Right and Wrong

Am I doing something wrong?

Do you feel like you’re doing something wrong? Do you feel like things should be working out by now? That life should be feeling better? That things should be easier and more rewards should be coming your way? Do you feel like you’ve put in enough work on yourself to get something back from the Universe by now? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you’re still…stuck? Stuck in the same loops, same patterns, same lack of resolution? Does it feel like, even if you’re handed a map, you still can’t seem to get out of the maze?

I’m willing to bet you’re not the only one feeling any or all of the above. But why? Why is it so challenging for us to move into experiencing a reality of greater ease, harmony, and prosperity? We have the best of intentions, we go through the intense clearings, and we ask the right questions. But…we’re still not moving forward. Maybe we’ve even started regressing. We’re still around the same people, in the same ruts, dealing with increasingly complicated situations that can make life feel like the impossible math problem no one can solve.

The concepts of right and wrong are essentially concepts that are deeply rooted in duality. Duality no longer plays a role for people like you. To disconnect from duality, shift into the possibility of examining cause and effect instead. Cause and effect are much more aligned or reflective of the way energy works.

We always go back to: everything is energy.

Even the illusion of this world. However, if we forget that for an instant, everything is justified based on the illusion again. It’s a very fine line. If you look at cause and effect, there is no right and wrong; there is simply choice and consequence.

What used to work in the past doesn’t work anymore. If we insist, in any way, to rely on old patterns and old definitions of how things work and what things are all about in order to move forward in life, we will begin to confront or come across more and more invisible obstacles.

Let’s Look at an example to see how invisible obstacles can creep their way into our realities. Consider, for a moment, your relationship to objectives and goals and determination and deadlines. Every time we make a plan (you’ve heard this before), G-D laughs. Every time we make a list, every time we make a short-term, a mid-term, or a long-term goal, we make a decision about how we’re going to proceed. Generally, that discussion is made from a space, from a state, from a perspective that is incredibly limited in scope. When we make those types of decisions to reach certain goals without first being able to See the bigger picture, we essentially tie our hands behind our backs, put weights on our ankles, sometimes even blindfold ourselves. Putting ourselves into those types of restrictions essentially minimizes and, to some extent, eliminates the possibility for us to be agile.

It is in practicing agility together that we allow for that which We Know to surface in this world.

Agility is very important in the current reality. It relies upon a fundamental tenet of being the Objective Observer. From a human perspective the Observer is disassociated, able to See more because there is no charge, there is no emotion, there is no attachment to the experience. But from Spirit perspective, being the Observer is exercising or invoking the Master State of Observer. It is a Mastery-level Ability. When we are able to be the Observer, we are able to Be in the scene, theoretically playing out the experience while coming from a much more immaculate perspective.

The depth to which you place your attention on something determines the level at which you are able to Observe it as Spirit embodied.

Being the Observer erases or dissolves the concepts of right and wrong, mistake and error, and it enables us to create Space. In that Space, we have room to make conscious choices about how we Act. But if we have limited objectives that we’ve set for ourselves, and if we think that we know best about how our day should unfold, and if we want to take things at a specific pace, we immediately stop ourselves, block ourselves, create obstacles that prevent the flow of incredible prosperity from entering into our worlds.

In addition to objectives and goal setting, busyness is another prevalent affliction in today’s world. When we fill our days with so much, whether it be work, tasks, activities, chaos, noise, drama, whatever it may be, we take away from our ability to be cause in this world. And it is only through the State of Being cause that we can be in focused dedication to why we’re here — aligned to why we designed our life in the first place.

On a fundamental philosophical level, the solution of how to get out of duality is common to all of us. But on a more subtle level, the solution is customized to the unique energetic dynamics that you have put in place on your path. That means that to a certain extent, reading books and taking courses can help. It can help you Remember. Books and courses and speakers can Serve as prompts that can be catalysts for very important and potent internal shifts. But there comes a point, many points on our non-linear paths, at which reading and listening and integrating and Remembering aren’t enough. At these points, our conscious Actions must align with our words for us to move forward.

We talk about the “path” a lot, but which path? Is it the path the herd travels, one follower after another, sleepily pacing the streets and walking the roads to and from destinations to which no one wants to go? For many, yes, that is how their path is defined. But if you’re reading this, your path is more likely defined as the one of Remembering, of Looking within yourself to discover the inner Power that lays dormant, untapped, and awaiting your acknowledgment. The most powerful path, however, is the one of least resistance.

The path of least resistance is the most challenging of all the paths because it asks you to surrender the ego as every one of your obstacles and blockages is presented to you with each step you take. The path of least resistance is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the ones lacking courage. The path of least resistance demands we invoke unwavering certainly as we consciously exercise our free will to choose to align with the Highest Order of integrity to which we have access in every eternal now moment.

The current of Truth is available to every one of us. It is infinitely deep, profoundly present, and lovingly welcoming. But in order to enter into it, we must surrender to that which is beyond the ego so that we can free ourselves from its limiting constructs.

The degree to which we can access the Highest Order of integrity all depends on our frequency. How do we elevate our frequency? By Looking at ourselves, not shying away from our reflections, and being conscious of the choices we make. We can talk all we want but do our words align with our actions?  If they don’t, then it’s time to Look at our motives because when actions and words don’t align, we can be sure that there is motive behind our motive that is guiding our way onto paths we may not necessarily understand the price of walking.

Going back to the initial question I pose in this piece, consider reflecting upon whether you’re not doing anything wrong at all. What if, instead of being right or wrong, being on the path or being off the path, what if instead you consider that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be?


If you Know that you could be somewhere different in your life, that you could Be something more, that requires course correction. That requires a shift or a pivot or an expansion of perspective to be able to See more of what is available to you so that you can then choose whether you want it.

When we make the decision that we want to level up, that we want to contribute to the world in a New way, that we’re ready to know more of who we are, then automatically that decision activates an incredibly profound reconfiguration of the energetic dynamics that influence us (both in this world and far far beyond). They start reorganizing in the subtle realms and that’s why, sometimes, for human it can feel very long or slow or protracted as a process. We’ve made a decision, so why aren’t things happening? Why aren’t they shifting along with us?

It’s very often because the shifts that we have asked for are so big that they speak to our ability to be courageous and step out of our known and into the Unknown where expansion is at the forefront of our experience. But it also means that we have to be patient as those around us acclimate to the adjustments. That’s one stage. But then the next stage is where we have to let them go at their own pace as we continue to move forward on our journey without any concern for whether they are happy or sad about our decision to shift.

This isn’t about being withdrawn or submissive to any type of objection by anyone in your life. It’s not about being suppressed. It’s about creating very healthy boundaries that allow you to be you in a safe space calibrated to your expansion.

What if the answer were simple? What if the answer to the question of how to get out of duality was all about time?

To get out of time is a necessary and essential step for people like you. Getting out of time looks very simple. It means Being cause. It means being precise with where you invest your energy. It means throwing objectives and task lists and goals out the window. It means taking a very deep Look at yourself and making a personal inventory and deciding what’s important to you — what’s really important to you in this life. And then…here’s the kicker: make Space for it.

About Katherine Pisana

I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.