Conversations with Spirit Defined

Many people don’t know what to make of us.

Conversations with Spirit.

Conversations with Spirit?

“What does that mean?” they ask.

“Do you talk to dead spirits from beyond?” they ask.

No. Not quite.

But we get it. We get that without an explanation, assumptions can run wild. That’s why we’ve decided to define what “Conversations with Spirit” means from our perspective.

On the surface, a conversation is a simple thing. It’s a way for us to use speech to exchange our perspectives on how we see ourselves and the world around us. It’s a way for us to find common ground. It’s a way for us to find meaning. But what if it were more?

The origin of conversation comes from the Latin “conversari” meaning to live; to live with the other; intimacy. The word Spirit comes from the Latin, “spiritus” meaning breath. The origins of these two words joined together imply that when we have conversations from the vantage point of Spirit, we do more than find common ground. What if, through conversation, we could create unity among us? A depth of connection that transcends any illusion of separation.

But how? How do we answer the deep yearning from within to transform a conversation out of the mundane and into the intimacy of connection? How do we have a conversation that shares the inner depth of our Beingness? For that, we call upon the breath.

When you examine the root meaning of the words “conversation” and “Spirit,” you can See the synergistic link between them. You can use your breath (your connection to Spirit in the physical world) to converse with others in order to catalyze the spark of life between you and the other. To do so — to transmute a conversation into a living connection — you must change the starting point from where you have a conversation. When you allow Spirit to be the Power behind what you say and how you say it, you transform into the alchemist of your reality. You shift from being the effect of what happens to you and into Being cause. You reclaim Your Power — Your Divinity — in a world once designed to take it away.

What if, through a simple conversation, you could transcend the human experience? What would you do then?

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I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.