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April 27, 2023 today

Note to the reader:

The 21-minute audio recording accompanying this reading is a sample of a live New Earth Meditation. It is being shared in order to begin a more public conversation around the topics upon which we focus during these meditations, as well as to Serve as a Guide for those who would like to practice a New Earth meditation privately or in small groups outside of the monthly gatherings we hold. To assist in explaining some of the concepts mentioned in this recording, the following is provided.

More details on the New Earth meditations are available here.

New Earth.

Sounds shiny, doesn’t it?

Freshly baked.

No scuff marks.

A blank canvas of possibility.

Rainbow unicorns and calorie-free cotton candy and the like.

And yet, there’s a whole lot embedded within the term “New” that is worth reflecting upon (especially if you’re part of its formation).

“New” is a relative term. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s say you bought yourself a pair of silver boots this week. They are new relative to the cognac boots comfortably tucked away in your closet; the ones you have been taking out for walks a handful of times every year for the past few years to wear on special occasions. The silver boots are new compared to the cognac boots. The silver boots are not new, however, compared to the navy suede boots you have three years from now (hint, hint, Santa). Same is true for the relative nature of New Earth.

When I speak about New Earth, I’m referring to Earth 5. (I’m not sure which textbook I’m supposed to reference here, or what point in documented history I should bring up to help the mind make sense of that reference. Nonetheless, I do appreciate that visuals can sometimes help explain my words, so perhaps I show you some pictures next!)

Earth 5 is the fifth evolutionary expression of Gaia.

In order to appreciate what that sentence means, let’s start with a picture of Gaia.

Gaia is a Celestial consciousness.

Myth has confused mankind’s understanding of Gaia. Sophia is often referred to as the “feminine Soul” of Earth, while Gaia is conceived of as the mythical name of Mother Nature. Yes, the Celestial Being of Gaia is expressed through Earth as a feminine signature. However, a Soul has no sex; it is not female nor male. And Gaia encompasses far more than the nature elementals. Gaia is a consciousness. A Celestial consciousness, to be more precise.

Human eyeballs, and the machinery attached to them, don’t see consciousness. Humans do experience consciousness, though. That happens all of the time. For example, if you close your eyes and focus on Auntie Harriet, you’re tapping into the consciousness that is expressed through Auntie Harriet. In other words, when you focus on Auntie Harriet, your consciousness is becoming aware of Auntie Harriet’s consciousness in that moment. (If Auntie Harriet were in the room right now and you leaned in for a snuggly hug, you would be hugging the physical expression of the consciousness that you call Auntie Harriet.)

Some more examples: 

Example: When you focus on your first grade teacher, you’re tapping into the consciousness that is/was expressed through your first grade teacher. Way back, when you held her hand in the playground, you were holding on to the physical expression of the consciousness you called Mrs. Powers.

Example: When you take off your shoes and your socks and you walk barefoot on the surface of the planet, you are experiencing Earth. When you meditate on the consciousness of the planet, you are placing your focused attention onto the Celestial Being named Gaia.

Gaia and Earth, consciousness and form

Gaia is a sentient Being. As a sentient Being, She is on a unique evolutionary journey. You and Gaia are not all that different. You both started off at the Origin of All Creation. As Spirit, you both reside in the infinite Sea of Consciousness. Where your journeys began to differ is at a very special decision point at which Gaia chose to take the path of Celestial Being and you chose another varied and multifaceted path that has brought you here as one of Her temporary inhabitants.

The consciousness of Gaia is infused into Her physical expression of Earth. Her consciousness infuses into all of Her expressions in order to have the experiences associated with all the stages of Her journey.

Gaia's evolutionary trajectory

Just like you, Gaia is on an evolutionary journey. Generally speaking, when you progress on your evolutionary journey, you embody on various planets so that you can have experiences. These experiences inform your perspective. The more your perspective broadens and deepens, the more complex and intricately woven your experiences become. The bigger picture becomes all the more expansive as you expand into Your Bigness. People often call this process ascension, however ascension is more a mechanism of rising above certain dynamics, while evolution is more the process of integrating dynamics into a greater degree of harmonic cohesion.

Ascension is a mechanism of rising above certain dynamics, while evolution is more the process of integrating dynamics into a greater degree of harmonic cohesion.

Just as you embody in the form of the species you take on (e.g., Earthling on Earth, Martian on Mars, etc.), Gaia also embodies in different versions (or physical expressions) of Earth (e.g., Earth 1, Earth 2, etc.). While you can embody into form many times over the course of thousands of years, Gaia embodies into a new form approximately every 26,000 years. On April 27, 2023, Gaia celebrates the first fully formed day of her fifth evolutionary expression (Earth 5).

