Thank You

Thanks. I mean, thank you.

Words are peculiar things. They are, in essence, energetic containers. They hold meaning. They hold as much meaning as we are willing to See. For example, what’s the difference between the containers, “Thank you” and “Thanks”? Given the way society uses these phrases interchangeably, they presumably mean the same thing (they contain the same meaning). But if you take another Look, you may find fallacy in this common assumption.

“Thank you” is a shortened form of the sentence “I thank you.” To thank means to express gratitude or to show appreciation. When you say “Thank you,” you are expressing the intention to take ownership (“I”) in the act of giving gratitude to another. Your intention may be to simply follow accepted social constructs, to be polite or politically correct in your actions. But is the intention behind your intention to take ownership of giving gratitude to another? Do you even know? Have you ever Looked at the intentions behind your intentions?

Saying “Thanks” isn’t quite the same as saying “Thank you.” But why? The containers basically look the same. What’s the difference? What’s the harm in choosing to be more succinct in a world saturated with noise and disorder?

Well, from one perspective, there is quite a lot of harm in choosing to cut this particular corner. The container of “I” is significant. It is meaningful. It is the basis for the intention behind the intention of someone coming from heart-centred communication. Throwing around “Thanks” can feel like a slap in the face to the recipient of your corner cutting. Some would say it’s better not to say anything at all if the alternative is a hollow effort at pleasing the social construct of exchange (at best) and cloaking harm in fancy wrapping paper (in the worst case scenario).

Here’s what I mean by that: If your sentiment of “Thanks” is founded in resentment, misery, anger, disappointment of expectations unmet, or any combination of mind-based confusion, you are weaponizing a container meant to do good. Instead of openly saying, “I don’t accept what you’re giving me.” you are creating a vehicle of harm cloaked in etiquette. Most people will walk away from that type of exchange with a subtle hint of confusion or a mildly bitter taste in their mouths but they won’t Observe it for long enough to See the exchange for what it was: a concealed attack.

Why am I bringing this up on the day after Boxing Day after all the gifts have been exchanged, some have been returned, and others sit on piles in corners of messy rooms? Because Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or any other holiday emphasizing the act of giving, isn’t just a human construct meant to entangle us tighter in the weave of the matrix. These occasions are designed as trigger points intended to help humanity awaken to a grander sense of Oneness.

Oneness is unity and unity is the elimination of dichotomy. It is the act of living in a reality in which our intentions are harmonized with the intentions behind our intentions. It is where we live in alignment with Spirit, operating out of a Higher integrity of ownership. This ownership is not only of one’s actions but also of the power that comes with living in a world of free will where We Are sovereign Beings contributing to a Greater Good.

It’s not about saying “Thanks.” It’s not even about being grateful. It’s about Being gratitude.

About Katherine Pisana

I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.