Syzygy: Aligning the Triad


This private workshop reveals a reality of which many are unaware that is deeply influencing the way you live your life and your evolution as a Spiritual Being. It is an opportunity for you to repair your Soul. Once repaired, you have access to reconnecting to Your Origin. The reasons for the disconnection and the process of repair and reconnection are all covered during this intimate workshop in which you reclaim your access to Home.

The private nature of this workshop is purposeful. Each of us is composed of complex strands of light that transcend this world and extend beyond the known universe. In order to address the unique aspects of Your energetic signature and examine the dynamics and mechanisms influencing Your evolution as a Being of Light, a precise examination of each individual is essential to maintain the integrity of this offering.

Duration: 3 weeks
Format: 3 private in-person sessions held 1 week apart
Facilitators: Katherine Pisana & Susan Phillips
Session 1: 3 hours  |  Session 2: 2 hours  |  Session 3: 2 hours
Registration: $1,950 +tax

The Syzygy mini-course is an alternative for those interested in exploring a quick overview of this material.

Once you register for the workshop, we’ll contact you to schedule your sessions.





‘sɪzɪdʒi / noun

Syzygy: Alignment of the Triad

: a term of astronomy referring to the straight line configuration of 3 celestial bodies
(as the sun and earth and moon) in a gravitational system

: a concept of Spirit referring to the linked alignment of the Triad
(Soul and Spirit and Source) while engaged on an experiential plane (gravitational system)


Topics Covered in this workshop

Our Origin
Where are we from?
What is the difference between Home and home?
What is the difference between the Soul and Spirit?
What does the Soul contain?
What is the function of Spirit?
What is the current State of my Soul?
Life Design
What is life design?
How do we design a life?
What is the difference between a Sacred Contract, a Soul Contract, and other contracts?
Are we here for different reasons?
Can we lose access to our life design?
Does everyone have a life design?
Experiential Planes
What is an experiential plane?
What is the purpose of this physical life?
How was this planet created?
What are celestial Beings and how do they relate to planets?
What are the unique characteristics of this experiential plane?
The evolutionary trajectory of Earth
Forced Reincarnation
What is the distinction between incarnation and reincarnation?
What is the Soul Net and how does it play a part in the cycles of forced reincarnation?
How do we get disentangled from the Soul Net?
What do the Akashic records have to do with the Soul Net?
What does Universal Source mean?
What does connection to Source mean?
How do we know if we’re disconnected?
How can we reconnect to Source?
How do we go Home?


Upon completion of this private workshop:

  • Soul repair

  • Connection between body and Soul assessed and addressed

  • Connection between Soul and Spirit assessed and addressed

  • Once reconnection of body, Soul, and Spirit is complete, the Being previously disconnected due to being caught in cycles of forced reincarnation has access to returning Home once again.


Step 1: Upper Fourth Activation

The Upper Fourth is the fourth quadrant of the heart and a portal into the Inner Sanctum of Your Being. It is located in the middle of the chest at the thymus gland. “Thymus” comes from the Greek thumos meaning spiritedness, heart, Soul. It is called the Upper Fourth because it is connected to the Upper Fourth quadrant of the heart through nadis. The word nadi comes from the Sanskrit root nad meaning channel, stream, or flow. These nadis (threads) are energetic links to this physical world and create an energetic pathway which, when activated, allows you to reconnect to You as Spirit. In essence, the Upper Fourth is a portal to a pathway Home.

Activating the Upper Fourth begins with the conscious breath. Traveling the breath, you open the portal from within. Once the portal is open, Spirit emerges. You See yourself in New ways. You Remember that you are free and realize that the way to access this freedom is by consciously exercising free will. That’s when the game begins to change.

Step 2: The Story of Home

There is a difference between the home we see as our shelter on this planet and the Home we have the right to return to upon last breath. The Story of Home paints a picture that connects many dots and answers many questions. Home may have a very different meaning for you by the end of this story.

Step 3: Looking at Your Soul

During the process of Soul repair, we draw out the State of the Soul so that the details of repair are visible.

Step 4: Soul Repair

We enter into the process of Soul repair and explain your repair to you as it unfolds. Every repair is unique in nature and reflective of the individual journeys we are all on.

Step 5: Guided reconnection to Source

Your reconnection to Source reinstates Your original relationship with the Origin of You. With permission, We guide the reconnection and in the event that your conscious involvement is required, we guide you through the process.

Honouring the non-linear nature of conversations with Spirit, questions are welcomed at any point throughout the workshop.


Who is it for?

If there is any part of you that feels the content on this page speaks to you, please consider participating in this workshop. All will be explained during the workshop.

For those who have already gone through the process of Soul repair, disentanglement, and reconnection, share this with your family members, loved ones, and close friends. The more the members of your communities are on the same page, the easier the process of transitioning into Higher States of Being and the more we contribute to the spectral recalibration of the planet.


You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this workshop.

How to prepare

  1. Read the overview of frequency, vibration, and dimension and listen to the accompanying audio.

  2. Read about the Upper Fourth and practice this breathing technique at least once before the workshop.

  3. Incorporate the One Breath meditation into your daily practice.

  4. Get a full night of sleep the day prior to the workshop.

  5. Eat a light meal and hydrate well prior to the start of the workshop. Nourishment is provided throughout the 4 hours.

  6. No drugs or alcohol may be used at least 36 hours prior to your workshop unless substances are medically prescribed.

What to bring

  • A notebook and pen if you wish to take notes

  • Layers to ensure you remain comfortable during fluctuations in body temperature

What will I feel during the process?

  • The temperature of the physical body may fluctuate as various energetic aspects of Your Being adjust to the repair and reconnection.

  • Hunger is often affected during this type of energetic Work. Nourishing food and beverages are on hand throughout the workshop.

  • Memories, thoughts, experiences, and beliefs may redefine for you as your reality shifts during this process of upleveling. This redefinition stimulates changes in perspective. Allowing yourself to surrender to the process creates an ease of experience.


Up until 3 days prior to the workshop, you can contact us to request a full refund of your registration. Within 3 days of the workshop, 50% of registration is refunded.

Preservation of Space

In order to ensure the safety and privilege of the Space within which We hold this workshop, we reserve the right to refund the registration of any and all who do not align with the Sacred Mandate of reclaiming one’s sovereign right to return Home.


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