Seeing beyond the fear

So many people speak of abundance, of wanting abundance, of feeling like there’s something wrong with them for not having abundance or for not embodying more abundance. Abundance is commonly understood as being a really good thing — the goal to achieve, to strive for, to reach.

“I want more abundance in my life.”

“I allow more abundance into my life.”

“I release anything and everything in my reality, both seen and unseen, that is preventing me from being abundant.”

Sound familiar?

I thought it might.

So…you’re saying the prayers. You’re repeating the invocations that you think are the missing links between you and that pot of gold. You’re observing the sh#t out of your reality and your intention is fully focused on attracting abundance. You’re doing everything right and yet abundance isn’t flowing.

What could you possibly be doing wrong? Is it you? Is it them? How can you tell if it’s self-sabotage or external forces working against you? Is there a way of identifying the counter intentions playing a significant role in limiting your experience? Are there evil forces external to you that are keeping you from your birthright to living in abundance?

All valid questions. All questions I’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times in many lives. There’s a reason for these questions. These questions point to truths untold in the current global narrative. One day, these truths will be commonly accepted principles of awareness but today, in this world, they still fall into the esoteric bucket of wisdom most often cloaked in ignorance and invisible to the human eye.

So let’s break things down. What does “abundance” mean? Mr. Dictionary says it means more than adequate quantity or supply. Its origin points to the concepts of fullness and overflow. That makes sense. Nothing mysterious there. But what if I asked you the following question: Abundance is more than an adequate quantity or supply of what? Abundance is a fullness of what? It is the overflowing of what?

We often assume that our intentions are implied in the prayers we speak and in the requests we make but if we don’t Look closely at our intentions (and the intentions behind our intentions), we put ourselves at a considerable disadvantage. We may even be perfectly positioning ourselves to get exactly what we really, really, oh so truly don’t want. But here’s the thing: we may not be clear on our intentions but the Universe sure is! And it has no qualms about giving us what we ask.

So why is the Universe so generous? Why does It give us exactly what we ask of It? Because of a magical card called free will. Each time we play the free will card, we excise a tremendous power. We are Beings of free will on this planet. That’s HUGE! But until each of us realizes how to play the free will card to the benefit of All, we’re basically shooting ourselves in the foot half the time (and that’s being generous).

So, for example, when you pray for more abundance, in what are you asking to be more abundant? If you are coming from a space of fear of not having enough, then your prayers are prayers to be more abundant in scarcity. And guess what? Ask and ye shall receive.

If you’ve ever worked with us or heard us speak, you will have likely heard us say that the Universe is in a constant State of expansion. Pain, an unnatural State of Our infinite Being, is a result of contraction. When we are in opposition to the natural State of Universal expansion, we hurt. That’s why scarcity feels so bad and that’s why everyone wants more abundance. But be specific. Do you want abundance of prosperity? Of hope? Of wealth, health, and happiness? Take a Look before you decide. Many of these asks come with strings attached, for many are deeply rooted in the human experience.

But clarity of intention is but part of this story. The next character to take a Look at is the one called separation. What is separation? It comes from the origins of dense experiential realities based on duality. In realities of duality, there is a black and a white, a good and a bad, a right and a wrong. The key is to See beyond the illusion of the limited reality of a physical world and recognize that in this ever-expanding Universe, in which we play finite roles as infinite Beings, there is no separation. There is no distance between you and want you already have. The mechanism that prevents the birthing of a physical reality in which you “have” what You Are is the mind. The mind keeps us rooted in the illusion. Without the mind, there is freedom. Free yourself of the mental narrative and the illusion of this world will appear. Once it appears, you’ll know exactly where to step not to fall.

Reflecting on the illusion of this world brings us to a very important point on external forces working against us. It is one thing to come to a personal realization that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience instead of humans occasionally having a spiritual experience. It is quite another to begin to See the drama and the conflict that takes place behind the scenes of this and every other stage ever woven into existence for the benefit of the few. Magic is real and not all of it is pretty. This is where taking command of the power of words becomes very important. Andrew Bartzis often speaks of the crucial role spoken word plays in unplugging from this matrix reality. He has published many revocations and invocations to support humanity’s path to freedom. One of these powerful revocations is entitled Revocation of Banking Systems. Read it. Read it aloud. Record yourself reading it and then listen to yourself speaking it. Each time you pay with cash or experience digital debt, read it and listen to it again. Cast your own spell of release. No one will do it for you.

Understanding all the moving parts that contribute to a mass consciousness based in fear of not having enough is important. It is essential. Without Seeing the bigger picture, we’re like mice running on a wheel we call injustice. The only way to step off the wheel and claim your sovereign rights is to open your eyes to the truth of this reality and exercise conscious choice as you examine your intentions and then Look at the intentions behind your intentions. Want to keep playing the puppet on the stage ruled by a puppet master you don’t know exists? If not, Look up. See the strings. Cut them. Walk away from the drama.

About Katherine Pisana

I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.