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* Editor’s Note (as of January 2020) *
The following is an excerpt of the course content for Seeking into Being. The accompanying audio to this reading is the original content published in July 2018.

Let’s start with some definitions. Any conversation about Spirit would be amiss without reference to energy; specifically, to the quantum nature of energy. What does that mean? Well, for our purposes, energy can be divided into three levels: frequency, vibration, and dimension.

People use the words frequency, vibration, and dimension a lot. They often use them interchangeably even though each word represents distinct concepts. That’s normal. That’s what happens when we use words we don’t understand. That’s what happens when we speak unconsciously.

The solution: look them up. Once you look up a word, you start using it differently — more intentionally and with more clarity.

In November of 2017, when Susan and I came out of the closet, I found myself referencing these three foundational levels of energy quite a lot during conversations and while explaining concepts to people. At first, I used them interchangeably but that quickly started to feel imprecise. It felt wrong. It felt confused. The Intelligence I was anchoring wasn’t translating one-for-one from Sight to sound. I sensed I needed to clarify my conceptualization of these three words to be able to communicate more clearly with others (as well as with myself). So, I started off by looking at dictionary definitions.

Here’s what WordBook and the Online Etymology Dictionary had to say:

fre⋅quen⋅cy /’fri:kwənsi/


  1. the number of occurrences within a given time period

  2. an observation of the oscillatory rate of change of the object or phenomenon being observed

  3. the number of observations in a given statistical category

ORIGIN: 1550s, “state of being crowded” (now obsolete); 1640s, “fact of occurring often;” from Latin frequentia “an assembling in great numbers, a crowding; crowd, multitude, throng,” from frequentem (see frequent). Sense in physics, “rate of recurrence,” especially of a vibration, is from 1831. In radio electronics, frequency modulation (1922, abbreviated F.M.) as a system of broadcasting is distinguished from amplitude modulation (or A.M.)

vi⋅bra⋅tion /vaɪbreɪʃən/


  1. the act of vibrating
  2. a shaky motion
  3. (physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean
  4. a distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively

ORIGIN: 1650s, from Latin vibrationem (nominative vibratio) “a shaking, a brandishing,” noun of action from past participle stem of vibrare “set in tremulous motion” (from PIE root *weip- “to turn, vacillate, tremble ecstatically”). Meaning “intuitive signal about a person or thing” was popular late 1960s, but has been recorded as far back as 1899.

di⋅men⋅sion /dimenʃən/


  1. the magnitude of something in a particular direction (especially length or width or height)
  2. a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished
  3. one of three Cartesian coordinates that determine a position in space
  4. magnitude or extent


  1. indicate the dimensions on
  2. shape or form to required dimensions

ORIGIN: late 14c., dimensioun, “measurable extent, magnitude measured along a diameter,” from Latin dimensionem (nominative dimensio) “a measuring,” noun of action from past-participle stem of dimetri “to measure out,” from dis- (see dis-) + metiri “to measure,” from PIE root *me- (2) “to measure.” Sense of “bulk, size, extent, or capacity” is from 1520s, Meaning “any component of a situation” is from 1929.

These definitions were fine but they confined the words into containers that didn’t hold enough context for my purposes. In other words, the definitions were limiting. I wanted to know not only how the nouns are defined but also how the concepts they encompass relate to one another. Because I was looking at the nature of their interaction from a quantum physics perspective, I knew the next step was to talk to a scientist. That I did! That I did!

Looking through his eyes, I was able to see the meaning of frequency and vibration from a physicist’s perspective. Here’s how I understood his explanation of these concepts:

Imagine that the vertical bars in the image above represent the measure of energy of something at any one moment in time. To use an example, let’s say we’re measuring a radio frequency over a 24-hour period. Each hour, the amount of energy it emits is measured and plotted on this bar graph. As you can see, the radio frequency is not emitting a constant amount of energy throughout the day. Maybe it got a huge influx of followers on social media at 4am and that spiked its feel-good hormones. Maybe it’s ex-boyfriend called at 10am and yelled at it. There are lots of factors that can influence frequency but for now, the important points to note are that frequency is a measure of the amount of energy at any given moment and that it often fluctuates.

Vibration, then, can be understood as the measurement of the peaks of frequency over a period of time. The black line in the depiction above represents the vibration the radio frequency held over that 24-hour period. You can see that in the wee hours of the morning, it held a higher vibration than it did mid-day. You’d probably enjoy the radio’s company much more between 4am and 8am than you would around 10am. You’d likely find yourself saying that it was really uplifting listening to the radio early in the morning but that it made you feel deflated and maybe even irritated around mid-morning. That’s how significantly vibration influences our physical reality.

