Conversations Live (Group Spiritual counselling) - Online Series
Online Series
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Conversations Live (Group Spiritual counselling) - Online Series
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Conversations Live (Group Spiritual counselling) - Online
What's Conversations Live?

Conversations Live is an immersive group discussion series that enables us to offer accessible Spiritual counselling sessions in a small group setting. Through introspection and Self Observation, we enrich our experience of life by examining its meaning, the roles we play in it, and the Knowingness that there is more. This online series provides a safe Space in which to join in on the conversation from the comfort of your home.

In these unprecedented times, Spiritual counselling can Serve as a lifeline to infuse stability and steadiness into your world. These conversations focus on examining the energetic dynamics presenting in your life, as well as in the collective. Examine the impact your decisions have on your reality and explore the deeper reasons behind the situations you’re currently experiencing, all from the vantage point of Spirit.

Conversations Live is designed to support you in working through misalignments as you acclimate to living in the energetic environment of a +fifth dimensional (+5D) reality. In the days of social distancing and tyrannical fear-based agendas, you have two very simple choices: allow fear to enter you as a contagion of complete disempowerment, or definitively exercise your free will to take your sovereignty into your own hands. Sovereignty is the only way you don’t lose your Soul. It is the only way that you maintain your connection to Source. It is the only way to exist outside of the stronghold of the cycle of forced reincarnation. All of this and more, we discuss in these online discussion groups.

Motive: Our motive for offering this online discussion series is to Be Spirit in accessible form as we move through a planetary spectral recalibration.
Motive behind the motive: Our motive behind the motive for offering this online series is to create a platform of connection and clarity for those of you who Know there is more to the story and are willing to look for a way to break through the illusion of disempowerment.

Please note that we also provide an in-person variation to these online group calls. For more information on the in-person dinner series, click here.

Conversations Live is designed to support you in working through misalignments as you acclimate to living in the energetic environment of a +fifth dimensional (+5D) reality. In the days of social distancing and tyrannical fear-based agendas, you have two very simple choices: allow fear to enter you as a contagion of complete disempowerment, or definitively exercise your free will to take your sovereignty into your own hands. Sovereignty is the only way you don’t lose your Soul. It is the only way that you maintain your connection to Source. It is the only way to exist outside of the stronghold of the cycle of forced reincarnation. All of this and more, we discuss in these online discussion groups.

Motive: Our motive for offering this online discussion series is to Be Spirit in accessible form as we move through a planetary spectral recalibration.
Motive behind the motive: Our motive behind the motive for offering this online series is to create a platform of connection and clarity for those of you who Know there is more to the story and are willing to look for a way to break through the illusion of disempowerment.

Please note that we also provide an in-person variation to these online group calls. For more information on the in-person dinner series, click here.

Network of Consciousness

Conversations Live is designed to bring you community at a point on your journey when life doesn’t seem to feel the same way it used to. Many of you are finding that the connections you have with people in your lives are changing. The connections that once were strong don’t feel as strong anymore. Friendships may be dissolving, family members may be having a hard time understanding you. There are very real reasons for the changes many of you are experiencing, changes that may feel difficult or uncomfortable to move through. You don’t have to move through them alone. Joining a community with others having similar experiences can resolve a lot of the confusion, doubt, and uncertainty.

These conversations expand your network of consciousness on this plane. Your network of consciousness can be defined as the connections you cultivate with others who also Know they are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, here to Serve on a large scale. From an energetic perspective, expanding this network gives you and all those in your network access to the collective Power of co-creation. From a social perspective, this network transcends the rudimentary professional networking construct of the old world and moves into the cultivation of Soul connections in a State of awareness, thus making it much easier to navigate the process of embodiment without succumbing to isolation in the name of (the illusion of) self-preservation.

With every Conversations Live you participate in, you access New opportunities to flourish in a reality we are all collectively bringing into form. If you would like to create your own group to participate in a bespoke Conversations Live series together, send us a note to explore the options.

Benefits of the online series
Join us online with others of like kind to See beyond the illusion of the human story as you progress along your journey of Remembering why you’re here.
CwS Live - Benefit of Strength
Get support as you navigate through the intensity of expanding into your Unknown with grace and ease.
CwS Live - Benefit of Expansion
Strengthen the Spiritual muscles of focus and stability as you invite the hermit within to join the conversation.
CwS Live - Benefit of Community
Renew age-old connections as you identify your affinity with those you’ve crossed paths with many times before.
Calling all hermits and introverts!

