Inverted Matrix

Status Update

By the end of next week, the inverted matrix will be right side up across 60% of our collective reality.

What does that mean?

Well, we spoke about the inverted matrix in a recent post but it might be worth quickly touching upon some fundamentals.

Fundamental 1: Two Realities

We live in two different realities: our individual realities and our collective reality. The nature of our individual realities contributes to the collective reality we share as humanity.

Fundamental 2: Collective Falsehood

Every particle of the collective reality of humanity has been composed of falsehood disguised as Truth. The year 2020, the year coined as the year of 20/20 vision, was a revelatory milestone in the evolution of humanity. The year 2020 revealed the falsehood — unabashedly, unequivocally, unrelentingly.

Fundamental 3: Individual Variance

Our individual realities are composed of Truth to the degree to which we can hold Space for Truth. The more Truth you embody, the more you have likely felt out of place in this world…until now. (And it’s only going to get easier for all of you outliers. Yes. Really!)

Fundamental 4: Space of Truth

Truth is big. Truth is vast. Universal truth is kind of big. Absolute Truth is super duper big. To embody Truth is to Be vast. It is to Be willing to approach the periphery that delineates your relative Known from your relative Unknown and then to courageously cross that periphery as you expand into greater aspects of Your infinite nature. The more bigness (a.k.a. Isness) you are willing to embody, the more Truth streams through you as Its disseminator. The more you rely on your mind and less on Your Knowingness, the less chance you have to See through the illusion. The more you buy into the falsehood, the more contracted your State. Contraction is the opposite of expansion. Contraction limits your capacity to access and emanate Truth. Contraction holds Space for falsehood.

How about we take a Look at some pictures next?


Let’s say that the following rectangle depicts our collective reality:


And let’s say that Truth Looks like this:


If falsehood is defined as inverted Truth, then falsehood might Look something like this:


Based on Fundamental 2, every particle of the collective reality of humanity has been composed of falsehood disguised as Truth. That might Look something like this:

False Matrix

By the end of next week, the inverted matrix will be right side up across 60% of our collective reality. That means that our collective reality is about to Look something like this:

Mixed Matrix

That doesn’t mean that your individual reality Looks like the collective reality. Remember, based on Fundamental 1, we live in two different realities. And based on Fundamental 3, our individual realities are composed of Truth to the degree to which we can hold Space for Truth.

So, Bob’s individual reality could Look like this:

Bob's Matrix

And Stanley’s individual reality could Look like this:

Stanley's Matrix

Once next week rolls around, Bob will likely be super irritated. He’ll be inclined to make chaos and noise all over the place to lower the frequency around him. The lower the frequency of his reality, the more comfortable it is for him. All Bob is trying to do by creating chaos and noise is to ensure he stays firm in his comfort zone.

Stanley, on the other hand, will feel like he can finally breathe a full breath. The colours around him will be more vibrant than they’ll be to Bob. Stanley will feel happier, Lighter, more hopeful — even if he doesn’t fully recognize why yet. Stanley will even begin to organically move through obstacles that were keeping him stuck for years (if not lifetimes). That’s how Powerful it is to flip the inverted matrix right side up.

Know Thy Self.

For those who are focusing on the process of flipping their inverted individual matrices right side up, Know that there are two major milestones in this process. The first milestone is reached once you predominantly resonate at Universal truth. Living in alignment with Universal truth means honouring the natural laws of this Universe. This Universe is physical (and yes, even blackholes and atmospheric pressure are considered physical phenomena). Being physical in nature, it operates on physical laws. We’re all familiar with the law of gravity but as a species, we’re quite clueless about the law of polarization or the law of cause and effect (for example). The way that human defines “physical” has to change in order for our species to live in greater alignment with our Universal laws. For this to take place, we must acknowledge that our five senses are not our only senses. That’s when a world of subtleties begins to reveal before us. That’s the first step in activating Superhuman.

Once we anchor the resonant frequencies of this Universe’s laws and Master the process of consistently emitting them through our Beingness with steadiness and stability, we move into the stage of embodying Absolute Truth. (If it seems as though there is a massive gap between Universal truth and Absolute Truth, it’s because there is. Remember, we are talking about two major milestones in the embodiment of Truth; there are many minor milestones along the way that are not addressed in this reading.)

Reaching the embodiment of Universal truth, and then of Absolute Truth, is a process completed on both the individual and the collective levels. The embodiment of Absolute Truth takes eons. However, there are Beings living on this planet today who embody various representations of Absolute Truth. To those who are not ready to receive them, these Beings are often perceived as being unreasonable, unrelatable, threatening, overwhelming, dictatorial, unequivocal, intolerant, startling, confusing, and unpredictable. For those who are further along on the path of the embodiment of Absolute Truth, the relationship with these Beings flourishes into a co-Creative Power more potent that the human can conceive of. This is the direction we are heading now as humanity. The evolution of humanity is essentially the path to Absolute Truth manifest. We are not as far away from this destination as we may think. What happens over the next 2,000 years will provide us with evidence of our collective dedication to this path.

As you experience Truth through your individual reverted matrix, you will begin to find that every step you take in your reality gets easier. Goals you’ve been striving to reach are easier to work toward and having a physical body on this plane of existence will feel less challenging. You may still have a challenging time being physical, you may still have mountains of objectives to reach. But notice the subtleties. Notice how it’s becoming easier to be consistent with your practices. Notice how the Space around your physical body is lighter, more roomy. Notice the colours of your reality sparkling just a little bit more today than they did yesterday. 

