Celestial Consciousness?

The concept of a Celestial Consciousness can be divided into two:





Before going any further, note that the words that represent metaphysical concepts without direct physical expression are capitalized throughout.


Let’s take the root of this concept first: Consciousness. (The Celestial part is a category of Consciousness, so once you’re clear on what Consciousness means, adding a category to the concept is easy.)

Consciousness represents an energetic fingerprint — unique and distinguishable. It is a unique and distinguishable representation of Spirit.

What is Spirit?


Spirit is You, at the Origin of Your Creation.

It is where you begin and it is where you go to return Home.

(The capitalized pronoun “You” is associated with Spirit. The lowercase version of the pronoun “you” denotes the character you play on the stage of life. That’s good to know as you continue reading.)

So, Spirit represents the Origin of an individual. The thing is, Spirit is formless. So, when Spirit decides to experience physicality, it goes through a process called Life Design. During Life Design, You/you establish the parameters of your life.

As You/you progress through this process of Designing your life, You/you Work with a Team of Specialists to compose all of the agreements you enter into once you deploy into your life. These agreements contribute to the Divine Blueprint of your life. Note that it is not the Blueprint that lives your life, and it’s not Spirit that lives your life either. It’s your Consciousness that gets to live out the life. It’s for the Consciousness that the life is Designed.

The character you play on the stage of life is involved in Designing your life (it’s the lowercase version of “you” that takes part in the Life Design). Spirit is also involved in Designing your life (it’s the uppercase version of “You” that also takes part in the Life Design).

So which one is the Consciousness: You or you?


Spirit (You) is a representation of Pure Consciousness.

Why didn’t that say, “Spirit is Pure Consciousness”? Because Spirit is defined as the whole, complete, and unique expression of G-D. Every expression of Spirit is as individualized as a snowflake, exquisite in its singularity. There are as many expressions of Pure Consciousness as there are versions of Spirit ever Created.

Consciousness — at the level of Spirit — is the expression of the formless matter from which You (as Spirit) are Created, the sea within which You unify as One; It Is the all-encompassing, infinite, and ever-expanding Origin of All.

The Consciousness that deploys into your life (you) is the unique expression of You, as Spirit, living out that life.

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Meet Gaia.

To appreciate the nature of life on Earth requires an appreciation for what “Earth” means.

Earth is a name.

It is the name of a planet.

This, they tell you in school.

What they don’t tell you is that there are many versions of Earth.

There are many versions of Earth because there are many expressions of Gaia.

Gaia is the Consciousness that breathes life into Earth, in all her many expressions.

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