There are two very specific stages of the journey to Self realization: the hermitic stage of the journey and the community stage of the journey. This online series is an excellent opportunity for the hermits and introverts among us to gently expand into the social spheres of New Earth.

The Hermetic Stage of the Journey
When you are on the hermetic stage of your journey, your focus is on conducting introspection and Self Observation in private. You tend not to want to talk to people about what you’re going through until you can figure out how to put words to the abstract and oftentimes overwhelming aspects of your experiences. You’re not sure who will understand what you’re going through and you prefer to keep your internal struggles to yourself.

Eventually, there comes a point on the hermetic stage of the journey where you cross paths with someone who Sees You. The moment you recognize that you are Seen, you have a very important decision to make:

a) Do you open yourself to the experience of Remembering more of who You Are, as Spirit in form, with the assistance of Guides, or

b) Do you choose to maintain your hermetic seal and continue the journey in isolation.

Neither one of these choices is good nor bad. However, there are significant implications to each of them.

The Community Stage of the Journey
The community stage of the journey is appealing to you when you feel like you are in over your head and want support deciphering the otherworldly experiences you’re having. You want to be able to validate, for yourself, that what you’re feeling and sensing is not just in your imagination. You want to know that you’re not the only one going through the challenges you find yourself facing. You want to make sure that it’s not just all in your head.

People entering the community stage of the journey are often the only ones in their immediate social circles who are asking the deeper questions of life. You want to have people to openly and honestly talk to about the Reason for why you’re here and the nature of the impact you want to have on this world. You sense there is benefit in becoming more transparent about your Spiritual journey and you want to share your perspective with others of like kind. You’re also willing to draw from the courage within to take this step out of your comfort zone.

Neither of these stages is hierarchical. It’s not as though you eventually graduate from one into the other. Oftentimes, there are aspects within us that want both isolation and community. The very nature of the journey to Remembering is fluid and nonlinear. To avoid getting stuck at obstacles you don’t know how to resolve, having conversations with others going through similar experiences can really help. However, these conversations are not about commiserating, nor are they about enabling self-sabotaging behaviour. These conversations are about exploring the possibilities of Remembering more of your infinite nature. They are about exiting the illusion of the comfort zone.

The Conversations Live online series is for those of you who want to engage in the community stage of the journey and return to socialization from the comfort of your own home. It is an initiative to support you in finding your voice as you explore what it means to you to embody Spirit in form. Recognizing your Power as a Spiritual Being having a human experience can be a lot to process. Know that you are supported, that you are Loved, and that we See You for the magnificent Being You Are. Join us in these online conversations to explore how to navigate this changing New world with grace and ease.

Participating in these conversations is most beneficial for those of you finding yourselves in any or all of the following circumstances:

  • You feel a calling from within that urges you to Remember why you are here
  • You don’t buy into the current collective unconsciousness of fear
  • You are focused on living your life in the expansive, generous Now moment instead of in the past or the future
  • You’ve recently reconnected to Source and are figuring out how to navigate your world with this renewed influx of vital energy
  • You’ve recently reclaimed your Power (i.e., taken it back from something or someone that was syphoning you) and you would like Guidance on how to stabilize at Higher frequencies as you continue to expand
  • You’ve gone through a spontaneous awakening and everything has changed in your life, including how you define the way life works, and you want to gain clarity on your place in this world
Telegram Global Conversation

The conversations we have during the Live series bring up very important topics. Some of these topics are so big, that we continue to explore them outside of the online calls and group dinners. The continuation of the conversation takes place on Telegram:

Everyone who participates in a Conversations Live series is invited to join the private Conversations Live Telegram thread. If you’d like to join our public conversation on Telegram, go here: Members from all over the world can participate in this expanded conversation. It’s a place to ask follow-up questions that emerge after group conversations. It’s also a place to share reflections and insights that you feel it is of benefit to share with the group. Remember: sharing what You Know is vital to your own individual advancement, as well as to the advancement of humanity.

Explore the Conversations
Conversations with Spirit tend to expand into even bigger conversations.
Below is a library of excerpts from our Telegram conversations that extend beyond the online and in-person series.
Everyone who participates in a Conversations Live series is invited to join the Conversations Live Telegram thread.
Productivity vs. Creativity

Have you ever heard the adage, “If you want something done, go to a busy person.”? Well, there’s a lot of truth in that, and there’s a lot of misconception in it as well. The origin of the confusion is in the understanding/misunderstanding of the term “busy.” What if busyness is the practice of filling your world with noise and chaos, while productivity is the product of the yield of creation. Creation, as expressed through creativity, can be deconstructed into a formula: inspiration + integration + incubation + materialization. This recording goes into the connective tissue of these fundamental concepts that form meaningful human experience.

