Ascension into Beingness

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A meditation to Remember Your Divine Essence as Spirit

Every one of us emanates energy into the world around us from the world within us. Our radiance emanates from Our Essence, as Spirit. Our Essence is received into this physical world in the form of our Signature Energy Pattern.

Our Signature Energy Pattern is a complex collection of strands of Light. Each strand of Light is composed of particles of Light that originate at the Source of All. The process of Remembering You, as Spirit, is the process of rekindling your awareness of what You, as Spirit, feel like.

Ascension into Beingness: An Introduction draws our attention to the very nature of energy. Energy is at the origin of all creation. Feel into this Truth as you prepare for the meditation.

Ascension into Beingness: A meditation calibrates your physical body, as well as your subtle energetic bodies, to the Highest expression available to you in this world. Remember, your Signature Energy Pattern is the complex collection of strands of Light that make up You, as Spirit. Calibrating yourself to the Essence of Your Beingness enables you to embody Spirit in this world.

You are a sentient Being of Light. It is your sovereign right to Remember You. The embodiment of Spirit is the conscious act of Living through the Eyes of Spirit each day, every day. Ascension into Beingness supports you in this process of Remembering You, as Spirit.

This is a very potent meditation and significantly contributes to the Sacred Discipline of advanced practitioners. Consider incorporating Ascension into Beingness into your daily practice as you allow for the process of calibrating to your Divine nature.


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