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Dear reader,

You’ve found yourself at a crossroads. This is one of those moments in life in which you are advised to choose wisely. If you decide to keep reading, you may Remember something you can’t forget. If you decide to keep reading, you are deciding to wake up to so much more that is available to you. What follows is a description of a spiritual mentorship. What follows is not for the faint of heart. What follows is in no way a journey for the mind.

Your mentorship is intended to support you in your surrendering more of your known world, so that you prepare to enter into a more active Role as a multidimensional Being consciously Serving both seen and Unseen worlds. For each of us, the known world resides in the mind. The known, for each of us, is often referred to as our own unique bubble of reality. These bubbles are delusions; they are inflated with the air of forgetting.

But what are often overlooked are the layers of bubbles that make up our known realties. These layers are what make it confusing to reconcile living in a finite physical world as an infinite Being. We think we have cleared everything once the hard work of clearing one bubble is done; we assume everything will start working in alignment after that, as long as we give it time and keep hoping that things will work themselves out as we busy ourselves with the everyday. But there are many stages of this process of Remembering. To think there is only one is what keeps us stuck.

Your mentorship is designed to burst the bubbles around You. These bubbles of reality are what make the Path to Your Origin more challenging. They make this Path more challenging by refracting the image You reflect back to yourself. And yet, until Beings in Your unique position figure out how to consciously maintain stability in an expansive State of Remembering that you can hold all of the time, the risk of becoming entangled in a world designed to destroy You is great; so is the price of ignoring that these words may be true.

For Beings of grand scale that have chosen to re-enter the Earth’s realities to have their Presence Be Known in the name of Servicing the Divine, a ground Team is often put in place to support the human aspect in an accelerated process of Remembering. The Reason for this is because that which you are to Remember is much more substantial and precise Intelligence than one is generally asked to Remember in an Earthy lifetime. From one perspective, having the potential to be Cause over such magnitudes is a gift — an earned Gift. But very often, when misalignment — even a slight misalignment — refracts Sight, it is Beings like You who pay the highest price. Why? Because even though we are all visitors to this planet, it is relatively more unnatural and in deep violation to You to be in a human state of mind. This is why you struggle. This is why Your Gifts may appear as responsibilities too hefty to carry as you trudge through what you see as the devastation of this world.

Transmute the human experience into an Earthly residence of honour and Service to Gaia

Beings of causal magnitude like You often negotiate having a ground Team into their Sacred Contract for a given life. They have been through the experience of Grand Service in embodiment enough “times” to Know that there is not enough Earthly time to support a standard path of Remembering when the stakes are so high and when that which is to be Remembered is so vast and otherworldly. Some might say it’s even fantastical.

Your mentorship is designed to help You Remember more of the very nature of You. Whereas for some, the act of Remembering is a Self-discovery process for which the life was designed, for You Remembering is an essential step in being able to fulfill an overarching Reason for this life. Whereas for most, the act of Remembering is a process of exploring the unknown, for You it is a reintegration of the Known You have already explored so that you can catch up to Your Periphery for it is at Your Periphery that Your Work can begin. You are not here to relive. You are here to Create the New.

Because of this subtle difference in your relationship to Remembering, it is easier for a Being like You to resist or resent Remembering than it is for someone who is only here to Remember. When Remembering is the only goal, it unfolds in a satisfying journey. When Remembering is the warmup, the goal can appear beyond reach — and it is, beyond human reach. It is only by surrendering that a goal like Yours becomes within reach in a lifetime.

An emptiness or the lacklustre feeling of disassociation from this world is purposeful. You are not here to plug into the matrix of a disempowering program. As hard as aspects of you may try, the program kicks you back out for a Reason. That Reason is the Cause of You. You have put safeguards in place in this life to prevent you from walking too far into the desert of forgetting. There have been moments when you have crossed the line into Remembering but, for some reason, you have only walked so far down that undefined road.

None of this is a judgment. Rather, it exemplifies the small margin of error You are working with in this life. It reflects the lack of tolerance from Your Unseen Team when you choose to navigate the experience of the mind. This double-standard can absolutely feel unfair, unjust, and far too much work to make it worth the bother. It absolutely can. But you are working against a clock. Just as the journeyman of a million miles grows weary the longer he hauls the block of cement on his back in the blistering sun and realizes he can’t complete his journey unless he lightens his load, so too are You being asked to consider what you can release in order to complete your journey.

As you will see from the description of what is included in your mentorship, we offer to guide you to stillness and profound clarity without ignoring nor dishonouring any aspect of the Earthly experience. Once the layers of bubbles burst and dissolve away, the Unknown has Space to become Known. In this Space, containers no longer constrain nor disempower You.