15 mins 38 secs

Integrity & Compliance

This recording challenges the constructs of integrity and compliance. Are the systems that the world has seemingly relied on for its advancement and the maintenance of its order still Serving us? Have they ever truly Served us? As we watch the systems of domination and control crumble, we are asked to decide where to place our attention next. Are we willing to take our focus off of figuring out how to fix what’s broken and unrepairable? Are we willing to place our focus on creating the New?

17 mins 3 secs

Navigating Surface-Level Conversations

This recording speak to the dynamics of navigating seemingly surface-level conversations, specifically during stages of your own relative awakening. Topics explored in this recording include the relativity of ascension, the veil of forgetting, comparison and judgment (the fruits of duality), education (as a form of disempowerment), following the leader, and how Knowingness fit into the bigger picture.

11 mins 28 secs

Fullness of Worth

Have you ever dimmed your Light because it was too bright for those around you? Not the best feeling, is it? And yet, there is an assumption that standing in our Power is going to be uncomfortable; perhaps even a confrontational experience (and who likes confrontation?). So we convince ourselves that we must “meet them where they’re at” for their wellbeing and eventually they may be able to get to where we’re at (oh so high above). See the judgment infused in mainstream constructs? What if…you didn’t need to meet them where they’re at? What if…by Being You, everything falls into place…?

9 mins 53 secs


The intensity that we collectively experienced on the planet in 2020 made many people realize that they were lacking the encouragement to keep going. Social isolation made it ever more evident that without the support of loved ones and the comfort of daily routines, many people began to lose hope of a better day. Do you find yourself needing encouragement to keep going? Is it hard to know what to do with the rest of your life if you don’t know what will happen to the world next year? Does the collapse of the financial systems, the education systems, and the medical systems make you doubt where we can find encouragement? The news, social media, and alternative media may offer up a certain degree of encouragement in the stories that have happy endings or that showcase humanity’s courage and strength, but are those fleeting stories enough to bring you encouragement? And on a slightly divergent note, how does being here ahead of your time relate to the encouragement to keep going? They’re all great questions. We explore them in this recording.

10 mins 8 secs


What is “mindfulness” and is it the same as meditation? Meditation can be an incredibly potent tool that many of you are engaging with as a way of accessing the Space of Stillness within. It Serves as a rejuvenator of energy, especially during very intense high energy-burn days, as well as an incredibly soothing point of Remembering the vastness of the nature of us as Spirit in a world that is constricting at times. The intensity and profundity of the experience of meditation is largely determined by where the meditator is placing focused attention. It is possible to meditate from the mind just as much as it is possible to meditate from Spirit. Can you guess which one leads to expansion into your Unknown? Can you also guess which one people generally choose to experience? This recording speaks to the distinction between meditating from the mind versus meditating from the Space of Knowingness. What if…when we meditate from the mind, the mind ends up meditating us…? Where we place our attention is where energy flows. If meditation is defined simply as focused attention, what are you fuelling when you meditate from the mind? And what aspects of your infinite nature can you access when you place your attention on Spirit? It’s worth considering as you listen to this reflection.

6 mins 40 secs

Resilience & Persistence

What’s your relationship with resilience and persistence? What if resilience and persistence were both necessary characteristics of someone in resistance? Resistance is a State of contraction. When in resistance, you push up against the natural State of the Universe, which is one of expansion. Resistance is very closely tied to resentment, and resentment is connected to the feeling of obligation. If you feel encumbered by responsibilities that are seemingly keeping you stuck in a life you don’t like living anymore, consider listening to this recording on the dynamics of going against the flow. (There’s much more covered in this recording, including the concept of Spiritual inertia, and navigating acceleration overload.) We examine the counter to resistance and how to reintroduce yourself to the expansive flow of prosperity and freedom that is available to all Soulful Beings. The trick is, you have to choose freedom.

15 mins 12 secs

Counter Intention

Counter intention is the pushback that goes against your intention to Serve. In this recording, we explore the impact of fear as a force of counter intention and the reason for why it exists in the first place (hint: it has to do with our access to free will  —  coveted access). But talking about fear isn’t all that helpful unless we dive into ways in which not to succumb to the forces of fear; and dive we do! We discuss how breath impacts fear, how slowing down time can impact fear, and how Looking fear straight in the eye can instantly obliterate it. And what happens when we decide to face fear head on? Answer: we become cause. We become the counter to the counter intention. That. is. Powerful.

