Healing Time

CAD $ 29.95

A meditation to consciously access your sovereign right to heal

This meditation Serves as an access point to Knowingness to Assist you in Remembering what you already Know. It introduces the concept of healing time and represents a potent opportunity to take back your Sacred Right to clear any lack of resolution manifesting as dis-ease in your reality.

An Introduction to Healing Time draws your attention to the phenomenon of healing: where and when it takes place, and how. Healing is not a physical event; it occurs in the subtle realms. However, the result of healing in the subtle realms trickles down into physical realities and presents as ease, harmony, and eventual peace experienced on all levels of the physical, emotional, and mental planes. Conceptualizing the phenomenon of healing, we enter into the meditation.

The Healing Time Meditation supports you to enter into the Space in between the in-breath and the out-breath in order to access Healing Time. As you settle into this Space, you choose the focus of your healing. Honour the Knowingness behind the phenomenon of healing as you slip out of space/time and surrender to the healing of your very Being.

This is a very potent meditation and significantly contributes to the Sacred Discipline of advanced practitioners. Consider incorporating Healing Time into your daily practice as you allow for the process of expansion.



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