What is the Soul?


A titan of a concept.

It’s an enormous topic. It’s big enough to saturate endless stacks of tome upon bulging tome. It can infuse the most enthralling of conversations for hours and days and evenings on end. It’s been the focus of philosophical and religious discourse for thousands of documented years (and eons of undocumented ones). And yet, somehow, for some reason, when we examine how the concept of the Soul is conceptualized in today’s society, it tends to only make an appearance in refracted forms.

What do I mean by “refracted?” Well, imagine a glass window pane. Through it, you can see the landscape perfectly. Now image a shattered window pane. Through it, you see fractions of the landscape, disjointed shards of imagery that somehow don’t align. Through the shattered pane, the view of the landscape becomes refracted.

The human state of mind tends to refract everything. Every concept, every idea, every belief system has the potential to be a refraction of an Absolute Truth. Part of the nature of this experience that we call “life” is to expose us to refracted perspectives so that we can examine them. The purpose of examination is to exercise discernment, discernment of the Truth imbued within the refraction. As we exercise discernment (based on Knowingness), we become more and more capable of Seeing through the illusion of the reality so as to elevate it through the Presence of our awareness as Spirit embodied.

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

Discernment becomes challenging when there is a proliferation of refraction surrounding a concept. The concept of the Soul is refracted daily. Here are some examples:

soul mate
heart and soul
soul food
soul searching
soul sex
lost soul
soul asylum
sell your soul
immortal soul
baring your soul

Shall we take a Look at some of the Truths, as well as some of the refractions, that exist within these common phrases? Alrighty…


Soulful Misunderstandings


~ soul mate ~
Totally a thing. Relates to Soul Families, which are clusters of Souls associated with Beings (mostly) in embodiment who Work together to elevate collectively. The lowest common denominator, or the lowest overall frequency held by any one Soul within a Soul Family, holds back all of the members of the Soul Family from collectively evolving. The resonant frequency of a Soul is largely dictated by the following generalized formula: [frequency at point of incarnation] + [frequency change at point of birth (often a negative value)] + [degree to which Being lives in alignment with Life Design parameters]. Consider the Soul Family like a sports team and Soul Mates like the individual players on that team. Parents, siblings, family doctors, neighbourhood butchers, and your mail delivery person are examples of those who generally fall into the category of Soul Mates. The important point to note here is that Soul Mates do not necessarily represent the explosive love affair you’re praying to have in your lifetime.


~ heart and soul ~
The heart and the soul are very closely linked but in order to clear away the refraction in this common phrase, let’s rewrite it to: Heart and Soul. Why the capitalization? When we capitalize words (that may or may not appear at the start of a sentence), it denotes that the word represents subtle energetic concepts. In this case (as well as in “Soul Mate” above), Soul is capitalized because it isn’t something you can access through the five senses. Heart is capitalized to denote that we are not speaking of the physical heart beating in your chest cavity; instead, we are referring to the Spiritual Heart (another titan of a concept). The Spiritual Heart is often referenced in the same breath as the Heart Chakra, however the Heart Chakra is the access point to the Spiritual Heart; they are not one and the same. In fact, both the major Heart Chakra and the minor Upper Fourth Chakra are both important access points to the Spiritual Heart in different ways (the latter of which is the more esoteric of the two). The Spiritual Heart is the connection point to the Soul for the Being in form. If the connection between the Being in form and the Soul is not intact, attempts to access the Soul through the Heart are often made in vain. This disconnection can also significantly contribute to one’s inability to meditate.


~ soul food ~
Also a thing, but not an edible thing. It’s not as though the Soul needs to eat but it does experience nourishment as much as it experiences depletion. We nourish our Souls when we Act, in awareness and with purposeful precision, in alignment with our Reason for Being here. The more you do what you said you would do, and don’t do what you said you wouldn’t do, the more you nourish your Soul. (For those wondering when it was that we made these commitments to do and not to do a whole bunch of stuff, the answer to your question is: during the process of Life Design.) The refraction in the concept of “soul food” originates in the belief that we are our bodies. It even extends into the belief that we are our thoughts and feelings combined. We are none of these. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. The human experience comes packaged with mental and emotional aspects, yes. But they have nothing to do with our Essence at Origin. Our job is to infuse this world with the Essence of us at Origin. That is a feat and one worthy of any lifetime. Focusing on food, the pleasure of eating it and filling vacancies with it, distracts from the focal point of Soul nourishment when we begin to desire food as an external stimulant and supplier of temporary relief.


