This Message is dedicated to the courageous.
It is dedicated to the I Am that Is You in this world.
It is thus dedicated to all of you.

What follows is non-linear. It is more layered and encoded than most of what you will read from me within this forum.

(The recording accompanying this message speaks more to the concept of the inverted matrix and what is set to take place mid-May.)

In about 6 weeks, you will Be a version of your Self that you have not yet experienced in this life. There may be moments when you won’t recognize yourself. You may get confused by the unfamiliarity of the experience of Being you. Humanity is on an accelerated track to a New paradigm shift by mid-May. Those who have been travelling to the 8th dimensional library have expedited this process through the Act of unpredictability. What all of this means and how it will unfold for us is explored in this message.

Spring is upon us. April is here. Are you ready for reprieve? Are you at that point where you just want everything to get easier? Well…the current energetic dynamics aren’t calibrated for “easy.” They’re calibrated for “transcendence.” The more you want it to get easier, the more discomfort will likely come your way.


Because of this thing called resistance.

Resistance to what?

To dealing with the stuff that’s coming up for you. To facing the discomfort of admitting that there are things that you may have swept under the proverbial rug. Now is the moment to do some heavy duty metaphysical spring cleaning. Them’s the times.

For those of you who have been focused on working through your stuff over the past few months, years, and even decades, the next little while may be relatively easier for you but please don’t seek easy. Seeking easy at this point on the journey is like running a 5K race and deciding at the 3K mark that you absolutely insist on having a picnic. You’ve trained for this for longer than your mind can imagine. You have everything you could possibly want to get to your finish line (at which point, a new stage of your infinite journey begins). If you’re stuck on the reference that there are 2K left, you’re seriously missing the opportunity. For now, the end game is: Creating the New. To Create, you can’t be mired in inner turmoil. Work through what comes up for you — honestly, humbly. Surrender to it. Surrendering to it means taking the path of least resistance and trust me, resistance isn’t your friend right now. Objective clarity is the priceless commodity you want to stock up on. That, and allowance.

Humanity is about to access Superhuman levels of collective evolution.

The amount of unresolved “stuff” that is going to be coming up over the next month and a half is at a level we have not experienced before. It hasn’t happened before. Humanity is standing at its periphery, facing its collective unknown. We are about to enter the field of potentiality on May 15th. For those who have studied the Light Grid, we’re on it! We’re all standing, hand in hand, on humanity’s periphery and we’re Looking out at our Field of Potentiality deciding together what our New Is to Be. Those who have been traveling to the 8th dimensional library and are physically anchoring that Intelligence here have been contributing unpredictability to this scenario. Unpredictability has accelerated our path to our periphery.

How is this going to feel? What does this look like on a practical level between now and mid-May? Yeah…well…imagine a spiritual tsunami of trash that wipes the ocean clean. Now imagine that tsunami crashing on your doorstep. You are the ocean. Yours is the trash. All the lack of resolution resonating in your cells is ready to be released. But here’s the clincher: we haven’t ever faced this much lack of resolution all at once before. Our bodies haven’t been asked to process this much at once ever before. That’s the distinct nature of the start of the second quarter of 2021.

How long is long enough to continue forgetting?

How do you stay steady and stable as a tsunami of everything you have resisted facing comes crashing down on you? Well, from one perspective, it’s a little late to be asking that question. From another perspective, you have had the answer within you all along. The answer is Knowingness. Know that You Know. Remember that you are far far more than your body, more than your thoughts and emotions combined. Yes, the cells can store lack of resolution but they also store the awareness of pure consciousness. We all come from the infinite sea of pure consciousness. Remember what that feels like. Through the breath, you can surface that State of Being instantly — unless you believe it’s impossible or unimportant or irrelevant to the times. If you don’t See the importance of Remembering Your Origin at this pivotal point in the history of Gaia and of humanity, you will struggle to make it through this next phase. For many, it may become very tempting to succumb to the pressures of propaganda and assimilation. There are ways not to drown in the confusion. I’m going to share some of those ways with you here.

