40 Days in the Desert

The title of this post is purposeful. The story of crossing the desert in 40 days is a story that comes from the bible. The story is about dedicating yourself to a journey fraught with temptation designed to take you off course so that you don’t reach your destination.

Why would anyone put themselves in that position? Well, it’s for a very important Reason. It’s because the journey is one of Self discovery and Self discovery is essentially why all of us are here. The temptations are represented in the various forms of counter intention that we empower to distract us from staying on course. To stay on course is to Act in alignment with your Reason for Being here.

There are three particular “tests” with which we are all challenging ourselves in February. The first relates to Seeing what is real and what isn’t. The second tests our faith. The third demands we lay down all false idols. I’ll touch briefly upon these three challenges below but Know that you are encouraged to explore them in depth during your intensives, actualizers, and Conversations Live events.

Real vs. not

You’ve likely heard it said before that the physical reality is an illusion, that it’s a matrix, a simulation that responds to our inner world as it unfolds into experience. February 2021 is the month to start Looking at it through the Eyes of Spirit. Observe your reality from a place of Knowingness and See where you are investing your energy. In this way, you can identify where you are placing your focused attention. Remember: energy flows where attention goes. Can you See where you are focusing that is not Serving you? Can you identify where you are self-sabotaging yourself and hindering your own progress? This exercise demands we take the highest level of responsibility for what is taking place in our lives but the moment you’re willing to do that, your life begins to shift immediately out of stagnation and into forward movement. Simply put, Seeing what’s real and what’s not helps you get out of Your own way.


Faith is an interesting concept. The human definition of faith is completely misaligned with the Truth of the depth of its meaning. It is not a strong belief in supernatural powers (for those taking Seeking into Being, reference to beliefs should stimulate the ringing of many bells). For those who haven’t taken Seeking into Being, Know that beliefs are essentially limiting thought constructs that constrain the infinite nature of You, as Spirit.

Faith is not complete confidence in a person or plan because confidence stems from the ego and faith has nothing to do with the ego nor with the mind. Faith is also not an institution (such as a religious institution) that expresses belief in a divine power because Knowingness (the foundation of faith) is not a commodity that can be institutionalized.

And finally, faith is not loyalty nor allegiance to a cause nor a person unless it is at the level of Spirit in direct reverence and surrender to the Will of G-D. If faith is expressed through the human state of mind, loyalty and allegiance are mere mechanisms of disempowerment.

The origin of the term starts to get to the heart of this ever eminent of concepts. The origin of “faith” is trust. It was around 1250 that faith was associated with the deepest duty of fulfilling one’s trust in Higher Power. What happen between then and 2021, I don’t know. But the term has been diminished into a refraction of its origin. This refraction causes confusion. With confusion comes conflict and conflict is the fuel for a reality based in duality.

Faith is trust before it’s proven.

What if, on the vantage point scale, “faith” at the level of Spirit refracts into “trust” at the level of the human state of mind? What if…faith isn’t possible when coming from the mind? What does that mean for all those who continue to insist on thinking and rationalizing their way through a reality that is completely falling apart so that it can reconfigure into a Higher version of itself?

February is an opportunity for every one of us to examine our relationship with faith. What is your definition of faith? What is your relationship with trust? Do you regularly engage in the practice of letting go of that which prevents you from trusting? Trusting what? Trusting that you are safe, that you are taken care of, that there is a Higher Plan unfolding and ours is to maintain steadiness and stability as we purge the old in order to make Space for the New.

The Reason you are here in this life is still here. Your Reason for coming here is still valid, wholly and completely. What is probably leaving your reality is the collection of definitions you used to have about how life works and how you allocate value to every aspect of your reality. The ways you used to rely on to make sense of the world are probably falling away in February. That can feel scary, even terrifying. The degree of disruption within you may be shaking you to your core, seemingly forcing you to ask questions you have no clue how to answer. Except that you do. Have faith that You Know. Exploring what Your Knowingness is telling you about your next steps is a key area of focus for those intent on maximizing the energies of February.

The test of faith is essential for all those here to bring in the New. If you are one of these Beings, tasked with Creating the New systems and infrastructures to support the formation of New Earth, reality will be testing you hard this month. It will show you how the New isn’t here. It will provide you with example after example of how things are not improving, how people are not changing their perspectives, and how you should probably give up before you make an even greater fool out of yourself as the people closest to you doubt and potentially even ridicule you. The subtle nuance of February’s energies calls us to explore ourselves deeper than we ever have before. Many of you who are in Service to the collective will want to jump into exploring ways to help others through this challenging month but that’s not what this month is about. It’s about doing the kind of inner Work on yourself that you haven’t done before. Taking a leap into your unknown — unapologetically and unwaveringly certain that you will come out on the other side of the experience with access to more Power and more clarity than you have had at any other point in your life. That’s how big February Is.

