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The Blog Cast

It’s on this early Wednesday morning that we come to you with an exciting announcement. Unplanned and unexpected, today is the day that the Conversations with Spirit blog makes its debut! We knew we would be sharing with you in this way but we anticipated the podcast would be published before the blog came out. Given the Work of the past few months, it seems we’ve hit our saturation point and it’s crucial we now share. Let me explain.

Moving into greater and more expansive States of awareness, it’s natural to begin to get flooded with Insights and Divine Intelligence from the Unseen. As we become more aware of what We Know, the energetic vessel or container that is Our Being fills up. It fills so much that it can sometimes feel like we’re being stretched into the Unknown simply by Being. But Being is to go hand-in-hand with Action if we are to navigate the physical experience with ease.

It is when the influx of Knowing reaches the point of saturation that we get strongly encouraged by the Powers that Be to consider what we want to do with all of that potential. In order to ease the pressure the influx creates, we have to start sharing with more of those around us. This is true for me, it’s true for Susan, and it’s true for anyone else who is here for more than their own individual evolution. I, personally, have reached that point of saturation and it’s now very important for me to broaden my reach in order to share with more of you so that the continuation of the expansion of my realities continues to take place organically and with ease.

What does that mean for this growing community? It means that you will now have more access to what happens behind the scenes of the Work Susan and I do. There is a very important Reason for Our choosing to stand in greater transparency before You. The more we actively collaborate as a Ground Team Collective, the more Consciously We Create together in the physical.

Remember: this is not a journey for the mind. As you read and while you listen, give the mind a much deserved break and enter the world of Spirit with Us. We are honoured to share this journey with You.

Above is the accompanying recording to this first blog post. It explains more of what’s ahead. You can also stay connected with us on Soundcloud where we’re hosting our “blog-cast.”


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I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.