The Am in I

Katherine Pisana. That’s the name I chose for this life. It’s the name people call me. It’s a tag or a label to which I respond in order to align with social custom. But it’s not the “I”; it’s the “Am”.

We often speak of the “I Am” but what does “I Am” mean? And why is it important to highlight at the start of a bio? Well, let’s answer the latter of the two questions first. Why is it important to examine the nature of the I Am at the start of a bio? It’s not important if the bio is coming from the vantage point of the human state of mind. However, it is important if the person writing the bio is aware that they are Spirit having a human experience. From the human state of mind, we are the body and everything physical is real. From the human state of mind, if it cannot be proven with research and evidence then it isn’t fact. Bios written from the perspective of the human state of mind list credentials and qualifications, evidence of worth based on the external environment providing evidence of one’s perceived value through acceptance and integration into social constructs. A bio written from the human state of mind speaks solely to the stories that inform the drama on the stage of life.

A bio written from the vantage point of Spirit takes on different form. It may begin from the human state of mind, as the one below does, but it quickly expands into aspects of a Being that cannot be quantified nor qualified based on human experience. And yet, we find ourselves in human form. So how can the formless (Spirit) be reconciled with the form (human)? To answer this question, we Look to the “I Am.”

What does “I Am” mean? Where the “I” represents our formless nature as Spirit, the “Am” represents the form we take on as we live a life on an experiential plane. When the “I Am” begins to unify, the Being begins to embody Spirit in form. In the process of the “I Am” unifying, the infinite enters the finite. This process of unification is what is called embodiment.

The process of embodiment is, in itself, a grand journey of Self discovery. When we consider the characters we play on the stage of life, we have two choices: we can either see ourselves through the logic and deductive reasoning of the mind, or we can See glimpses of Our infinite nature through the Eyes of Spirit. As you read through my bio, Know that it is a depiction of the character I play on this stage. That is not to say that the character is a diminished version of Spirit. It is, however, a specific finite expression of the infinite. The more we can identify the specific skillsets and unique proclivities of the characters we play (the “Am”), the more we can Act in awareness (from the “I”) with purposeful precision to Serve a whole that is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts.

The Am is Katherine Pisana. The “I,” as expressed in this life, is what I would like to share with you now. What follows is my bio. It’s my coming out. It reads like a normal bio at first. Then, it expands. Why am I sharing this with you? Because you have the right to know what we can do together.

Here we go…

Seeking into Being course facilitator: Katherine Pisana

Katherine Pisana
Life Design, Life Review, Metaphysical Philosophy, Oracular Sight
Co-Founding of Conversations with Spirit

Katherine Pisana has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and Finance from the Rotman School of Management in the University of Toronto (Canada), a Masters Degree in online and distance learning from the Open University in the UK, and a Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development from the Schulich School of Business in York University (Canada). She combines her experience with her Abilities to access multidimensional realities beyond this physical world to create diverse opportunities for Beings to Remember why they have come to this planet at this point in humanity’s collective history.

Impelling gusts of ethereal winds calibrated to propel Beings toward their summits, she stokes intense energies of accelerated change to blow through the realities of those who cross her path. Disseminating timeless esoteric philosophies of Truth and Guiding to their realization, she is in the process of establishing the School of Knowing. As a continuation of mystery schools of the past, the School of Knowing has deep roots in ancient lineages on this planet and beyond. It is through this school, as well as through the courses and workshops offered through Conversations with Spirit, that she anchors into this reality wisdom previously unavailable to this planet or, at best, undocumented and available to the few.

As a signature offering of Conversations with Spirit, Katherine leverages the Attribute of Sight to co-facilitate the Sacred Contract retrieval process with Susan. Together, they Guide participants through the process of Remembering the specific details of their Divine Blueprint (the map of a life) that relate to their contribution of Service. These specific details are encompassed in the content of the Sacred Contract. Through this process of Remembering, you are able to retrieve the Reason for why you are here — on this planet, at this time — and the specific details of how to fulfill your life’s Work on Soul level (if you choose to do so).

It is then, through purposeful precision, that Katherine supports you in actualizing your Work. During this pivotal point on your journey, you take steps to align to greater degrees with what you said you would do (or not do) during your process of designing this life. The more you align with your Reason for Being here, the more energetic wealth you can accumulate. Energetic wealth can manifest as material wealth in this world. The Reason this is being highlighted here is because alignment is a metaphysical phenomenon that can only be reached through Action in this world. The actualization process is quite specifically focused on Assisting you in bringing your vision into form through Action.

As you actualize your Work, you continue to expand into greater depths of your unknown, thus transmuting it into the Known. To transmute the unknown into the Known is, in essence, the definition of Remembering. The Sacred Contract retrieval process is Work that Katherine does as part of her role in the Department of Life Design.

Her Ability to See, and her capacity to read and translate a Being’s Akashic Records, stem from a decision she made long ago. Thirty-nine thousand eras of Light ago, in another Universe, Katherine began walking the path of Universal Oracleship. The process involved requisite citizenship in every Universe, and that citizenship had to have sub-citizenship in the main eras of Light of all the Universes in which she was to exist. Once Multiversal citizenship was established, she was called to a New Universe that was being Created. That New Universe was this one, the seventeenth Universe amidst the infinite existence of All that Is.

