The Remembering
The Remembering
What is a Sacred Contract?


What's the process like?



You Know that it is most beneficial for you to Work with the Beings of Highest calibre, who have the most energetic concentration evident in their Sacred Contracts in order for the potency of those commitments to be Acted out…

When do I schedule an actualizer?

Book an actualizer when you benefit from support in taking purposeful and precise Action as you progress on the journey of fulfilling your Sacred Contract. If the clarity of your vision starts to become detailed enough that you feel a bottleneck forming, schedule an actualizer to keep momentum flowing. If you feel yourself getting stuck, book an actualizer to resolve the unresolved so that you don’t expose yourself to the risk of stagnation.

For example, say you’ve completed your Sacred Contract retrieval process and you come to realize that you have:

  • a New business to form with inspired New branding
  • a New website to create
  • a social media campaign strategy to formulate and implement
  • three workshops to put out as soon as possible (so that you can start generating revenue in exchange for your willingness to Serve and so that more of those you are here to Serve can find you),
  • to price your workshops so as to ensure a healthy mechanism of exchange, and
  • two books to write (all while working your current full-time job for now and managing your household).

Say you also come to realize that the friends in your life aren’t on the same page as you are anymore. You want to figure out how to navigate the gentle untethering of certain connections, while you begin to explore New communities where you can form deeply meaningful connections with others of like kind. Maybe joining New communities with some of your current friends could also help you establish stronger foundations with your dearest connections.

At first, these realizations will feel like distant (and manageable) inspiration. Sometimes you’ll wake up in the morning and the first thing that pops into your awareness is that you’re going to have your own company and finally be able to work for yourself. But as you move through the process of energetically recalibrating to a higher vibration, you start to access more specific details of how to form your vision into your New reality.

At this progressive stage, you may wake up with a vision of what your homepage looks like, the colours to brand your company, the image of your New logo, and the names of three people to contact (out of the blue) so that you can share with them the details of your upcoming workshops (that you haven’t started creating yet). It also begins to dawn on you that if you actually move forward with all of these plans, you’re going to openly be talking to people about aspects of yourself that you’ve kept hidden your whole life.

If you’re the type of person who finds it challenging to take Action, this is when overwhelm begins to flood you. If, on the other hand, you open-heartedly welcome the inspiration but you haven’t quite gotten used to navigating at constantly accelerating speeds as you simultaneously expand into greater and more all-encompassing aspects of You, this is when an energetic bottleneck can begin to form. Or, a little bit of both; depending on your personality.

Whether it’s overwhelm or a bottleneck, their cause is the same: resistance. Subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) levels of resistance within you stimulate you into a State of contraction. But remember that once you retrieve the details of your Sacred Contract, you enter into accelerated flow. And once you enter into accelerated flow, the name of the New game is effortless expansion. The moment you get triggered to contract, you begin a battle within yourself against your natural State of expansion. This battle often manifests as frustration, discouragement, resentment, and lots of doubt in your ability to accomplish what you’ve come here to accomplish. At this point, Spirit steps aside as the ego takes the driver’s seat. When the ego is driving, you take an offramp and exit the Highway of Alignment.

Knowing when to request support and guidance as you enter into actualizing your Sacred Work is a reflection of your strength and your courage. Trust that you Know when an actualizer is of Service to you as you move through the stages of fulfilling your Sacred Contract.

What takes place during an actualizer session?

Well, lots of stickies are involved and you may walk away with numerous sheets of flip chart paper to add to your office walls. And, most importantly, you sprint!

No, not literally. These are special kinds of sprints called design sprints. Design sprints come from both the software development and the design worlds. At its simplest, a design sprint identifies a set period during which you decide to complete specific work. It kind of sounds like a goal or an objective or a task on a to do list. And it is. But it’s also more.

You see, there is a reason why sprints became an essential process in both software development and design. In these professional arenas, there exists a common thread: the developers and the designers have access to Seeing the bigger picture of the overall project before they even start creating. Many visionaries work in these fields and bring with them the contribution of Sight. But sooner or later, Seeing the bigger picture has the tendency to paralyze the Seer if Seeing is not done in conjunction with Doing (where “Doing” denotes constructive Action rather than busyness).

In order not to become paralyzed, the visionary must surrender. Sight is a Gift that invites the opportunity for expansion if the visionary is willing to surrender to the organic flow of creation/Creation. For the most part, the visionary does not dictate what is Seen but the visionary can determine how much is manageable in any given moment. Since Looking at the bigger picture can feel unmanageable very quickly, sprints give the visionary a way to make the creation/Creation process comfortable for the mind and the body.