The concept of “dimension” is where we move away from the traditional worlds of language and physics and move into a more abstract concept the mind doesn’t always appreciate.

If this is frequency:

…and this is vibration…

…then this is dimension:

Clear as mud.


No, but really, it’s pretty simple. Each straight green line in the depiction to the left represents a different dimension, where a dimension is defined as a spectrum of harmonized vibrations. So all of the vibrations between two green lines represent examples of the measures of energetic States that share a similar reality.

Do you see how varied the vibrations can be in any one dimension? Notice the pattern of the increased volatility in the lower dimension in this example, and the more evened-out vibrations in the relatively higher dimension. There’s a reason for that!

The Higher Your vibration, the more important it becomes to maintain stability.

The higher the dimension, the lower the degree of duality it represents. Duality can be conceived of as a reality of black and white, of right and wrong, of good and bad. With these kinds of extremes, there’s a lot of emotional volatility, a lot of highs and lows, that one can experience. But the higher you raise your vibration, the less volatile your experiences get and the more you enter into neutrality.

Shifting from one dimensional band into another is a big deal. It takes many gradual (and sometimes not so gradual) shifts from one vibrational level to another to eventually shift into a different dimension. Once you cross the threshold into another dimension, you have access to what feels (to the human) like a new world. And human is right! It is a new world, with new tools, new words, and new responsibilities that come with new roles. When we shift into a new reality, it often takes a bit of getting used to before familiarity sets in once more. It’s sort of like learning how to walk again each time a significant shift takes place within us.

Enter: the current spectral recalibration taking place on Earth.

Reality on this planet is undergoing tremendous shifts in the name of elevating Earthly experiences to a consistently higher vibration. Many initiatives are taking place (mostly behind the scenes) to support a spectral recalibration of life on Earth. A great deal of Divine Intervention is involved to support upward motion on Earth’s evolutionary trajectory.

To understand what that means on an energetic level, it’s important to examine the meaning of “spectral recalibration.” It’s important to examine the meaning of these words because they represent a deeply significant phenomenon on this planet that directly impacts you. Given that you chose to be here at this time in history, it’s worth the extra few minutes to read what comes next…

Spectral” refers to something of or relating to a spectrum or a band. “Recalibration” isn’t actually a word. If we break it apart into two components, we get “re-“ and “calibration.” To “calibrate” is to make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring; measure the caliber of. For the purposes of this conversation (one that I’m very much enjoying having with you), “calibration” is an old concept. “Recalibration” is a concept much more aligned with the current reality on the planet. “Re-“ is a prefix that means again. So “recalibration” essentially means the process of calibrating again.

Why are we going through a recalibration?

Great question! Really good.

The answer is because the planetary reality of Earth was originally calibrated to vibrate in harmony with the universal spectrum of frequencies. That is no longer the case. That is why there is a calibration happening again, now, in your lifetime. And it’s happening for many important reasons that all relate to us being able to access our sovereign right to freedom.

What does this spectral recalibration mean to us on a practical level?

Well, in the olden days, it was enough to make fine adjustments as one progressed on one’s path. We took our time and that was ok because we had lots of it and there was no pressure to make any significant changes in how we lived our lives. Staying asleep was still an available option and many chose to keep sleeping for as long as possible.

Ring! Ring!” says the alarm. “Time for all of you to WAKE UP!”

In the current reality, the adjustments are no longer fine adjustments; they are massive shifts that require each of us to take a serious Look at everything in our realities, chuck what doesn’t feel aligned (whether, for example, it’s an old shoe taking up space in your closet, a friendship that no longer feels supportive, or a job that brings you misery), and do everything we can to bring the rest into alignment.

Into alignment with what?

With Spirit.

In other words, leverage the Highest level of Your Knowingness that you have access to in any given Now moment to recalibrate your reality like your life depends on it because in many ways, it does.

Yes, it may feel like your world is falling part during these shifts and that things that used to work beautifully are crumbling. You may even feel stuck and unsure about how to take your next step. Lots of people will experience existential crises, a great deal of longterm relationships will end, and a physical restructuring (whether it be moving home, city, or country) will take place for many. To understand why these planetary shifts can sometimes feel disruptive or downright difficult to go through, it’s important to understand another concept called “resonant frequency.”

Where frequency is defined as an observation of the oscillatory rate of change of the object or phenomenon being observed (i.e., how the bars in the bar graph change over time), “resonant frequency” is the frequency of vibration determined by the physical (or energetic) parameters of the vibrating object in interaction with another vibrating object. Another way of putting this is that the bar graph is a representation of your rates of frequency over a period of time, while if we were to measure your resonant frequency, we would be graphing which frequencies you emit that resonate (or echo) with the frequencies of something you interact with (like another person, or a tree, a television show, or a shifting reality, for example).

