#1 Priority

Although it seems life has turned upside down, there is one fundamental that is still relevant, still valid, still essential…still the only thing that’s important. Consciousness. Remembering consciousness. Elevating your frequency in every moment through breathing in awareness of breath, through exercising the Observer, through practicing Sacred Discipline that challenges you to expand beyond your known reality — all of these aspects of life on an experiential plane remain paramount. Nothing has changed except the landscape. You, as Spirit embodied, Is. That has not changed. You, as Spirit, have not changed.

Focus on the stability within.

All the Work that you have been doing to Remember more of You, as Spirit, was for this moment, and for this moment, and for this moment now. All that is now happening in the world has the potential to Serve a mass collective awakening. We are in the process of witnesses the mass collective hitting its periphery of acceptability. (For a review of the concept of the periphery of acceptability, see this video ) Remember what that feels like. Remember how subtle and even indiscernible that experience can be when coming from a deeply refracted state.

We hold Space.

We Know.

We represent the Unknown that the mass collective is now very strongly being encouraged to enter.

Patiently walking the path of least resistance is key. Remember, the path of least resistance is the direct line from point A to point B. Where human digresses into cul-de-sacs of doubt and diverges into dead-end streets of volatile emotion, Spirit Knows. You Know. Awaken each day Remembering that You Know and T.R.U.S.T that you have all the tools and resources available to you to continue on your journey with ease and grace.*

*For an expanded conversation on the meaning of the words above, click on the YouTube video below.

About Katherine Pisana

I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.