If you’re struggling right now and your faith is wavering, refocus yourself. Change the focal point of your attention. It’s not about having faith in what the world is like right now. It’s about faith in what the world can be with You fully in it. It’s about having faith in your Self and in humanity that we can all get there together.

False Idols

If you empower anything external to you, you are fuelling false idols. An idol is something or someone that is adored blindly and excessively. The more we invest energy into idolizing anything external to ourselves, the more we enter into disempowerment. If we stay in disempowerment long enough, we begin to relinquish our Power and give away our free will. (The herd mentality was created based on relinquishing one’s Power to an external force such as government, society rules, codes of conduct, etc.)

February is the month to stop waiting for a government or a regulatory institution to fix things. You are the change. So Be it. Can you let go of every expectation of how people can be and how people should be? Can you let go of the belief that you are entitled to something from someone, whether it be their time, their attention, or even their love. Can you let go of the need to control the outcome? Can you let go of the expectation of what your life should look like and be like and feel like? Can you let go of your definition of Old Earth and New Earth and everything in between and simply Be the New? Can you surrender to G-D’s Will?

If you find yourself struggling with this third challenge, consider surrendering and simply let go. It’s absolutely of no importance whether you know what you’re to let go of. You don’t have to be “ready” to do it. You don’t have to prepare in advance. To catalyze the process of letting go, be willing to do it and See what shows up inviting you to take a step in a direction that may well feel very awkward or even uncomfortable. Trust me, it’s worth it.

I’ll share with you one of my experiences of letting go this month.

Feb 6, 2021

Susan and I have had quite the weekend. I went over to see her last night. My intention: to get help letting go. Letting go of what? I didn’t know. But I had been prompted enough times last week to See the signs. It was time. It was now. I had to let go.

So… with the vaguest of guidance, I went to Susan. I will say that I now have another level of appreciation for what you must feel to varying degrees when a session with us approaches. It can be intense!

I sat on her sofa and she went to get the oils. I honestly started preparing myself to bolt for the door. But I stayed. And wow! What a Gift presented as a result.

Susan came to her seat with handfuls of the small inconspicuous bottles. She lined them up in a very specific order on the table that holds the salt lamp and coasters. And so we began.

Over the span of three hours, I went on a journey to some of the depths of my Being and beyond. I don’t recall all that happened but I did Know enough to make a list of the events that took place right after I returned.

– Entity removal (big time!)

– Clearing cosmic grief

– Discovering undercurrents of fear originating far beyond this world and their clearing

– Remembering past lives that needed to be addressed and resolved

– Identifying multidimensional roles I play

– Seeing a greater view into my bigger picture that encompass initiatives beyond this world

– Multi-Soul Shard retrieval

– Deepest hidden fears revealed

The sequence of oils profoundly facilitated the process for me. One of the most tremendous results is that I’m not blown out today. Normally, after that distance of multidimensional travel, I’m usually out for a day or two. The oils (and, of course, Susan and Others holding Space) made multidimensional travel much easier.

The struggle people are feeling is very real. This struggle is rooted in choice. Or, to put it more precisely, it is rooted in not Remembering how to make a choice. Not Remembering how to make a choice is rooted in not Seeing advanced choice (this is where we enter into the concept of Divine Sequencing — the Divine Sequencing of available choices — a concept for another day). In order to more fully Remember how to choose, begin by making choices in awareness. Even if they are not the perfect choices, or the “right” and “best” choices, make them anyway.

In order to make a choice without Seeing what comes next (without Seeing Divine Sequencing unfold), call upon faith that you’re safe, that you’re taken care of, and surrender to G-D’s Will. You are an instrument of G-D, Creator incarnate. Many of you have simply forgotten. This happens to be a moment to Remember.

Making choices strengthens many Spiritual Muscles, including your Ability to Be in the present moment, to be aware of energy and how it changes as we choose. Choosing flexes Knowingness and might even begin to develop certainty. So choose. And do it in awareness. Turn off autopilot and Be in the moment. Remember: the present moment is the only place where choice exists. If you place your attention on the future in order to change the present, you’ve missed the point of Being in the moment. As you choose in a State of expanding awareness, you will begin to read energy and See what the implications of your choices can be. This leads to weighing the benefit vs. harm ratios of every choice you make. All this to say that making a decision is extremely important. It is the path to freedom. It is the way of sovereignty.

Ultimately, February is the month to cross the rubicon. It is the month to commit yourself irrevocably to a potentially risky yet extraordinarily revolutionary course of action that leads you to the threshold of the point of no return. Now is the moment to Remember. Once you do, there is no going back. Reality has nothing to do with what media depicts it to be. The events unfolding on the world stage are taking place from the Unseen. The more you can take steps back from the frame, the more the picture of Truth reveals itself to you. All that is asked of you is to let go of absolutely everything holding you back.

You are the trigger for many to Remember. In order to Be this potent catalyst, you must Work on yourself. Why? Because of the fundamental tenet: Know Thy Self. In this way, you are the mirror for others to Remember their very nature and essence as Spirit.

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I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.