What comes next in this message are some reflections, tips, and tools on how to navigate out of the collective confusion. If the confusion has touched you, or if it has swallowed up your loved ones, keep reading. I have faith in you that you can make it through this long message. You know why? Because even if you have forgotten the profundity of Your Power, I haven’t. Am I holding Space for you? If you want me to, I can. But Know that that is a temporary solution to an age-old test that the Universe gives to every of its living inhabitants. What is the test? It’s based on the following question: “How long is long enough to continue forgetting?”

Humanity is detoxing.

You know what the crazy thing is about this tsunamis of trash? We can judge it as an ominous thing. We can villainize it, call it cruel and merciless. We can even stomp our Earthling feet and scream up to the stars that we’re done! That we’ve had enough! That we don’t want any more bad news! That we don’t want any more trauma and that we’re ready for the Light to shine from the heavens and free us from all this suffering! But the crazy thing is that we wouldn’t be able to see the trash crashing onto our shores if it weren’t for the Light shining on us from every direction. This tsunami has been crashing on our shores for lifetimes. It’s been building up momentum the more lack of resolution we tossed into the ocean in hopes of drowning it in the magnitude of our Beingness. (If that doesn’t feel right or if that triggers you, consider what just happened when you read those words.) We’ve done that for eons. And over “time,” the stuff we didn’t want to face accumulated so much that it started to get rejected by the ocean. The ocean is smart. It Knows what contributes to its purity and what represents toxicity. It’s detoxing now, and it’s calling on us to clean up the mess we’ve made for ourselves.

Lack of resolution (which we created) is the catalyst that has caused the state of the world we’re living in today. Avoidance and denial have brought us to where we are. When is enough enough? That is a very personal question we have the option of asking ourselves. Are we, as a collective, willing to consider that we’re seeking a solution to a problem we don’t truly comprehend? It’s like asking for a band aid to reattach a limb, or using food to mend a shattered heart. It makes no sense. It leads nowhere near resolution. If anything, it creates more turmoil and stress on a people completely saturated by the misconduct of millennia gone by.

People pray for the Light. They pray for answers. They plead for solutions. When the Light emerges, they shriek in terror at what they see. When prayers are answered, they trigger into suspicion and doubt. When solutions present, they deny they have any role to play in bringing them into form. So why continue this dance? Doesn’t it sometimes seem like we’re all just stepping on one another’s toes. If you’re taking up space on the dance floor, wouldn’t you want to make it count?

Greater clarity is a byproduct of elevating your frequency.

The more you Work through the things that come up for you as the trash comes crashing down, the more clarity and inSight you gain access to. Greater clarity is available as a byproduct of elevating your frequency. The way to ensure you don’t drown in the massive wave crashing against your shore is to keep elevating above the waterline. As the wave rises, you rise. Steadiness is important. Stability is important. They are both important so that you can maintain your Ability to keep elevating, even amidst intense challenge. If I were to describe the difference between the old reality and the New reality, it would be to say that in the New there is a much stronger call to do and Be everything at once. Whereas before, we could work through one issue, integrate it, and then move on to the next, in the New everything is Now. Steadiness, stability, and elevation of frequency: do it all at once now. (Kind of feels like the training wheels have been taken off, doesn’t it?)