Notice how, in the definition of “resonant frequency,” it references the frequency of vibration determined by a physical or energetic parameter of the vibrating object. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s assume that you are the vibrating object and the parameter that we’re most interested in measuring is the degree to which you are aware, in every eternal Now moment, that You Are consciousness. The greater your awareness of this Truth, the more access you have to higher dimensional realities. The more access you have to higher dimensional realities, the smoother your experience of the spectral recalibration.


Because the higher vibrations that are being supported on the planet now will not force a shift in you when you’ve already shifted into them. When you’ve already shifted into them, you won’t experience a disruption (physical or otherwise). If, on the other hand, you resonate at relatively low frequencies compared to the frequency levels of the shifting reality, the spectral recalibration may feel very disruptive. The disruption can take the form of increased drama and resistance playing out for you, and it could also show up as physical dis-ease.

Here’s how the dynamic of resonance works behind the scenes…

Let’s say that Felix resonates at the frequencies depicted by the orange lines. Everything that he draws into his life and everything that he gives out into the world is an echo of these frequencies.

Let’s say that Felix resonates at the frequencies depicted by the orange lines. Everything that he draws into his life and everything that he gives out into the world is an echo of these frequencies.

Pascal resonates in a slightly different spectrum of frequencies. He echos the orange frequencies and he also has elevated his vibration high enough to have access to the blue frequencies. This means that he has the capacity to interact with the world in a more multifaceted way than Felix does.

Pascal may have more opportunities in his life, more varied relationships, and more instances in which he can contribute something to the world. Pascal is also much more likely than Felix to notice and appreciate energetic subtleties and the intricate nature of the meaning of life.

Nonetheless, because they both resonate in the orange spectrum, they are friends. They can have conversations about shared topics of interest and cultivate a mutual bond. The thing is, Felix will seemingly get more out of the relationship because through his interaction with Pascal, Pascal exposes Felix to a broader spectrum of vibration. Through his willingness to be exposed to the blue lines, Felix is giving himself the opportunity to level up.

Whether Pascal is getting the short end of the stick is up to Pascal. Will he choose to see his interaction with Felix as a liability slowing him down, or will he choose to see it as an opportunity to Serve Felix on his journey? That’s for Pascal to decide.

If you transfer this example to the phenomenon of the spectral recalibration of the planet, imagine that the planet went from a six-colour resonance to a seven-colour resonance. Everyone resonating at a  two-colour resonance will be pretty uncomfortable and will likely not want to stay around to see what happens next. Those resonating at a five-colour frequency will likely be stimulated to step it up and move into action to get comfortable with the shifts. Those resonating at six-colour frequency will likely get the sense that something they have been waiting for for their entire lives is finally happening (although they likely won’t have the words to describe what that something is quite yet). And those who are resonating at seven plus will essentially get permission to step out of various degrees of incubation and start developing the tools to help those who want to stay around to navigate in a new reality.

It is a commonly held belief (even in the scientific community) that it is easy to get an object to vibrate at its resonant frequencies, yet it is hard to get it to vibrate at other frequencies. This belief creates a collective reality in which it is assumed that change is “hard” or “scary”. The reason for this inherent resistance to change is that a vibrating object will pick out its resonant frequencies from a complex excitation (such as, for example, interaction with other people) and vibrate at those frequencies, essentially “filtering out” other frequencies present in the energetic excitation.

This helps us explain why a person will be able to hear certain things you say but not be able to connect to other things that are outside of his or her scope of “understanding”. But it’s not really their “scope of understanding” that’s influencing their ability to hear you; it’s the range of frequencies at which they resonate that are only picking up on a segment of the range of frequencies you emit. The frequencies that aren’t being picked up are essentially cancelled out (which is why, sometimes, you may feel like you’re not being heard or that you’re being ignored).

For this reason alone, Felix deserves a pat on the back because he is exercising his free will to choose to interact with Pascal. Because Pascal represents growth for Felix, it’s not always going to be comfortable for Felix to be around Pascal. But if Felix can move through the discomfort of expansion, many opportunities and fruitful experiences become available to him. That’s how powerful free will is.

Most vibrating objects have multiple resonant frequencies, which is why it is incumbent on the conscious Being in form to decide, with acute (or In-Sight-ful) discernment, at which frequency levels it chooses to resonate. In other words, we can resonate at many colours. The key is to be conscious of the spectrum we choose to embody and, with unwavering certainty, emit the frequencies of expansion with every breath.

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