If you were to take a linear Look at Gaia’s evolutionary trajectory, you would See Earth 1, Earth 2, Earth 3, and Earth 4 in full form. You would See the complete wireframe of Earth 5 constructed in the quantum and ready for physical formation by Her inhabitants. The versions of Earth 6 onward are constructed in the quantum to varying degrees. Their respective signatures, although fluctuating, are also established. The encoding of their complete wireframe structures and the signatures they emanate are, to a degree, dependant upon the decisions made by all parties involved in contributing to Her evolution (and let me tell you, there are a lot of parties involved).

In the audio that accompanies this reading, we discuss seeds of possibility. This concept points to a fundamental bifurcation of realities that we are all experiencing in this lifetime. It is very important to appreciate that these seeds of possibility do not refer to a process of going back into the past to infuse it with the possibility of a greater future. These seeds are to be planted into the potentiality of Newer versions of Earth by Beings here now, from the future, to stimulate the present into focused Action in awareness of a much bigger and more complex picture than is available for the masses to see. (As you process what you’ve just read, appreciate that all the words in this sample recording are encoded to depths inconceivable by the mind. To reap the greatest benefit from the studying of this post, allow the mind to rest as you process through your Spiritual Heart centre.)

We were all born on the physical plane of Earth 4. As we all make choices as to whether to stay in an Earth 4 reality or to move into the formation of the physicalization of Earth 5, perceived separation is an organic byproduct. On the energetic level, this is a clean process. It is only when the mind and the emotions and the scarring of layers of lack of resolution from lives and experiences past are given credence, that this process becomes messy and challenging and hard and devastating and all the other permutations on this spectrum of turmoil.

The separation of realties is presenting complexities that most have yet to appreciate. These complexities relate to a dynamic called interplanetary relationships. Every version of Earth operates on a specific set of Planetary Laws; parameters of physics and metaphysics joined together to provide structure to the order of life as expressed on every version of Earth. The Planetary Laws of Earth 4 are fundamentally different from those of Earth 5, and yet the physical realities of both of these worlds may appear quite identical to the human eye. This is one of the main reasons for the strife so many are experiencing right now, for when Planetary Laws are violated, the human drama amplifies to highlight the misalignments that ensue. Biological families are experiencing pressure points that can culminate in separation, while Soul families, cosmic Ground Teams, and Sacred configurations of Beings reunite to perform Divine Intervention as the illusion of the human drama amplifies to its shattering point.

The end of an evolutionary cycle marks the starting point for the next cycle. Where there is an end, there is a beginning.

Some have chosen to live out the rest of their lives in an Earth 4 reality. A small group has chosen to make the shift to living in an Earth 5 reality. An even smaller subgroup of those in an Earth 5 reality are tasked with bringing it into form so that the rest in Earth 5 can begin experiencing it. This reading, and predominantly all of the content I present, is designed to speak to those who are here to Create the New. In other words, I speak to those in the subgroup who are here in this life to bring Earth 5 into form.

Some have chosen to live out the rest of their current lives in an Earth 4 reality. A small group has chosen to make the shift to living in an Earth 5 reality. An even smaller subgroup of those in an Earth 5 reality are tasked with bringing it into form so that the rest in Earth 5 can begin experiencing it.

The New Earth Meditations support those who are here to bring the New into form. Many who attend are driving from surrounding cities to make it to these gatherings. These meditations anchor the first fully formed day of Earth 5 into the now moment every time we gather for these meditations. We do this in order to make the process leading up to April 27, 2023 easier, more fluid, less affected by energetic forces that represent something other than the New in form.

The first fully formed day of Earth 5 is the first day during which every moment is an expression of Earth 5 for those who are to hold Space for the experience of Earth 5. The more you place your focused attention on April 27, 2023, the more moments you have throughout your day that resonated at the signature of Earth 5. This practice also strengthens your Spiritual Muscle of Discernment, so it also gets easier to notice when you are in an Earth 4 reality and when you are in an Earth 5 reality.

Why would it be helpful to tell which reality you’re in?

Oh, what a loaded question!

Let’s say that there is much more confusion in Earth 4 than there is in Earth 5, and if your objective is to Create the Earth 5 reality, it’s not helpful to be swimming in confusion.

The final dates of the upcoming New Earth meditations are now up on the site. The final public meditation will be held on April 27, 2023. You are most welcome to join us.

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