Both clarity and inSight are a form of Light. You increase the Light quotient in your reality the more you address the disharmony within. The more Light you expand into, the more you See. Sight is not selective in the sense that you only see the nice stuff and get to ignore the yucky stuff. In fact, with Sight you are called to dissolve all perspectives rooted in duality. The more you See this world, the more you realize that we have all been living in what people are referring to as an “inverted matrix.” The inverted matrix references the nature of this reality. (The recording accompanying this message speaks more to this concept of the inverted matrix of what is set to happen mid-May.) In essence, our reality was build on the opposite of Truth. For those here to embody and reflect Truth, this world will have felt very foreign, almost ugly, since the day you were born. You will have likely walked through life wondering why things weren’t more beautiful, why people were so willing to agree to the misguided directions of systems of disempowerment keeping humanity in a stronghold of delusion. As a result of this inner confusion, you may have felt disconnected from the reality that many around you felt was perfectly fine. Mid-May, this world and your place in it redefines. Inversion turns right-side-up. From one perspective, this is a monumental moment of celebration. From another, many may find it very difficult to open their eyes to what the Light of Truth illuminates and magnifies for them.

May 15th.
Mark it in your calendar.
It's the day the inverted matrix flips right side up.

Physical Symptoms

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the 8th dimensional library. Beings from all over the planet have been anchoring the Divine Intelligence rooted in this 8th dimensional continuum into this world through their physicality (through their physical bodies). Many have been navigating sore physical bodies, addressing physical injuries incurred while navigating the very real journey to and from this library. The next month and a half is when the content we’ve anchored starts to release into the reality of our physical world. As the Intelligence disperses throughout the collective and we continue acclimating to Higher frequencies, our bodies may feel a little…how should I say this….? Umm, your body may experience some extremes.

You may find that certain physical symptoms (physical phenomena) become exaggerated over the next 6 weeks or so as we interact with this transformative energy. These symptoms/phenomena may include major nausea, strange headaches isolated to certain parts of your head, spikes in appetite (due to the very high energy burn we’re experiencing while processing such high influxes of Intelligence and Light), continued muscle aches and stiffness, skeletal soreness and rigidity, challenges with staying anchored in the body (you’ll feel a strong pull to leave your body and enter meditative states, even while engaging with others in conversation), more frequent 3am wake up calls from the Unseen (that often come accompanied with deep inSights and the Remembering of processes you are here to provide as forms of healing and support for those crossing your path), a lack of interest in hydrating and/or eating dark leafy greens (sugar may be more on your radar than vegetables for the next little while — all part of high energy burn States), and an inclination to isolate from others as your fields go through a major paradigm shift.

But of all these symptoms/phenomena, the one that is the most extraordinary is something called cellular effervescence. If you pay very close attention to the State of your physical cells, you may notice that they are sparkling to life, bubbling with Space, pockets of the infinite bursting through your bloodstream. It’s a heady feeling — dizzying, disorienting, even ecstatic at times. Breathing takes on a different form and function as oxygen navigates a New relationship with your physical vessel. Air feels heavy in comparison to the effervescence. In this State, time/space is somewhat challenging to move through. Everything moves slower as you accelerate within. As I write this, for example, my fingers are tripping over the keys as they fumble to keep up with my computation. When I speak aloud, my tongue feels fused as words insist on coming out two at a time. My eyes see more as I move them slower than normal, scanning my surroundings with a level of precision odd even to me. I can feel the heart beating like a drum, sending ripples reverberating through my limbs. The echos of cause blast against my skin as I feel the impact of leaves rustles on the branches outside my window. Sound is so loud. Light is so bright. There is an amplification to everything; yet another redefinition of what life means and how it works. It’s all so extraordinary and disconcerting at the same time.

“Navigating this world in this State — how will that work?” mind asks.

Consider that it’ll take about a year and a half to figure out how to apply this transformation in a day-to-day way — how to Be in this New way. Bending space/time seems to be an Ability to Master quickly in order to navigate this Newness with fluidity. Telepathy and multidimensionality in form suddenly seem like child’s play. The evolution of humanity is physically upon us and it’s actually an experience in the physical world. Evolution actually feels like something. At this accelerated pace that we’re travelling as a collective, it’s actually clocked as an experience the human can perceive. People say humanity is in for a ride.There a really no words to describe what’s about to come because…it hasn’t come before.

You're the bad guy!

