Remembering Source

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Meditations for connecting with Source

These meditations facilitate Remembering that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and when we activate that connection to Source, we are allowing the full expression of our Soul’s journey in this lifetime. These meditations are not about learning a new way to breathe. It is about noticing what is already present. Acknowledging breathing in this way, takes us simultaneously to a Higher and deeper place of Being. It is in Knowing that we are plugged into the ultimate Power Source.

Meditation 1: The Breath of Being comes from an understanding that every time we breathe, we are pronouncing the name of G-d.

Meditation 2: Meeting your Higher Self brings you closer to the full expression of your Soul. It supports you in Remembering the fullness of You.

Meditation 3: Accessing Knowingness takes you into the Inner Sanctum of Your Being to access your quiet voice that is waiting to be heard.

When you do these meditations consistently, you are allowing your Being to access the Infinite. In so doing, you are activating Your unlimited Power, courage, and sense of Knowingness. This changes your level of consciousness in the world, and the world itself.


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