17 mins 2 secs


Challenge – the hard stuff of life – can be seen everywhere…if that is what you are looking for. Challenge can seem to come to you from every direction. Challenge is associated with very potent and convoluted initiatives that all of us have been exposed to for an incredibly long time (far beyond a single life). Many people come to terms with the dynamic of challenge (or of living a challenging life) by appreciating the gifts that come from challenging experience. But what if…there was a subtle trap in this nature of appreciation? What if, in appreciating the gifts that come from challenges, we draw more challenge to us, all in the name of receiving more gifts?

9 mins 23 secs

Volitional Love

L.O.V.E. = the Light of One’s Volition Emerging
What happens within you when someone says, “I love you” to you? Have you ever noticed what those words, in that very specific sequence, do to you? Do you go into self-adoration? Do you go into deep connection with the one gifting you those words? Do you go into doubt? Do you go into suspicion? Does it depend upon the context? Does your radar go off when the person saying it isn’t someone you fully trust? Exploring the dynamics of our relationships with others at this baseline level of love (however you define love to be) is very important. It can reflect back to us our relationship with love, with how we interact with others in relationships, and the depths of the feelings we have for them. And ultimately, the reason it’s so important to examine our relationship with love and relationships is because it allows us to explore our relationship with our Self.

8 mins 29 secs


Do you use an alarm to wake up? What if using an alarm to create the experience of a forced wake up prevents you from accessing very important Messages that come through subtly at the moment of waking up every morning? In this recording, we explore the advanced practice of very gently entering the body during the sacrament of re-entry (at the moment you wake up from sleep) so that you can maintain and anchor into this world a greater degree of Divine Intelligence. We also explore the nature of the dreams we have, including dreams where we are privy to where we go when we leave our bodies, dreams that represent premonitions, and dreams as Messages revealing Guidance or prompts to be aware of to Assist you in your Work in this world. 

19 mins 23 secs


Does Spirit experience emotion? We know that, within the human construct, the emotional body plays an important role in contributing to experiences that can eventually lead to personal and collective evolution. But when we get to the stages of the journey at which Spirit is embodying the human experience more and more (enough for Its subtlety to be felt within the human dynamics of physicality), what happens to the emotional body? Do we begin to feel fewer emotions? Do we feel differently as we Observe emotions dissipate into nothingness? In this recording, we explore the role emotion plays on the journey of Remembering. Following the revelatory events of 2020, Now is an opportune moment for all of us to take a Look at whether there are any emotions bubbling up within us that we’d like to release as we move into a New collective reality.

9 mins 50 secs

Do you even Know what You’re doing?

This is such a great question to ask ourselves on a regular basis! As of 2020, the rat race has taken on New form or completely collapsed (depending on your industry, your perspective, and your willingness to exit your comfort zone). When the rat race collapsed, the momentum that autopilot supported in our day-to-day lives slowed to a locked-down halt. Now what? What do you do with your life? Do you even Know what you’re doing? (If any of this resonates with you, this recording is an important one to listen to.)

9 mins 48 secs

Group Energy

The Conversations Live series has given us such a beautiful opportunity to appreciate the unique nature of group dynamics. Every group that comes together for a monthly series is Divinely configured to maximize every member’s opportunity to advance on their evolutionary journey. We are all mirrors for one another. Conversations Live has been an important reminder to all of us that Divine Sequencing, when married with free will exercised in alignment with one’s Reason for Being in this life, creates mind-boggling opportunities to shift, expand, and advance as a group. This recording reflects on the importance of not depriving yourself of the social aspect of the human experience and explores the Gifts that community brings us.

8 mins 16 secs


The topic of entities is a very big topic. It is also a very loaded and charged topic. In this brief recording, we touch upon the possibility that there may not be benefit in making entities out to be villains and that maybe there is an unexplored opportunity in Working with entities to create Space for ourselves. Why is Space important? Because is helps us gain clarity of perspective. The more clarity of perspective we have, the bigger the picture we are able to See. Seeing the bigger picture empowers us to Be Cause. Examining the concept of entities takes courage and it takes steadiness but it’s a journey well worth taking.

4 mins 50 secs


In the third dimensional collective reality, intention meant something different than it does now for those who have entered into living out a fifth dimensional reality. In the lower realities, intention without awareness is prevalent. In the relatively higher realities, we are asked to acknowledge our responsibility to be aware of the intentions we hold. Some might relate intention to motive. In this case, the fifth dimensional reality asks us to start Looking at the motive behind the motive of our decisions. This is where we get into the presence of doubt and how it morphs deciding into trying. The game is different now. Reflecting on your relationship with intention is of paramount importance. Are you cause or are you the effect? That’s what this recording explores.