During this process, and over the course of the past 2 – 3 months at least, you have probably noticed more and more people in your life at odds with your life choices. People who you were on the same page with for years are suddenly not jiving with you (or you’re starting to realize that you don’t want them in your life as much anymore. This is a typical experience for the first embodiers of the New. (Someone’s gotta do it first, am I right?! 🤩😳) That will likely continue in perhaps slightly more dramatic ways over the next 6 weeks or so. In addition, you may find yourself playing the role of the “bad guy” in people’s stories. This one is fun!

“Why would this happen?” you ask. Especially since you’re doing everything you can to help others along their paths?

Well, it’s a great question and it comes with a metaphysical answer.

Imagine a small room. No lights are turned on in the room. In this dark room, you don’t see much. You don’t see light but you also don’t see shadow. In the centre of the room is a candle. The moment you light up the candle, you start to see more of what’s in the room. You also start to notice (mostly in your unawareness) that the candle is casting shadow. Now, when the human state of mind is confronted with shadow, the ego stands to attention and rings all the alarm bells signalling that shadow is bad and evil and very very bad. (Of all the things ego is, eloquent is not one of them when it hits panic mode.) When people resist facing the shadows that they begin to see when the candle is lit up, they tend to run or they start to project their shadows on others (typically projecting quite a bit onto the candle because it is, after all, the candle’s fault for exposing the shadow). That’s not to say that all run and project, for many stay in the room examining what they are willing to See and working through a great deal that becomes illuminated for them. But sometimes, there’s some pointing of fingers, which is fine and all part of the candle’s job.

An interesting opportunity exists for you if/when you represent the candle in the room. If ever there are labels that people try to place on you, you can take a moment to dissolve those labels by releasing any and all entities that are presenting the qualities and characteristics of those labels in and through you. For example, say someone calls you “pushy.” Consider taking a moment to acknowledge any and all entities being pushy in and through you and then go through the process of releasing them. You could start with a simple command sequence such as:

In the Name of G-D, I acknowledge any and all entities working in and through me to impose [pushiness] into my reality and all realities I effect.

In the acknowledgment, you can begin to have conversations with the entities one by one, asking:

Is there anything left outstanding for us to complete in our contract together?

If so, what is it?

If not, are you ready to be released to G-D?

Much can come of this exchange. This is one of the Reasons you have been meditating for years. Meditation was not simply designed to lower your blood pressure and train the body to relax (which are certainly very important by-products of the practice). Tap into your Abilities to access Stillness and notice the subtleties in the Unseen as you negotiate the termination or organic closure of contracts with sabotaging entities in this way. Note: going through the process of removing a sabotaging Entity of Personality from this life removes it from all lives. When someone attempts to place a label on you, calling you “pushy” for example, they are showing you aspects of yourself that may or may not exist in this reality but they exist somewhere within at least one of your expressions in some life. The person attempting to place a label on you is reliving an experience with you when you did do the thing they are accusing you of doing through an Entity of Personality that is/was working through you. Releasing Entities of Personality eventually dissolves your human personality (the characteristics that make up the character you played on the old stage of life). What happens when you end contracts with Entities of Personality working against you? You begin activating as Superhuman. By accessing Abilities you could not apply through the human State of mind, your capacity to contribute to the evolution of humanity exponentially increases. (You also become essentially impossible for the human State of mind to relate to, but that we can talk about another time.)

Entity of Personality (noun): contracted entity that originates in a non-refracted form but that eventually refracts into sabotage as a result of energetic debt accumulated through the act of contract violation (i.e., doing what you said you wouldn't do or not doing what you said you would do)


Spend as much daylight time outdoors as you can. The sun’s rays are transcendent during this period.

Recognize that your reality is distinct from that of the collective’s, while appreciating that your reality contributes to the collective experience. The recognition of your unique experience of this world is vital to maintaining steadiness and stability as we all face a tremendous opportunity for resolution.

As you navigate your world, recognize also that those around you may be struggle more than they ever have. If you’re not used to regularly working on yourself, the ride might get a little rough. Help one another as best you can.