Is this going to be true for everyone? Absolutely not. For those first to go through the recalibration of the matrix on an individual level, it is now your task to model. The more examples of what it looks like and feels like to resonate at Truth, the more the energetic domino effect will cascade throughout humanity. Most will still be breaking down, losing reasonability, insisting on preserving the old. Most will be very susceptible to Mr. Smith infiltration and counter intention control. For those who represent the first wave of aware embodiment of Spirit in form resonating in the New matrix structure based on Truth (not based on inverted and perverted falsehoods), yours is to model. Yours is to maintain steadiness and stability as you expand into an elevated awareness of Your Bigness (of Your Isness).

The name of the New game is twofold: Be and model. Be. Beingness is the breath of Spirit in form. Modelling is the way to Assist the shift. Now, I realize that these are easy States to write about but that doesn’t necessarily help you flip the switch within yourself. It doesn’t necessarily help you maintain an awareness that you are Spirit having a human experience 24 hours everyday. It doesn’t necessarily bring you into an organic State of the Highest integrity in all interactions you have in this world. For that to take place, consistency is key. Make promises to yourself and follow through. Ramp up your Sacred Discipline. Face the next step that Spirit is calling you to take with complete courage and trust — courage in entering deeper into your Unknown and trust that you can pull it off.

For those who were waiting for May 12th or May 15th to change everything overnight, you forgot that you play an important role in the process of shifting. If you are dealing with disappointment that the world isn’t suddenly on the same page as you are, take a Look at what you can do today to change your world so that your reality aligns more closely with your ideal. You create/Create your reality. You have a choice: Be cause or succumb to being the effect of things happening to you and at you and despite of you.

I’ll include below a Reminder of what it means to Be cause. The following is a snippet of a message included in the private portals of those who are doing Work with us. Allow yourself to really immerse in the following excerpt. Give yourself the Space to explore what it means to you. Reflect on your relationship with Being cause. Notice in what aspects of your life you relinquish your right to Be cause.

Be Cause.

The illusion expresses itself in many ways, including through your personality. When you let your desires decide what you’ll do next, you slip out of cause. When you let people’s expectations of you drive your behaviours, you slip out of cause. When you place your attention on the past or focus on what you hope will be in the future, you slip out of cause. Being cause is a big deal because when you are cause, you choose the degree to which you live in alignment with Your Reason for this life. Slipping out of Being cause results in forces (with their own self-serving objectives) deciding for you.

The moment you forget to Be, you slip out of cause. The moment you identify with your roles, you identify with the character you play on the stage. The moment you allow habitual patterns to run on autopilot, you relinquish your right to Be the witness and See, through the Eyes of Spirit. To Be cause is to be in control of the way you handle energy. When you are cause, you have access to alchemy, you have access to Sight, you have access to Your Knowingness. Be cause. With every breath, Be.

In March 2020, it was evident that travel was going to be restricted. That was around the time when we were initiating the planning stages of a retreat in Greece. It was going to take place in April 2021. The concept of this retreat was so incredible that I wanted to See when it would eventually be possible for it to take place. So…I took a Look. Back then, the answer was in 2025. Over the weeks and months that ensued, I would occasionally Look to check if that date changed. And it has. As humanity made choices and expressed a willingness to recognize and acknowledge the falsehoods that were the basis of our collective reality, 2025 turned into 2024. There were even months when it was 2023 that travel would return to a state in which people could move around the world unmasked and free to explore the beauty of this world without inoculation. Today, that date hovers around the fourth quarter of 2022. That does not mean that everyone will be able to return to what was. That does, however, mean that if you stand in your integrity and Create solutions that represent the way you want to live your life, many opportunities become available in about a year and a half. 

Does that mean we wait until then to celebrate? Absolutely not! This period of a year and a half is a Gift of Space. Within this Space, we Work. We Work on ourselves so that we can model the New. We Create so as to bring the New into form. This is an intense time of metamorphosis on this planet. It is not the time to take a break from the hardship and just wait for reprieve. This is the time to convert what you don’t like about this world into what you Know this world could be.

Why am I bringing up travel and the possibility of us being more free to move around the planet by the end of 2022? Because it is around that time that we will begin to experience evidence in our physical world of the energetic phenomenon taking place in the subtle realms right now. We’re at 60% energetic flipping right now. By August 2021, the inverted matrix will be flipped right side up 100% on an energetic level. It’ll probably take most people until the end of this year to begin subtly experiencing this New level of Truth in day-to-day life. The last quarter of 2022 is when most people on the planet at that point will experience New Earth. New Earth is energetically different from old Earth in one fundamental way: New Earth is composed of the fabric of Truth and old Earth resonates within an inverted matrix. Some will go one way. Some will go the other way.

Once the matrix is no longer inverted for those moving into New Earth, a collective 5th dimensional reality will be available to everyone in this group. It’ll perhaps take another year for most to feel into that New reality. But the moment the reality shifts energetically, New possibilities become available. It’s those who Know how to navigate the subtleties who will be first to be able to access those possibilities in practice. These are clues. Can you read between the lines? Can you take a courageous Look at your potential in this life and make decisions now that position you to make the greatest impact you can? It’s a choice and it’s yours to make.

As it happens, we’re paying homage to the matrix flipping right side up by examining the messages embedded in The Matrix movie. It’s a two-part Conversations Live series beginning this Monday. There are a couple of spots left, in case you want to come to the movies.

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