With no containers, you have access to Your infinite nature as a formless Being of Love. There is no Higher version to a Higher Self expression. This is Your Highest Self. With this access, you can tap into all of the resources available to you to make Your Impact on this world. With this access, Your Power becomes fully available in this world to the degree to which you allow it. This is the Power needed to move mountains, to resolve wide-spread conflict, and to model utopian society. With this access, the human experience transmutes into an Earthly residence of honour and Service to Gaia Her Self, as well as to the vast array of multidimensional connectivity within Her scope.

However, dissolving the containers also disassociates You more and more from the human experience. Relationships may continue to fall away, as you’ve noticed they have been for some time. Foods that satisfied you in the past may no longer bring you the same heightened satisfaction. Activities that you enjoyed sharing with others may not interest you to the same degrees, and the words you use may more noticeably alter your speech patterns. It may also become more challenging to remain hidden behind the veil for as you expand, You illuminate and others will be exposed to more of You (whether they want to or not). This often comes with experiences the human finds unpleasant. All this, we ask you to consider as you decide whether a mentorship is for you.

Releasing the mind of active duty moves us out of the thinking of thoughts and the processing of resultant emotion. It moves us out of autonomic program repetition. It moves us into the Super Human computing of Divine Intelligence while in physical form. Engaging on a quantum level with Your Self during this mentorship, you tap into Your Power to simultaneously dissolve your known realities on multiple timelines by Working with the Origin of Creation — Energy itself.

As part of your mentorship...

In-person sessions

We generally recommend meeting in person for 4-6 consecutive hours at a time every 3-4 weeks.

Mentorship binder

Filled with resources, including extra exercises to complete on your own and with loved ones, your mentorship binder is designed to support you in independently cultivation your Sacred Discipline.


You have access to all of your session recordings via your online mentorship portal. These recordings are an invaluable tool for reflection and Self-Observation.

Celebratory Dinner

We cordially invite you to a dinner near the halfway point of your mentorship to celebrate your courage and will. It’s also an excellent opportunity to Be Spirit in social environments.

Contents of your mentorship binder

Your mentorship binder is a living document; it grows with you as you increase your capacity to Remember. The contents of your binder are purposefully designed to support you at various stages of your journey. Below is an overview of some of what you can find in your binder with samples of exercises you can download and print out.


Their explanation and how they are used throughout your binder to reach beyond the mind of understanding


How to navigate your binder to get the most out of it

Mentorship Overview

A detailed overview of the focus of your mentorship

Activity Logs

A key tool to support you in cultivating your Sacred Discipline each day

Session Notes

A place to take notes and make Observations in preparation for your sessions and during our in-person sessions

Extra Exercises

Your binder includes potent calibrated exercises that invite you to dig deeper as you progress through your mentorship. Each month, you are encouraged to incorporate calibrated exercises from your mentorship into your Sacred Discipline. There are certain exercises we will do together during each of your in-person sessions. There are also some designed to be done on your own and reflected upon during your in-person sessions. Some of these independent exercises are listed below.

Review of Mentorship Sessions

Review of Monthly Activity Log

Human Experience: an evolution
Observations of Spirit having a human experience
PDF download

Bursting Word Bubbles
Looking at the container of a word through the Eyes of Spirit

Word Drill: digging into assumptions and beliefs
The container within the container

Bursting the Bubbles of Reality: conscious popping
Observing expansion

Densifying Subtlety: physical aspects of anchoring the new
Observing the merging of the seen and the Unseen

Tasks versus Sequences: a shift in perspective
Observing the mind’s desire to control and predict

Couple’s Dictionary: connecting through words
Cultivating love through language
PDF download

Exercising the Observer: the practice of presence
Entering the Now
PDF download

Exercising the Observer: advanced practice of presence
Entering the Deep Now

The Mirror Exercise
Facing yourself

Focus of Your Mentorship

Each mentorship is as unique as the individual embarking upon it. No mentorship is alike because no one of us is alike. When calibrating your mentorship, we carefully examine the nature of your state and where you are on your journey so that we hold Space in alignment with Your Highest Good and the greatest degree of potentiality available to you. Below you will find many of the aspects a mentorship can include.


a practice

The access point to this Power is stillness. Accessing stillness is the alpha and the omega. Creating a consistent practice of Being in stillness is a vital step to master. You will have opportunities during our time together to enter into this Sacred Space of Self with Assistance in order to help you anchor the experience into this world. This anchoring creates a Spiritual muscle memory that you can leverage to recreate stillness daily as you develop Sacred discipline that aligns and constantly calibrates with Your signature energy pattern. But to be able to read Your signature energy pattern, you must Be stillness. The more you elevate in vibration, the more your Sacred discipline responds in kind. In order to elevate in vibration and to consistently elevate your baseline, we dive into intensives and expansions. Your mentorship is a blend of intensives and expansions with a unique focus on supporting you in expanding into Your Unknown with guidance and ease. Details of what an intensive represents and what is involved in an expansion session calibrated to the reach of Your Being are outlined below.