11 mins 38 secs


Service is the answer to why many are here on this planet now. And yet, there are intricacies and subtleties within the construct of Service that are realized by the few. (Notice it is capitalized to denote a construct that resides beyond this world.) Are you here to contribute to humanity’s evolution? Did you design this life to contribute to a greater whole? Is being selfless selfish? Is it idealistic and, therefore, unrealistic in this world? What if…Being of Service is an incredibly noble and Sacred Act but to access that sanctity and nobility one has to relinquish the human experience? Would you be willing then? Are you willing now?

10 mins 13 secs


When people engage in conversations about spirituality and one’s journey to Self discovery and Self realization, it is very easy to enter into a pattern in which we scan to see if there is something wrong, or if there is something off, or if there is discomfort (energetically or physically) to address. The use of this Spiritual Muscle of awareness stops after we’ve scanned for issues. But that’s not the extent to which we can use awareness. Awareness is a tremendous Gift when we are in a State of peace and resolve. The moment at which we are Stillness, we have a tremendous opportunity to Look beyond what the human sees as “the work to be done to be more spiritual.” If we allow ourselves to expand our awareness beyond that which we define as familiar, we can transcend the drama of the human story and get to Know our Selves as Spiritual Beings having a human experience. In addition to an examination of awareness, we also reflect on the distinction between awareness and consciousness in this recording.

6 mins 5 secs


These guided online group conversations take place on Zoom. Participating in small groups, we meet online once a week over the course of four consecutive weeks at a time to explore key themes emerging in humanity’s collective experience and how these themes mirror our inner worlds. Discussions centre around metaphysical philosophy and its practical applications.

During every online series, you participate in a total of 8 hours of group conversation every month. We post up new dates regularly. Below, you can find the current dates and times available. If you cannot attend a conversation on a particular date, send us a note after you’ve registered and let us know which day in your series you cannot attend. We will give you the option of attending an alternative day in one of the other series. In this case, you would be joining a different group for one of your calls.

Morning, afternoon, and evening options are available. The Sacred Contract Edition is offered to those who have completed the retrieval process. Come prepared with your questions and a willingness to share. Once you complete your registration, we’ll contact you to confirm your spot. If you’re interested in the in-person dinner series, click here. Add Conversations Live to your monthly practice to enrich your Spiritual Discipline.

December 2021 Dates

You’ve got one upcoming online series in December.

For all international participants, please note that all times are listed as local times in Toronto, Canada (Eastern Standard Time GMT-5).

Prices are listed in Canadian dollars.

December 2021
Online Evening Series

6:30pm – 8:30pm EST

Sunday December 5, 2021
Sunday December 12, 2021
Sunday December 19, 2021
Sunday December 26, 2021

Facilitator: Katherine Pisana

8 hours
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How do we meet?
It’s simple. We meet on Zoom and have a video call once a week. When you register, you receive all the Zoom details for each session in your series. The sessions are not recorded. Please ensure to the best of your ability that your internet connection is stable enough to support participation on these video calls.

How do I prepare for the calls?
Come ready with your questions. It’s really important that you understand that these calls aren’t about us talking to you for a couple of hours while you take notes. Yes, we absolutely share fundamental concepts with you and offer you many breathing and meditative techniques to support you in your expansion. But! We ask that you join the conversations with a readiness to participate by sharing what you’re going through in your life with the intention to realize clarity and resolution within the safe Space of a small group environment. Be ready to step up and take Action to make significant changes in your life. Change isn’t going to wait for you to be ready. But change can be a very kind and generous agent of transformation if you are willing to step into the Unknown.

If you’re not sure what your questions are, consider watching some of our videos on YouTube and listening to the recordings on this page. They might spark some insights and inspire you to Look deeper into certain areas of your Self. We won’t necessarily be assigning videos to watch or material to review for every session, though. This is a Self-directed process you are supported through.

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You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

There are no refunds for this series but you are welcome to offer your spot to someone else in your place. Please note, however, that it’s important to preserve group dynamics, so we ask that if you decide to offer your spot to someone else, you do so before the first date of the series if possible.

Preservation of Space
In order to ensure the safety and privilege of the Space within which We hold these conversations, we reserve the right to decline registration to any and all who do not align with the Sacred Mandate of the Space.