To respect the organic flow of creation while working in collaboration with the mind, the concept of sprints was established. Sprints give the mind a manageable chunk of work to process at a given time without the looming threat of “all the work that’s left to do to get this done.” The only job for the mind to do in a sprint is to focus on completing the manageable chunk of work identified within the parameters of the sprint. Simple! And oh so satisfying once the sprint is complete. The completion of every sprint can be a celebration, big or small.

Through Action comes clarity. Sprints are a construct that reinforces agility while supporting the mind in being comfortably productive. The stickies support the agility. You sequence the stickies in the order that makes the most sense and as you work through completing them, you reorder them to ensure you maintain alignment in flow. This is why notebooks don’t Serve to support design sprints; you can’t rip a page out of a notebook and insert it in a different order as you See more of your bigger picture (without tearing your notebook apart). Binders work better but stickies are the most malleable of paper products within this context. Yes, you can also go digital but anchoring insight with paper and pen is a more impactful initial step in the process as you build momentum while densifying subtlety.

A common reaction to feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of the creative process is to put up walls. The part of you that is resistant to moving through the discomfort you may face right before you create/Create puts up walls to keep the intensity of the discomfort at bay. What the resistant part of you doesn’t realize is that those very walls that it thinks keep you safe are instead stimulating stagnation.

The Soul struggles to stay connected to a Being in stagnation. If human insists on remaining in stagnation, the Soul has little other choice but to remove itself from the experience. Stagnation may mean a lack of productivity to the human, but it means something much more serious to the Soul. The Reason for a life on an experiential plane is precisely to move through the flow of creation/Creation as effortlessly as possible in order to Remember Our very nature as whole, complete, and unique expressions of Source here to Serve the Highest. But until we Remember, we cannot access our unique expressions of the creative/Creative flow. Once accessed, the main objective is to surrender to this flow.

Agility is key. The only way to keep moving forward is to be agile. By entering into a State of agility, you maintain the organic momentum of expansion instead of constructing obstacles that cause stagnation. To give you an analogy, consider the hundred-year-old tree. It does not waver in a storm. It bends and sways to the tune of the wind and the rain in order not to break but it stands firm in its roots with a focus on its bigger picture to grow tall in the space between the ground and the sky. Be the tree.

Because of the specifically calibrated Space we hold during an actualizer session, what you engage in is more than design sprints. You elevate them into Spirit sprints. Actualizers are certainly about putting into practical terms how to fulfill your Sacred Contract every step of the way. But you aren’t fixed in the mind while you sprint; you come from Spirit. When you come from Spirit in this process (we’ll hold the Space to make this manageable the whole way through), you transcend the need to rationalize every detail while being limited by the constraints of time and space. Instead, you shift out of linear planning and into the flow of Divine Sequencing where you are equipped to Be effortlessly agile as you witness the scenes on the stage unfold. The byproduct of your agility is the slowing of time, which leads to Being ahead of your time. That is when cause impacts the world in a way that goes down in history.

Single Session
1 hour
3 hours
in person
Discounted Bundles
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3 hours online
minimum of 1 hour per session
9 hours in person
minimum of 3 hours per session
tailor your hours in combinations that suit you
hours don’t expire
Discounted Packages
25% off
8 hours online
minimum of 1 hour per session
16 hours in person
minimum of 3 hours per session
tailor your hours in combinations that suit you
hours don’t expire
What’s the difference between an actualizer and an intensive?

Where an intensive is focused on cleaning the window pane so that you can See an expansive view of your horizon, an actualizer clarifies the Action steps ahead of you as you create your vision of New Earth. Actualizers incorporate intensives whenever you identify a concentration of a lack of resolution that you are willing to clear. In this way, you clear your path simultaneously as you accelerate into expansion.

Purposeful Precision in Action
counter intention to inundation and overwhelm
audio and video recordings of your sessions available in your private portal
audio recordings of your sessions available in your private portal
Why the symbol?

Sacred geometry is embedded within the symbol of the actualizer. The star symbolizes the I Am. The vesica piscis represents the geometry of the energy of Creation. The dot at the top represents You, as Spirit, and the vertical line symbolizes your direct connection to Source. We will go into the esoteric meaning of the marriage of the star and the vesica piscis during your actualizer sessions. For now, Know that once you get to Step 6 on the path of Remembering, you are tasked with embodying Spirit as you Create in Your Field of Potentiality.