~soul searching~
Cannot tell you how real a thing this is! It is often an experience people talk about when trying to figure out what they’re supposed to do with their lives. They’re “soul searching” for deeper meaning in their lives, etc. The interesting correlation between searching for deeper meaning and “soul searching” is that the deeper meaning is written out in a document called the Divine Blueprint and the Divine Blueprint is located in the Soul. So technically, people are generally facing a great direction when looking to the Soul to realize deeper meaning in their lives. But, the underlying foundation of the process of “soul searching” is composed of disconnected Souls and shattered Souls. When the Soul is disconnected from the originally Soulful Being, a deeply profound yearning to want to reconnect with the Soul begins to stimulate the Being into action to reconnect with the Soul — hence the Soul searching. When a Soul shatters, it tends to scatter shards of itself across a broad expanse and this phenomenon can tend to stimulate the feeling that a part of you is lost. That feeling of being lost — originating more in a sense of not being whole rather than of grief — can also stimulate the desire for Soul searching.


~soul sex~
I admit that I could be taking for granted that the phrase “soul sex” may not be a common expression most of you use in a given week. It is, however, one I invite you to explore with childlike wonder (either by yourself or with a partner). This one is a fancy one! Historically, Soul sex is one of the potential outcomes of the disciplined study of tantric sexuality. (I say “tantric sexuality” rather than “tantra” because tantra is a very broad discipline with many areas of focus, sex being one of them.) Soul sex is often misconstrued as being astral sex and the two are absolutely not synonymous. Soul sex is the merging of the fully connected Souls of two Soulful Beings with access to that degree of connection (eventually available to Twin Flames who have attained substantial enough resolution; readily accessible to Twin Rays who choose to interact in this way). Astral sex involves two Beings interacting in the astral realms (sometimes a peaceful place, most times not) where their astral bodies connect and interact in such a way as to bring pleasure to one or both parties. Astral sex can be available to Soul Mates and is fairly readily accessible to Twin Flames. Within the integrity of the Twin Ray connection, astral encounters are mundane in comparison to connection at Soul and above. The deep refraction of this concept of spiritual sex originates in the misunderstanding of what sex and sexual energy actually are. That, my friends, is yet another titan of a topic.


~lost soul~
I was going to omit this one because it sort of falls into the category of Soul searching, in that a lost Soul describes the dynamic of a Being who was once connected to their Soul and lost that connection. But the refraction of this term “lost soul” is so damaging that it’s important to highlight it here. When someone calls someone else a “lost soul,” it’s often a way to describe a person who no longer seems like themself. Maybe they have lost the twinkle in their eye, they have less interest in doing the things they used to love doing, and their will to live is dwindling. These types of changes in behaviour and/or personality are extremely significant and very important to pay attention to. They indicate external energetic manipulation that can eventually lead to what refracted understanding labels schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, manic depression, etc. All I can say here is: a lost Soul is always worth saving, whether in life or in the afterlife.


~soul asylum~
For those who are not familiar, Soul Asylum is the name of an American rock band from the 1980s and 1990s. Perhaps an unrecognized Service this band performed is in pairing the two words “soul” and “asylum” and bringing them to the awareness of a subset of the collective. Although not generally termed an “asylum,” there are certainly mechanisms in place in the Unseen that Serve as shelters or places of refuge for Souls. An example of this type of asylum comes in the form of a Being called a Guardian of Souls. Guardians of Souls are generally tasked with intercepting a Soul on the verge of being confiscated or destroyed due to a major catalytic event that would cause so much trauma to the Soul so as to destroy it. These Guardians either hold the Soul within their field until it is ready to be returned to the Being in original possession of it, and/or return it directly to Source. These Guardians are one of many examples of Divine Intervention in the Unseen, protecting and preserving our Rights as Sovereign Beings as we journey toward Seeing more of the Bigger Picture.


~sell your soul~
This one is so real a concept that Hollywood has even made movies about it! The key here is in not villainizing the purchaser, nor in judging the seller. Instead, it is in realizing that there is tremendous value in the Soul. Rather than going down the route of duality, where refraction runs rampant and the mind frolics in delusion, consider taking a step back and Looking at more of the Bigger (less refracted) Picture. If there have been so many stories written about the devil conniving his and her way into the purchasing of Souls, perhaps we best ask ourselves why. The soft disclosure we are so often exposed to through the movie and the television show industries can be very helpful to lift the veil of forgetting. The Soul is a very High-value item. There are most certainly many collectives of Beings wanting to claim ownership of Souls (particularly the connected ones). Why? Because a connected Soul is an access point to “free energy” from Source. Those who do not have access to Source need some way to survive, don’t they?


