Susan Phillips

Susan Phillips
Healing, Quantum Architecture, Soul Design
Co-Founding of Conversations with Spirit

Susan Phillips has studied at the University of Cape Town and at the University of Natal. She is a recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, has a certificate in Bereavement Education from the University of Toronto, and has trained with many masters. Like you, she has been on a journey seeking answers to important questions.

For many years, she hid her Gifts, not knowing how to share them in this lifetime. She is now moving from translating her experience through the hermit’s eyes and into Being fully accessible as Spirit in human embodiment.

One of the Gifts she shares with the world relates to a very important place on your body that acts like a turn key, a doorway to Higher aspects of your Self. When you place your hand midway between the heart and the throat, where the thymus gland is located, you are placing your hand on the Upper Fourth. Spirit guides the hand to the Upper heart. We often intuitively tap this place on the chest when we speak about things that are important to us. We are physically showing others the significance of what we’re saying in that moment.

It is significant because it comes from Spirit. In these moments, we are reminding ourselves that we are more than a physical being. Susan Serves as a prompt to Remember the portal of the Upper Fourth, for it is your personal Divine access point to the Unseen world.

It is through Working with this access point that Susan has been able to engage with the Unseen world, often referred to as the quantum field. In her Sacred process, she guides you to identify the physical point on your body where the Upper Fourth lies. She then holds space for you to activate the Upper Fourth on the physical body while practicing how to enter into it and out of it at any given moment in the day. She helps you identify how it feels to be conscious of this heart Space, and to discern how different it feels to be out of it. As you practice engaging with this portal, you gain access to the Unseen world and awaken to more of You as you recognize that You are also a part of the Unseen. It is your access point to Remembering that we are Spirit having a human experience.

Susan initiated Conversations with Spirit as a vehicle to share the deeper recesses of our Being. So when Katherine and Susan Remembered their shared Sacred Contract, it was apparent that they Work together to help others Remember theirs. It is through intensivesmentorships, and Sacred Contract retrievals that Susan and Katherine guide you to release what is not Serving you so that you can move from living in the past to being able to be present in the deep moment of now. By healing the past, you are able to access the signature energy pattern of the Origin of You, thus accessing a deep Remembering of You and your Gifts.

Susan is able to See, move, and transmute energy that is blocked in the human energy field using the laws of expansion and contraction. She is a multidimensional healer.  She has been holding a healing space group monthly for the past twelve years. During the healing space, she invites other healers to work together in community to send healing to people, parts of the world, and beyond. She encourages those who Work with her within the context of healing to Remember that the breath is a channel to Source. With each inhalation, you can take in the healing Light that permeates the cells of the body. With each exhalation, you have the opportunity to release. In the expansion, your organism is one cell in the whole. In the expansion, you access the experience of Oneness.

Yes, she is a healer. Yes, she Works in the quantum. And yes, she is a Spiritual Being having a human experience.  But, like you, she has been on a long journey seeking answers. In the seeking, she has come to realize that the only place to Look is within. Her Abilities to See patterns that keep people stuck and to guide them into removing these patterns, helps lift the veil of forgetting and thus welcomes in Higher States of Being. In a single sentence, the Reason she is here is to Assist people in Remembering that they are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. It is in this profound Truth that we access the path Home.

Contacting Susan
For those interested in intensives, distance healing, or to learn more about the Sacred Contract retrieval process, please contact Susan directly through this site.

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