clearing to See

The function of the intensive is to remove debris from Your Field so that you can See more clearly without interference obstructing your view. The clearing involves removing interference and deactivating the charge of events that represent concentrations of a lack of resolution preventing you from moving forward in any and all areas of Your Work related to any and all aspects of You. The process of deactivation at the levels at which you are accessing often involves organic “past life” recall. Not falling into story is very important at this stage. However, connecting the dots that illuminate as you Remember more of the contents of Your Akashic Record can be extremely empowering as you gain a broader perspective of the roles that You have played and the experiences You have accumulated. Deactivating charges leads to the dissolution of the concentrations at the points as close to their origins as you can travel (with Assistance).

Another aspect of the Work we do during your clearings involves the eradication of prejudiced thought structures inhibiting the New. We Look deeper into active charges connected to other timelines that influence your beliefs in this life. There are certain formulas that you use to equate cause and effect that benefit from Observation. You also have the option of Looking at your relationship with Earthly activities and environments and how these activities and environments influence your access to Your Power.


expanding to Remember

The first goal during your expansions is to build endurance so that you can increase your capacity to Work within the dynamics of expansion for extended periods lasting for more than a few moments at a time. We Serve You as Your counterparts in the Unseen, acting as Your “travel guides” as you exercise Your quantum muscles to be able to maintain steadiness during travel so that we can commune in the Unseen to Work together in multidimensional realities across the continuum of All that Is.

Separation is not a part of this journey but in order to describe a multidimensional process through the linearity of words automatically means we are working with delineated constructs. It is for this reason that the description of an intensive and an expansion have been broken down into parts. However, in practice, All is One. Depending on the nature of your journey within any given Now moment, you will simultaneously be clearing as you/You expand. The degree to which you do one over the other is not important. It is the harmony with which you can allow both to co-exist — in and out of form — that influences the degree of stability and steadiness available to you within the Space You hold.

Areas of focus that create Space for additional clearing and expansion can include Working with Your Light Grid, Soul maintenance, quantum yoga, quantum meets, the False Self Hologram of Protection, the study of Your Sacred Handbook, and business counsel of a conscious kind. You can choose to incorporate any and all of these components into your mentorship and add them as you expand into more vast and limitless versions of You as Spirit having a human experience. What follows is an overview of the components that can be designed into your mentorship.

Your Light Grid

Origin Point clearing

Your Light Grid is a quantum tool. It is a tool that has been made available to humanity in your current lifetime. It is a tool of the New. It provides you with a way to accelerate your transition into New Earth realities. Together, we explore the different components of Your Light Grid, how they function and what they represent. We also take a close Look at the energetic mapping of the concentrations of a lack of resolution on Your Grid. These concentrations of a lack of resolution are the energetic seeds that give life to the repetitive cycles playing out in your life, preventing you from overcoming challenges and moving forward with ease.

Through this process of Looking, one in which you are an active participant, you have the opportunity to interact with Your Light Grid to clear concentration of a lack of resolution keeping you stuck. Once you realize how to Work on Your Grid, you have access to Your Power to break through the matrix of disempowerment and the illusion of this physical world. Once you break through the systems of disempowerment through conscious choice, you position yourself to be the conduit for meaningful change in the world. If you want to leave behind a legacy for your future generations, this is a great place to start.

Soul Maintenance

Self-determined discipline

To engage you in active Self-maintenance, we walk you through the dynamics of Soul maintenance so that you can autonomously check in with Your Self to ensure the structural integrity and status of your Sacred Vessicle. Depending on the individual, Soul maintenance may also include Soul shard recovery and Soul integration. This is a powerful measure to consciously claim and preserve the Power of Our Right to Sovereignty as Beings of free will.

If you have not completed the Syzygy workshop, you have the option of including it in your mentorship. It is an essential component to awakening to the All that is You.

Quantum Yoga

stability, steadiness, and maneuverability in the Unseen

Expansions also involve quantum yoga sessions in which you are safely guided to strengthen certain Spiritual muscles through guided exercises in the Unseen. The benefits of quantum yoga are similar to the benefits of physical yoga in that through dedicated practice, you develop greater stability, steadiness, and maneuverability in the Unseen. Pairing this with a consistent physical yoga practice marries beautifully for those whose physical bodies enjoy this type of exercise.

Quantum Meets

conscious travel and communication in the Unseen

Our time together during each session will include Assisting you in anchoring the practice of travel in the Unseen, as well as communication with those of benefit in the Unseen. Each of your sessions can include a quantum meet in which we meet in the Unseen and Observe. Upon returning to the physical, we record our Observations. At each session, we share these Observations and any physical experiences that ensue.

