8th Dimensional Library now open

February has been quite the month so far, hasn’t it?!

And there’s more…

As of approximately 4 days ago, a multidimensional portal became accessible to humanity. Through this portal, an 8th dimensional library of knowledge is now available for us to access.

(Some of you may be asking, “Where’s the portal located?” My best answer to that question is that it does not have a specific set of coordinates in the Unseen. Instead, it permeates the very quantum fibres that compose this reality. So basically, it’s everywhere and nowhere in sight [human sight, that is].)

If any of you have studied the Ascended Masters and their etheric retreats, this library is a similar concept to a degree. However, where the etheric retreats are available to those who are Working directly with the Masters, this 8th dimensional library of knowledge is available to any and all Beings currently in form who are willing and able to access its contents for the purpose of anchoring these contents into our current reality.

Our current collective reality resonates within the spectra of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions. Some can access Higher dimensions while in form, but for the purposes of the collective evolutionary experience, we share this world on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensional levels. Gaining access to this 8th dimensional library is key to the next 2000 years. During these next two millennia, humanity is positioned to elevate to the 8th dimension. Jumping three dimensions may not seem like that impressive an ask (especially given that it looks like it may take us a couple thousand years) but the difference in the way this world will look and feel and how we navigate within it at an 8D level is far far far beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend in any way.

The 8th dimensional library of knowledge is available to any and all Beings currently in form who are willing and able to access its contents for the purpose of anchoring these contents into our current reality.

You may have noticed that I mentioned that this 8th dimensional library is “accessible to any and all Beings currently in form who are willing and able to access its contents for the purpose of anchoring them into our current reality.” It’s important to deconstruct this statement in order to appreciate its contents. The fact that we are in embodiment at this particular point in Earth’s history is astounding. It means that the Work we are tasked with is staggering. It also means that we are fully equipped to take that journey if we choose to. Some of you have entered into specific Sacred Contracts to anchor some of the contents of this 8th dimensional reality into this world as of about 4 days ago. Some others of you have not specifically entered into this agreement but are able to choose to participate in the anchoring nonetheless. It is a very personal choice that comes with many implications (some of the physical implications are outlined below). From a metaphysical perspective, some implications include the responsibility to construct trajectories of possibility in alignment with humanity’s potentiality of evolution, as well as to physically produce encoded physical artifacts in the form of books and spoken word that will be used for hundreds and thousands of years to Assist as roadmaps and Guidance systems helping humanity’s navigation into an 8th dimensional existence. I’ll leave it at that for now but Know that you are welcome to further this discussion privately in session or during Live events. Or, if you’re new to us and want to take the first step, schedule a call and let’s have an initial conversation.

So, back to February. Yes, it has been a month! It continues to afford us with a plethora of opportunities to Work on ourselves. You may have found yourself describing this period of 2021 as a personal process of excavation, clearing, recalibration, ascension, clarification, or transcendence. Whatever your words, and however complex and potentially uncomfortable your experiences have been (and continue to be until approximately Feb 26th), Know that an added layer of opportunity is now available to us. “Tandem transcendence” comes up as one way of describing this process of personal evolution occurring at the same moment as collective upleveling.

Physical symptoms of crossing the desert in February have been a mix of hot flashes, freezing cold shivers, headaches, nausea, and loopiness. If you choose to access the 8th dimensional library (primarily in sleep state but it is also possible to do so through intensive conversation coming from the vantage point of Spirit), you may experience an added twist to the physical symptoms: intense muscle soreness. Imagine going to bed in the evening and feeling fine, then waking up in the morning with the kind of muscle soreness that would normally come from a 5-hour HIIT workout the day before. You may hit a new level of realizing you have muscles you never knew you had as they scream at you with pain. It’s a remarkable experience in and of itself: the physical interacting with the subtle in a way that shows very little consideration for the human’s preference for comfort while navigating in the skin suit.

You may also find moments throughout your day when you simply have to lay down for a moment. It’s as though you’re being called out of body and the human aspect of you has little choice in the matter. This can manifest as sudden intense sleepiness or a feeling of not being able to concentrate on anything but closing your eyes. Go with it. (Yes, see your doctor if you feel there’s something to check out on a physical level.) While in these pseudo-sleep states, you may also hear voices very clearly. These voices may be calling out your name or having direct conversations with you, snippets of which you are able to Remember upon returning to the body. These Messages are key. Do your best to Remember and connect the dots.

Tips: stretch before bed if your body allows you to, get outside if the inhumane cold doesn’t bother you, don’t eat if you don’t feel called to eat (your body Knows what it’s doing), get body treatments to support you in unblocking any obstructions or misalignments impeding energy flow in the physical and subtle bodies, and most of all Create/create.

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