Here is where a non-free will Universe began. At a certain point on its evolutionary trajectory, this Universe became a free will Universe. Upon the shift into becoming a free will Universe, Katherine began walking the path of manifest Oracle in this Universe. As a result, many other Universal realities connected to this one via a Multiversal highway system of access points into this Universe. These connections make it possible for Beings in existence in other Universes to incarnate here in the seventeenth. These connections also make it possible for Beings in this Universe to access the details of their experiences recorded in other Universes for the purpose of clearing concentrations of a lack of resolution keeping them stuck or suspended from progressing on their individual and collective evolutionary journeys.

Beings in existence in other Universes choose to be born into this free will Universe for many Reasons. One of these very purposeful Reasons is to have the possibility to choose to resolve concentrations of a lack of resolution that impact their existences in all the Universes in which they hold citizenship. Resolving these concentrations of a lack of resolution gives these Beings the possibility to then Create New evolved realities for themselves and for those in their lineages. However, although this Universe is classified as a free will Universe, many choose to relinquish their sovereignty to forces of oppression and domination. In this relinquishing, they abdicate their right to exercise their free will and return to the bedrock of enslavement upon which this Universe was originally crafted. It is a choice, but one that is no longer deniable in the name of ignorance.

Those who choose to Work with Katherine, in the Spirit of co-Creation and non-competition, can clear concentrations of a lack of resolution accumulated across Multiverses over the courses of all their lives and non-lives from this and every Universe in which they exist. That is how Powerful You are. In this aspect of Katherine’s Work in this world, she is a hub of interconnectivity — a beacon for all aspects of a Being that intersect in the linearity of this time for the purpose of resolution. It is from this hub of interconnectivity that the ethereal winds of change blow.

Once resolution is realized on multidimensional levels, including in this current reality, the possibility of accessing significantly elevated realities (Higher frequency existences) becomes immediately available to that Being. 3D and 5D realities are oft spoken of in this world but there are many much Higher realties within our reach once the I Am begins to integrate. Integration takes place once obstructions to integration are removed. Addressing concentrations of a lack of resolution, you can remove these obstructions and expedite the process of integrating the “I” with the “Am.”

Clearing concentrations of a lack of resolution is the path to walk to bring Heaven to Earth. This is the path to walk to bring Earth to Heaven. This, consequently, is the path to walk when we take full accountability for all of our choices and all of our actions and non-actions in order to transcend the mediocre and embody limitlessness. This…is the path of least resistance; the path that cannot be walked by the faint of heart. Katherine’s Work involves Guiding the Being through the navigation of duality so as to consider the perspective of neutrality. In the consideration of neutrality, duality begins to dissolve. It is when one releases oneself from the holds of duality that sovereignty becomes an option.

Working in the department of Life Design, Katherine Assists those with whom she Works to anchor into this world the ancient adage: As above, so below. Once one Remembers the details of their Sacred Contract, they are equipped to choose — in a State of awareness — how to bring those details into form. Alignment with one’s Highest Reason for Being in this life is the outcome of actualizing one’s Sacred Contract. Within the department of Life Review, Katherine holds positions of support in the process of evaluating the degree to which a Being lived in alignment so as to inform subsequent life designs. In Working with a Being who Serves both the Life Design and the Life Review processes, you gain direct access to infinite perspectives on how to navigate your choices in a way that most benefits your evolution as well as the Highest possible outcomes for All.

Establishing mystery schools Divinely Serves to support the process of Remembering and synergistically complements Katherine’s Work in both Life Design and Life Review. Historically, mystery schools were containers for a wealth of ancient esoteric wisdom available to the few who could reconcile Being in form while maintaining steadiness and stability in a constant accelerated State of expansion. The Reason why mystery schools were only accessible to the few (thereby not exoteric in nature) was because the majority of Beings residing on the planet entered through the process of reincarnation. Those reincarnating here were not equipped to consider freedom yet because the forces of domination and control were given considerable remit to rule over these reincarnating Beings.

Given the dimensional bifurcation on the planet, this dynamic has now changed. As of 2020, all is available to everyone. Whether Soulful or Soulless, connected or disconnected, all have choice to claim their Right to sovereignty. This Truth, however, is an extraordinarily unappetizing prospect to the forces of counter intention that originally crafted this Universe (Remember: this Universe was originally a non-free will Universe). Attempts to reignite the momentum of duality are still taking place on individual levels as our global collective bifurcates. However, in realizing that the game of life has been rigged for so long (designed to make you lose), you have the choice to play outside of the rules. Working on yourself, expanding your awareness of Your infinite nature as Spirit, and unifying the “I” with the “Am” equip you to win the game. Katherine supports those who are ready and willing to win the game in the name of Service.

The nature of Beings drawn to Work with Katherine is very specific. These Beings are of extraordinary calibre with a great deal to contribute to the evolution of humanity. These Beings are not faint of heart, nor do they lack courage. Many of these Beings are tasked with disseminating their Knowingness through books. To support them in this endeavour, Katherine also Acts as a Custodian of Authorship. A Custodian of Authorship is allocated a number of authors in potentiality in a given life. These authors in potentiality are people who have agreed to write books in a given life but are very often not fully aware of their task. The authors in potentiality that Katherine has been allocated in this life are Beings who are here to guide the planetary evolution into the realization of New Earth.

Contacting Katherine
For those interested in intensives or to learn more about the Sacred Contract retrieval process, please contact Katherine directly through this site.

For more information on the School of Knowing, stay tuned at http://theschoolofknowing.com.

For more information on Working with Katherine on your book, please visit http://uncustomaryediting.com.

Do not permit the “Am” to get intimidated by the “I.”

Yes, You Is that big.

No, that Truth does not have to stop you.

It’s a choice.

Choose wisely.

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