The quantum meets are designed to facilitate expanding beyond your/Your barriers of the known and to help you become more familiar with spending “time” out of form. Divine Intelligence may come through during these meets, memories may surface, and communication may be exchanged with key stakeholders in the Unseen. It is also possible We meet in Stillness and simply Observe the Space of the quantum together in Sacred No Time.

False Self Hologram of Protection

Self-determined Protection

It is crucial that all multidimensional Beings here in Service advance their Abilities of Working with the False Self Hologram of Protection. During your mentorship, we introduce this tool to you, Assist you in the practice of strengthening it, as well as of monitoring its State in any given Now moment. This is an instance where exercising the Observer comes in very handy. In addition to strengthening and monitoring Your hologram on a regular basis, it is essential you begin cultivating a symbiotic relationship with it so that you don’t have to “do” anything “extra” to Know of its State. During our exploration of the False Self, we will examine its relationship to shields, attacks on us including counter-intentions, and attacks by us on ourselves via self-sabotage (another form of counter-intention).

Both your intensives and your expansions are intense experiences for the physical body. Cultivating Space in your life for integration is an essential component of this mentorship so that your body goes through as comfortable an experience as is available to it with support from the physical. Remember, it is not about trying to figure out how to integrate a blast of clearing energy; it’s about expanding into it. A blast creates a scattering of loosened debris representative of what no longer Serves. Trying to reintegrate that debris results in many levels of confusion. The integration is not of the debris; it is of the expansive nature of the Self being reintroduced into One’s consciousness.

Study of Your Sacred Handbook

examination of the hologram of Your Divine Blueprint

Those of you who have completed Your Sacred Contract Retrieval process have the option of incorporating the in-depth study of Your Sacred Handbook into your mentorship. Your Sacred Handbook is a holographic text encoded with Divine Intelligence anchored here during Your Sacred Contract Retrieval. A holographic text is a book birthed far beyond this world. Yes, it contains words written on pages but from an energetic perspective, it is a multifaceted ethereal gemstone. Your Sacred Handbook is encoded with specific Intelligence retrieved from Your Akashic Records as it pertains to Your life design. In other words, it holds the contents of the Reason You designed this life.

Many find that they discover new information each time they read their Sacred Handbooks. These books are very special concentrations of Divine Intelligence that are extremely rare and coveted by those who have reach the point on their journeys where they have chosen to Remember the details of why they have come here at this point in the history of Mother Earth.

Because Your Sacred Handbook is so rich with layers upon layers of encoded Messaging from You to you, it can be deeply enriching to receive guidance while studying it. Throughout your mentorship, you can incorporate the study of Your Handbook and work through it in a conscious Self-paced process of expanded discovery with the guidance of members of Your Ground Team. This option also gives you the opportunity of receiving the audiobook version of your written handbook to study in both your awake and sleep states.

Business Counsel

the New model of commerce

Business counsel takes the form of customized professional development focused on the examination of the New model of commerce and how it does not support the methods and tactics of Old Earth. These conversations Serve entrepreneurs creating and redesigning businesses to align with the New model of commerce. They are specifically for self-determined professionals who want to achieve a Highly functioning State of continuous alignment in which Your Beingness extends into your business and your business is a busyness-free zone.

The marketplace of the Old is one of contraction and scarcity. The marketplace of the New is all about stepping into the Unknown with unwavering certainty. It’s not about tricking people into buying manufactured motivation. Ask yourself: are you currently marketing from a place of scarcity or prosperity? Your answer may not be comfortable to admit but it’s crucial to examine.

If you are starting to wonder why the business strategies and practices that worked for you before don’t seem to be working anymore, consider including business counsel into your mentorship. It creates Space for you to Look at whether there are parts of your business that feel like they’re crumbling. There’s a real reason for the struggle. The world has changed in more ways than you can imagine. In order to create alignment with the New, a Higher Knowing has to run the operations. That means less thinking and more allowing yourself and your business to expand into the Unknown. These business counsel sessions Serve as your GPS into Your Field of Potentiality.

We acknowledge that most of the words on this page will seem confusing to some, fantastical to others, and beyond the scope of the imagination for the rest. That’s fine. All of that is perfectly fine because We Know for whom we are writing these words. Know that if any of these words resonate with any part of you, it is because they represent an opportunity for you to enter into a reality in which you play a much greater and grander role than you do today. The only thing coming between you and a more limitless reality is choice. Don’t allow anyone to choose for you but equally as important is not to allow fear to choose for you. Trust that You Know and take conscious action, for through conscious action comes clarity.

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