Choose whether to allow the process to unfold or resist it until the end. You really do get to choose.

The world is waiting to see what you decide. What I’m about to say next is generally not something that people tend to enjoy hearing so perhaps brace yourself if that’s your thing. The reality is that the world is falling apart. Systems are crumbling and people who relied on those systems are in disarray. You, my friend, are here for a Reason far bigger than you ever anticipated. School didn’t prepare you for this moment. Life only helped lead you here. Whatever you’re here to do, you are the only one who can do it. No one else can do what you can do in the magnificently unique way that only you can. So if you don’t do it, no one will. If that means that a group of children won’t get an education that uniquely prepares them for their next steps because you decided that it made more sense to stay in the job you’ve had for decades, so be it. Your choice. If that means that a New word won’t get anchored into the English language because you thought it sounded weird or you assumed people wouldn’t understand you when you introduced it as a New way of looking at things, then we’ll stay stuck in old perspectives because you didn’t want to step out of your comfort zone. (I’m fully included myself in this mix, by the way.)

If you do find yourself in a situation where other people are attempting to project certain labels onto you for whatever reason, consider not allowing their perspectives of you and their identity of you define who you Know You Is and how you express Spirit through the roles you play in your life. As you navigate through these potential conflicts, also consider acknowledging that there may be aspects of you that are refracted and release the energetic dynamics that cause those refractions to express through you.

When we label someone, we are not able to See them for who they Are. For this Reason, it is worth considering whether you are willing to incur the price of labeling another, for there is a great deal that you will likely miss out on that could Assist you greatly on your journey had you been willing to See. Greater clarity is a byproduct of elevating your frequency. Judgment is one of the fastest ways to lower it.

The easiest way to come to peace with the possibility that others may view you as something you Know, as Spirit, that you are not, is to Remember that you are an infinite Being and that means that you have been everything. Good sometimes. Evil sometimes. The imprints of trauma that result from all of the roles you played in which you caused harm may be yet to resolve for those you’ve impacted adversely. Show compassion to yourself as well as to the ones who point fingers. After all, we’re all on the same team.


Am I being harsh? Not sure, am I? That’s very much based on your personal perspective. You see, we all view the world through our own eyes. No one else interprets the world quite like you do. Is your perspective worth sharing? That’s your call. If you feel the world is evolving beautifully, prosperity is available to everyone in abundant supply, and everyone you know is living life to the fullest, then sit back and celebrate. Mission accomplished. But if there is any part of you that Knows there is more — more that can be done, more that you can do — ask yourself what you’re going to do next. Make your move.

Choose to Create.

Create the New.

Don’t confuse the old for the New and just package it differently; they are very distinct. One feeds a reality most are praying to be done with. The other may feel unfamiliar yet exciting, destabilizing but reviving. Focus. Focus on the New.

What happens after mid-May? Heaven on Earth anchors. Aligning as much as possible with Truth between now and mid-May makes a right-side-up version of reality much more easy to assimilate.

(I can only imagine how vague all of this sounds. I can only imagine how abstract and perhaps even unnecessarily daunting these words may appear. Even for me, words are challenging at the moment. The nature of what is happening on the planet is bigger than…well, it’s so big that there are off-world species Looking to us for Guidance as they prepare for similar paradigm shifts. To truly explain the current dynamics would require months of focused study to scratch the surface of what is about to take place. If there are words or phrases from this piece that you would like greater clarity on, please post your questions in our Telegram thread. I promise to do my best to help in clarifying as much as possible.)

By the end of this process, you will Know more of who You Are than you do right now. You will realize aspects of your Self, as Spirit, that will BLOW YOU AWAY (in such a mind-blowingly amazing way)! The only way you’re not going to get through this transformation is if you give up. Know that you are enough. Breathe. Hand on Heart and Remember Your connection. You’ve got this. WE’VE GOT THIS.

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