Ascension into Beingness Meditation

An examination

The recording accompanying this post is a segment of the recording of a dinner conversation we had during a Conversations Live dinner series. During our conversation that evening, we examined the transcript of the Ascension into Beingness meditation and spoke to its significance given the circumstances in which humanity currently finds itself.

Maintaining a High frequency in any Now moment — on a cellular level, on a physical level while we’re here — is extraordinarily important. It is the counter to infiltration, manipulation, and confiscation. On the other hand, absorbing fear exponentially diminishes frequency levels. The Ascension into Beingness meditation is like a catapult into a Space of Higher ground (a Higher basecamp). This meditation is a potent tool to leverage when the Upper Fourth or breathing or meditating doesn’t seem to give you the spike in frequency that you Know would benefit you.

It is for this Reason that we chose to examine the transcript of this particular meditation during this evening’s dinner. The study of the implications of the words spoken in this guided meditation can amplify it into a Powerful Self study exercise. Studying this meditation enables you to activate deep codes embedded within it. To Assist those who were not in live attendance during this evening’s dinner, we are sharing the raw recording of our conversation with you now.

Please note that the Ascension into Beingness album includes both an introduction (9 mins 56 secs) and the meditation itself (26 mins 51 secs). Both are explored in this recording. The introduction to the meditation is examined until 26 minutes into this recording, and then we begin Looking at the significance of the meditation itself.

Our apologies in advance for the clattering of dishes in the background.

Our decisions can change the course of history.

The inverted matrix is referenced, beginning at approximately the 4-minute mark in this recording. We discuss the timings of its demise (when it will complete the process of flipping right side up again). We discuss what the inverted matrix is and how it impacts us and our reality. We discuss what happens in mid-May 2021 and the journey humanity is on together to reach this pivotal milestone in the evolution of our collective.

Editor’s Note: As of mid-April, the timelines for the matrix re-inversion changed. Canada is on an expedited track to complete the process of matrix re-inversion by May 12th. On the other hand, because of collective decisions to alter human biology, the global date to reach matrix re-inversion has shifted to August 2021. The implications of being on an expedited track to return reality to a root function of Truth come along with intensified physical, emotional, and mental clearing. Be compassionate with yourselves as you move through this intensified stage in the process. If discomfort, on any level, is a part of your experience, Know that this too shall pass.

The Reason why the inverted matrix is in the process of flipping right side up is because there is more Light available on this planet than any of us have experienced in this lifetime. Light exposes that which we have not Seen. It exposes that which we have not been willing to see.

Light can be perceived as a double-edged sword from the human State of mind. The human likes the idea of “love and light” because it sounds supportive and comforting (nothing malevolent about love and light!). But the experience of being exposed to greater concentrations of Light reveals glaring Truth that the human has the tendency to want to refuse, deny, and shun. In a matrix that has been inverted, Truth has been hidden. We are Now being pummelled with Light. Humanity is being shown everything that has been hidden from it for millennia. This type of disclosure process can sometimes feel…uncomfortable.

Expansion is the non-physical phenomenon of expanding into one's Self through the vehicle of allowance.

When you shine Light on a situation, the Light illuminates what Is. Illuminating more of what Is does not mean that you exclusively See the “good” stuff. It means you See more of the All. Given the reality we have collectively created for ourselves on this planet, the Light is illuminating a tremendous amount of devastation that many are struggling to process. In the end, it’s similar to the following analogy: Imagine a wound covered with bandages. The bandages have not been changes for thousands of years. When the bandages are eventually removed, the wound has the possibility to breath and heal, but what you initially expose may not be pleasant to face.

If I can give you any advice, it is to say that you have a choice as to how much you process at once. If you feel the level of expansion you are experiencing is too much, slow it down. Be consistent. Be steady. Be stable. Keep going but Know that you navigate your journey based on your choices. Be cause. You’ve got this.

For those interested in reviewing the physical “symptoms” of the inverted matrix flipping right side up, you’ll find details on this beginning at 11 minutes 22 seconds of the recording. For those in Canada (and yes, I’m generalizing here), you will likely move through these physical processes quickly and intensely. The process is less concentrated and elongated for the majority of the rest of humanity. For those of you who are here to usher in the New, please consider leveraging this Intelligence to position yourselves ahead of your time.

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