The who and the why
The who and the why

We Guide you to Remember why you are here and support you as you take purposefully precise Action to fulfill your Reason for Being in this life.

Conversations with Spirit


On the surface, a conversation is a simple thing. It’s a way for us to use speech to exchange our perspectives on how we see ourselves and the world around us. It’s a way for us to find common ground. It’s a way for us to find meaning. But what if it were more?

The origin of conversation comes from the Latin “conversari” meaning to live; to live with the other; intimacy. The word Spirit comes from the Latin, “spiritus” meaning breath. The origins of these two words joined together imply that when we have conversations from the vantage point of Spirit, we do more than find common ground. What if, through conversation, we could create unity among us? A depth of connection that transcends any illusion of separation.

But how? How do we answer the deep yearning from within to transform a conversation out of the mundane and into the intimacy of connection? How do we have a conversation that shares the inner depth of our Beingness? For that, we call upon the breath.

When you examine the root meaning of the words “conversation” and “Spirit,” you can See the synergistic link between them. You can use your breath (your connection to Spirit in the physical world) to converse with others in order to catalyze the spark of life between you and the other. To do so — to transmute a conversation into a living connection — you must change the starting point from where you have a conversation. When you allow Spirit to be the Power behind what you say and how you say it, you transform into the alchemist of your reality. You shift from being the effect of what happens to you and into Being cause. You reclaim Your Power — Your Divinity — in a world once designed to take it away.

What if, through a simple conversation, you could transcend the human experience? What would you do then?

Susan Phillips
Healer, Quantum Architect, Soul Design
Co-Founder, Conversations with Spirit

Susan Phillips has studied at the University of Cape Town and at the University of Natal. She is a recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, has a certificate in Bereavement Education from the University of Toronto, and has trained with many masters. Like you, she has been on a journey seeking answers to important questions.

For many years, she hid her Gifts, not knowing how to share them in this lifetime. She is now moving from translating her experience through the hermit’s eyes and into Being fully accessible as Spirit in human embodiment.

One of the Gifts she shares with the world relates to a very important place on your body that acts like a turn key, a doorway to Higher aspects of your Self. When you place your hand midway between the heart and the throat, where the thymus gland is located, you are placing your hand on the Upper Fourth. Spirit guides the hand to the Upper heart. We often intuitively tap this place on the chest when we speak about things that are important to us. We are physically showing others the significance of what we’re saying in that moment. It is significant because it comes from Spirit. In these moments, we are reminding ourselves that we are more than a physical being. Susan Serves as a prompt to Remember the portal of the Upper Fourth, for it is your personal Divine access point to the Unseen world.

It is through Working with this access point that Susan has been able to engage with the Unseen world, often referred to as the quantum field. In her Sacred process, she guides you to identify the physical point on your body where the Upper Fourth lies. She then holds space for you to activate the Upper Fourth on the physical body while practicing how to enter into it and out of it at any given moment in the day.

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Susan Phillips

Katherine Pisana
Life Design, Life Review, Metaphysical Philosophy, Oracular Sight
Co-Founding of Conversations with Spirit

Seeking into Being course facilitator: Katherine Pisana

Impelling gusts of ethereal winds calibrated to propel Beings toward their summits, Katherine stokes intense energies of change to blow through the realities of those who cross her path. Those who choose to Work with Katherine, in the Spirit of co-Creation and non-competition, can clear concentrations of a lack of resolution accumulated across Multiverses over the courses of all their lives and non-lives. That is how Powerful You are. In this aspect of Katherine’s Work in this world, she is a hub of interconnectivity — a beacon for all aspects of a Being that intersect in the linearity of this time for the purpose of resolution. It is from this hub of interconnectivity that the ethereal winds of change blow.

Disseminating timeless esoteric philosophies of Truth and Guiding to their realization, she is in the process of establishing the School of Knowing. As a continuation of mystery schools of the past, the School of Knowing has deep roots in ancient lineages on this planet and beyond. It is through this school, as well as through the courses and workshops offered through Conversations with Spirit, that she anchors into this reality wisdom previously unavailable to this planet or, at best, undocumented and available to the few.

As a signature offering of Conversations with Spirit, Katherine leverages the Attribute of Sight to co-facilitate the Sacred Contract retrieval process with Susan. Together, they Guide participants through the process of Remembering the specific details of their Divine Blueprint that relate to their contribution of Service in this life. Through this process of Remembering, you retrieve the Reason for why you are here — on this planet, at this time — and the specific details of how to fulfill your life’s Work on Soul level.

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Who am I?

I Am a Being.
I am not a doing.
I Am Spirit having a human experience.
I Am.

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