incredible moment. Mesmerized and in awe, We Knew the next step was to share this process with others ready to level up.

Plan of Action

Sacred Contracts are a form of Agreement many of us made at the cusp of entering into these lives. Divine Blueprints contain the details of Our Sacred Contracts. Your Divine Blueprints are plans of action. They detail how your life plays out when lived in full alignment. If your alignment is off — if you’re trying to hit targets that aren’t yours and fulfill goals that don’t fuel Spirit with joy — life feels exhausting.

Specifics Clarified

Sacred Contracts are the Assignments or the Missions You agreed to complete in your life before you took your first breath in the physical. Retrieving Your Sacred Contract is the process of identifying the details of the Reason for this life. It’s not a process for the mind but it does lead to an anchored, actionable plan written down on paper that itemizes each step to take in Your Divine Sequence to move into action. It’s Your Action Plan. From You to you.

Purposeful Precision

The rules of the game have evolved. Bringing the Divine Details of Your Sacred Contracts into your conscious reality empowers you to act with a new degree of purposeful precision. For those who sense profound meaning in remembering the details of Your Sacred Contracts because You Know the Information will enable you to fulfill Your Commitments with effortless accuracy, you now have this option.

why You are here

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