Alchemy of Space

The stickies flake and chip off the sheet of cardboard that collects inspiration for the new variation of Conversations Live. Whenever I walk by them, the slight breeze in my step flicks yet another onto the floor, as if showing me what my next step is meant to be. Ideas jumping off the page, no longer willing to be fixed in space/time. But that’s ok. I’ve set up a flip chart stand. It’s the first time I’ve gotten it out since we relocated. It feels exciting.

Overwhelm and inundation transform into excitement yet again. We don’t often realize how accessible alchemy is in this world. The transmutation of one state into another. Overwhelm and inundation become excitement. Excitement becomes passion. Passion into ecstasy. Ecstasy into sanctification. Alchemy manifest. One moment, you’re stressed because of all the things piling onto your plate; a plate quickly becoming too small, for the rate at which the tasks are accumulating is outpacing the rate at which you’re completing them. But then, you realize that the issue isn’t with the number of tasks nor is it with your ability to address them. The issue is with space/Space.

The reason that the issue isn’t with the number of tasks you have is because Gifts are not issues and having the opportunity to contribute to this world is a tremendous Gift. The tasks are simply a linear representation of the sheer magnitude of your potential contribution.

Suck it up, Buttercup. You’re amazing and the world wants to see you shine.


Because the world is selfish. It looks out for itself to ensure it continues its own evolution. And when it comes to you, the world Knows you have a lot to do with making it a better place to Be. So yes, it’s going to prompt you to do more, and to Be more, and to See how much more you can Be.


Because the world Knows what’s good for it.

The tasks on your To Do List are simply a linear representation of the sheer magnitude of your potential contribution to the world. Fill your list with mundane tasks and your contribution is mundane. Fill your list with unreasonable feats and your contribution is unreasonable. Be unreasonable.

The reason that the issue isn’t with your ability to address your growing number of tasks is because you are Spirit having a human experience. Now, if you were human having the occasional spiritual experience, you’d be fucked.


Because the human state of mind is not capable of supporting you in your greatness. Your greatness does not come from this world. The human state of mind, on the other hand, is a condition of taking up residence in this world. How do you reconcile the two? You simply Remember.

I Know that that statement angers and frustrated many of you but it’s important to acknowledge that the human aspect of you is the one getting triggered, not Spirit.


Because Spirit does not engage in scarcity and fear of not being enough. That’s your human aspect’s job. And that job ends the moment you alchemize a shift in your State of Being — a shift into more expansive States of Being Spirit in form.

So what is the issue in this scenario of the human aspect of you struggling with tasks coming in faster than you complete them? It’s space/Space.

What do I mean by “space” and why am I writing it a second time as “Space?”

Excellent questions.

The lowercase version of space refers to your physical environment. The uppercase version of Space refers to your inner environment. Most can see the physical environment around them using their physical eyes. They can see their desks and their computers and the walls surrounding them with shelter. You can See the inner environment within you using your subtle sense of Sight. When you Look through the Eyes of Spirit, you are Seeing with your subtle sense of Sight. This is, to a degree, different from using your Third Eye to See clairvoyantly. When I refer to Sight here, I’m not necessarily referring to Seeing auras or entities. It can mean this, but that’s not all that Sight encompasses. Sight is a very broad construct composed of many advanced concepts. For those interested in taking the Practice of Sight through the School of Knowing, click here for details. But for the purpose of today’s discourse, we can consider Sight to be the faculty of Seeing beyond the illusion of the limitations of the finite physical reality. Once you can open yourself to the possibility that the physical reality you navigate every day is not real, you open yourself up to the boundless possibilities of Being in this world.

"Human" is a state of mind.
"Earthling" is the name of the species living on Earth.
"Human" and "Earthling" are not synonymous.

So, how does one solve the issue of space/Space?

Step 1: Shift out of considering it an issue.
This is an opportunity for you to expand by making your reality bigger so that it can hold more space/Space for Your Bigness. This is an opportunity for you to transmute the present state of your reality into another state (one that holds more space/Space). This is an opportunity for accessible alchemy.