~immortal soul~
Yes and no. A very special characteristic of the Soul is that it is life-specific. For those of you who don’t like the idea of multiple lives or past live, you’ll probably be closing this tab right about now. For those who choose to continue reading, know that as a general guideline, we get one Soul per life. If we get caught in a loop of forced reincarnation, then there is a chance we reunite with the Soul we had right before we got recycled. But for the most part, let’s say that it’s a one-to-one ratio. The immortal aspect of it is two fold: it is not technically a physical living thing so the concept of mortality and immortality kind of don’t apply in the same way. The second aspect to consider (generally speaking) is that although the Soul’s journey ends upon life completion, its imprint in your Akashic records is eternal. Having said that, it’s very important to do Soul maintenance and repair on a regular basis to avoid navigating through life with obstructions, tears, and/or pieces missing from it. For information on the process of maintaining and repairing the Soul and its connection to Source, click here.


~baring your soul~
 This is one of my favourites! Baring one’s Soul! Spreading your wings and flying! (Nope. I’m not joking and I’m absolutely not making fun of you.) Baring your Soul has everything to do with transparency. First, you Remember why you’re here. Then, you choose. Do you walk through life the way you used to before you Remembered, or do you stand fully in your Power as Spirit in form and contribute to the world in the way that only you Know how to do? If you choose to walk the path of alignment, I won’t lie to you, it may feel a little uncomfy at first. We’re used to hiding our Super Human Abilities. We hide them from ourselves for most of our lives. Then, one day, someone from High above taps you on the shoulder and asks you if you’re ready to show the world the real You. Do you choose what the human will interpret as vulnerability and exposure, or do you continue to hide? Before you make your choice, Know that baring your Soul has nothing to do with romance and drama. It is the most courageous act of selflessness that a person can choose. Why does it feel so daunting? Because we’re just not that used to how Big we really are. Do it anyway. The world needs you; it was designed for your participation.

Through the shattered pane, the view of the landscape becomes refracted.

So why the refraction?

Is it because the Soul is so big of a topic? Perhaps. Is it because it’s so elusive a topic? Likely. After all, most can’t touch the Soul. Most don’t understand what it does, what it’s for, how it Works, and why we have one in the first place. Most don’t even realize that not everyone has a Soul. Fewer still Know the dynamics of losing one’s Soul, incurring damage to it, and even dealing with the repercussions of shattering it across lifetimes. And perhaps only a handful of you realize that the Soul is an architectural structure that is Created at a very specific stage of Life Design. All that to say that the Soul is unequivocally and most certainly worthy of study.

It’s important for you and I to establish a shared understanding of what the Soul is in order to explore its magnitude together. Let’s do so by examining its definition.




soʊl / noun


: a vehicle designed to transport Essential Matters of Spirit (subtle aspects of the Being) to a Space in relative proximity to the relevant experiential plane (aspects may include but are not restricted to: the Essence of Spirit, Attributes, Divine Blueprint)

: a vessel designed to contain the etheric fluid encompassing the Matters of Spirit; the urn that holds the Essence of Life for a Being in form; the Light Ship of Spirit embodied

: a receptacle designed to function as an “electrical fitting” connecting Being in physical form to Source; a connected mediator between Spirit and Being in physical form; a Space equipped to store Essential Matters of Spirit and to receive and exchange pure Source energy

: the composition of vehicle, vessel, and receptacle form the definition of the Vessicle — an etheric construct connected to Source as well as to dense planes of existence, accessible in the subtle realms

: a life-specific Vessicle precisely calibrated to Serve the unique aspects of the Soulful Being in form



Self realization is the process of Remembering the contents of one’s Soul. Self Actualization is the process of anchoring the contents of one’s Soul into form. The function of the Soul is to Be the actuating cause of an individual life; causing motion or action or change in alignment with one’s Life Design. Living a Soulful life activates motion in alignment with one’s Reason for Being in the life. Allowing yourself to communicate with your Soul gives you the possibility to live purposefully. Communing with the Soul enables you to infuse every aspect of your life with the deepest and most meaningful Essence of why you are here. As a byproduct of living Soulfully, you open the floodgates for other Soulful Beings to cross your path, some of whom share connections with you that are so transcendent and completely out of this world that connecting with them will make your Heart soar to Heights completely inconceivable to the mind.

Soul - Self Realization and Actualization

The origin of the term “soul” associates it with coming from or belonging to the sea. Here, there is no refraction. We originate from the infinite Sea of Consciousness; the limitless, formless expanse of All that Is. The Soul originates from that Sea. In 971, “soul” was coined as the spirit of a deceased person. This is pure refraction. Spirit and Soul are two very different things, but the topic of Spirit is the Titan of all titan topics and one that begins a new conversation.

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