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It’s funny how we can leave ourselves these big shiny clues in life, these big road signs pointing us in the perfect direction, and yet we walk by them, leaving them unnoticed, unappreciated, unSeen. I stubbed my toe on a clue this morning. Let me share it with you.

Ten years ago, on the cusp of my thirtieth birthday, I wrote a message to myself and to the world. Ten years later, I got the message. Ten years later, I realize I’ve been living the truth of that message all along. I’d like to share the message with you today.

My intention for sharing this message with you is multifold. This message is evidence that the Divine Blueprint containing One’s life design is real. It is evidence that the Divine Blueprint is always active, always playing out in the background. The experiences we have in life are all purposeful; they’re all for a Reason. That Reason guides us to Remember why we are here. This message reminds me of who I Am, of why I Am here, and of the nature of the Work I do. It is an example of how We already Know, even if we have yet to remember.

Another fascinating reason for sharing this message with you today is because of what is contained in its corresponding audio version. You see, as it turns out, I recorded myself reading this message aloud ten years ago. In the recording, which I also share with you in today’s post, there is quite a significant amount of background “noise.” I’ve purposely left the background noise in the recording. Is it interference or is it encoded Messaging available for those who are able to access beyond the veil? That, I leave up to you.

As you read through the pages of this site, realize that you are not your body. You are not a child. You are not a parent. You are not defined by your job title nor the role that you play in society. You are not limited by your beliefs unless you choose to be limited. You are far more than what you see in the mirror. You have an essence and that essence is Spirit. Your form is limitless. You are infinite and never-ending. You are a commanding entity playing many parts in life.

You are cautioned not to identify with your roles and your self-defined responsibilities because this will only take you further away from the Truth. The Truth is that you are not of this world. The moment you identify yourself with possessions or characters or skill sets or degrees, you fall asleep, eyes closed, the connection cut off from the awareness of You.

We all come from the same place. Our Home is infinite. It is Stillness. It is secure and whole and complete. Our lives here, in this physical embodiment, reflect our state of consciousness as it aligns with the Work we have come here to fulfill. Is it possible that we are what we eat, we are what we think, and we are what we say and do and see? It is possible as long as we remain in the darkness of a reality in which we believe that we are our bodies and our minds and our experiences. We are none of these things.

Your Soul is your connection to Spirit, Spirit Your connection to Source. Duality is not an inevitable conclusion. But if duality doesn’t have to be part of the experience, what does that mean for emotions? What does that mean about feeling passion and joy? What does that say about how important a role pain plays in teaching us life lessons?

All great questions. All questions you can spend lives asking yourself. But if, one day, you choose to end the loops and the patterns keeping you stuck, ask yourself only this: Are you ready to wake up to the illusion?

There are already many who have started waking up. When the ego tells you that you have reached a pinnacle of awareness, realize that you have just fallen asleep again. We are the pilots of planes flying at heights unimaginable to the limited mind, at times soaring through ferocious storms. Our objective is to remain stable and steady. The moment we begin to tip to one side or dive toward the ground, we interrupt our focus and create instability and disturbance all around us as we hit other planes and interfere with their courses.

Those that have begun to wake up share a common experience. A natural element in the process of awakening is to want to awaken others and to share in the joy of clarity. The way these pioneers attempt to awaken others is by trying to rationalize that we all have the power to wake up. Perhaps. But when we are sleeping, are we aware that we are sleeping? Are we aware that there is even another way of being until we wake up?

Attempting to have a conversation with a two-dimensional Sleeping Beauty while you are awake in a multi-dimensional world is fruitless. She will not hear you until she chooses to wake up by herself, for herself and in spite of herself. When the time is right, the alarm clock will go off, and she will begin to open her eyes. If you want to help her wake up, focus on awakening to further depths of your Self.

This website and the Work it introduces is about waking up. The purpose of this site is not to rationalize with Sleeping Beauty that it is her time to wake up so that she can experience all of the wonderful things that will happen when she is awake. This site is for those with their eyes already open. Your eyes may not be open all the time, and that stability of clarity may not be constant but you can Trust that if you have come across these pages, you have already lifted your head from the pillow and stepped into Your essence. Good morning Sleeping Beauty. It’s time to start your day.

Katherine Pisana

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I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.