Step 2: Identify misaligned aspects of your physical environment.
These aspects can come in the form of items in your home (or office or car or any other place you frequent) that feel tight, full, constrained or constricted. In other words, what is too small in your physical environment?

Is there not enough surface area on your desk? Ok. Can you identify a larger table in your home where you can work (like your dining room table or kitchen counter)? If so, consider relocating your work space for a week to see if it creates more physical work space in a way that works for you.

Is your notebook starting to hold too many distinct topics that don’t always connect or relate to one another? Consider using multiple notebooks to support your exploration of multiple projects and ideas.

Is your Tupperware drawer spilling over with mismatched lids and containers? (Why is this relevant to accomplishing your work tasks? Short answer: because it is a part of your reality and every discordant frequency in your reality contributes to misalignment.) Consider organizing the drawer, tossing orphan lids and cracked items and purchasing whatever feels renewing to replace.

Are the garbage bins, baskets, and cans in your house all empty? If not, go toss the garbage, especially the one next to your desk or in your office. Consider the contents of the garbage representing open loops — items you have finished with but have not yet removed from your physical environment.

These are some simple examples but I guarantee you that if you look in your drawers, open up your purses and bags, and step into your closets, you’ll begin to see a flood of additional opportunities that show you where you can create more space in your physical environment. (And no, this isn’t a secrete guise to justify procrastination in the name of tidiness. It’s a practical way to accelerate the momentum of creation in your life.)

Step 2 leads seamlessly into Step 3 but you’ll want to shift out of seeing with your physical eyes and tapping into your awareness of the subtleties of your non-physical environment to really reap the rewards of it. And Step 3 is rich in reward.

Step 3: Allow for more Space within you.
This can be understood (to a degree) as engaging in the process of allowing. Allowing of what? Allowing of the release of that which is no longer Serving you. That which no longer Serves you may have Served you well in the past, but this is now. Examples of things to consider allowing yourself to release include thoughts you repeatedly think based on self-sabotaging narratives, beliefs around how things must work a certain way (that people must be a certain way, for example), and agreements and promises you’ve made in which you gave away your Power. (An example of a command sequence for an agreement clearing is included in The Dying Pen post.)

Alchemy is about transmutation, not replacement and substitution.

But! Here’s the hitch. Many people will tell you to immediately fill that space/Space (you’ve so beautifully and courageously made) with something else; with something “positive” now that the “negative” is gone. You can adopt this perspective but be aware that this perspective is based on duality.

Any dynamic rooted in duality exists on a spectrum of perceived good and bad. A pendulum swings from one end of the spectrum to the other. You’ll experience both the “highs” and the “lows” of any dynamic based in duality. Know this when choosing how to proceed with deciding what to “do” with the outer physical space and the inner Space you create for yourself.

What if, instead of filling the space/Space with something, you allow it to Be? And what if, in the allowing, you begin to expand into it? What if, in that expansion, you are allowing more of Your Essence as Spirit to emerge into this world? What would life look like, feel like, be like then?

Well, one answer to consider Looks something like this: the more space/Space you allow into your experience, the more opportunity you alchemize into your reality to Be Spirit having a human experience. The more you allow Spirit to Work through the character you play on the stage of life, the more quickly you access the Superhuman Abilities that exist within you. Then, the only question left to answer is what you’re going to wear as the Newest Avenger here to contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Once I publish this post, I’m going to collect all the stickies flaking and chipping off that cluttered piece of cardboard and I’m going to sequence them on the expanded space/Space of a fresh sheet of flip chart paper. The stand sits at arm’s length next to my desk so that I can re-sequence them when re-sequencing is of benefit, and take them down easily as I complete task after task (Remembering all the while that every stickie represents a Sacred opportunity to contribute to the evolution of humanity because that’s my focus). Once I take down a completed stickie, have no doubt that I celebrate as I crumple it up into a tiny ball of satisfaction. And at the end of the working day (and sometimes at midday), I empty my little basket of crumpled satisfaction to create space/Space for even more.

As you come to the final sequence of these words, ask yourself, are you willing to allow more space/Space into your reality? If so, how are you going to make it happen?

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I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.