Energy Update

Wringing out the Misalignments

August was not an emotionally comfortable month for me. Perhaps you can relate.

For me to admit that it was emotionally uncomfortable is saying a lot because I’m not one to swim in the pool of emotion much. I’m not the type of creature that feels emotion the same way most people here do. Needless to say, it’s been unpleasant lately.

As you’ll hear in the audio accompaniment to this reflection, it’s all been very intense. Oftentimes, I’ve felt like a wet towel being wrung out. Emotions I didn’t think I had have been surfacing and bullying me out of stability. The expressions on my face reflected weariness and defeat, the light in my eyes dim. I wasn’t acting like myself. I wasn’t feeling like My Self, and I certainty didn’t want to keep Working and Creating with the same level of vigour and determination.

To be honest, I’m having a hard time even writing this post because it feels like an admission of being human. The message in the audio of this post started flowing a few hours before I agreed to record it and my first reaction to the content was, “No way. I’m not talking about this. I want to pretend it didn’t happen. I don’t want to show that side of me.” And, of course, that reaction was reason enough to take another Look. So, I gave myself some space to See and I realized something very important. The experience of the past few weeks hasn’t been just my experience; it’s been the collective experience.

How do I know? Well, I have evidence this time for all of you proof enthusiasts! I happened to have come across a video Lee Harris posted about September and it hit home. I realized that my overstimulated emotional system was reacting to a very specific energetic process of clarification influencing the planet right now and bringing people to their knees. Anguish is prevalent. Despair is in the air.

The energies of June, July, and August have been amplifying in order to assist us in moving more fully into our New roles. From a Sacred Contract perspective, that means we’re being strongly encouraged to GET ON WITH IT. This subtle yet unapologetic intensity is fundamentally shifting us out of a period of “stepping up” and into a phase of “getting on with it!”

What does that mean? It means no more coddling. It means no more pats on the back for dipping a toe into the ocean of empowerment and deciding, “That’s enough for now. Let me ‘integrate’ that first.” No more delay. No more time for later. It’s now. Everything is about the now.

These latest discomforts aren’t bad or unfortunate or difficult. They are a gift. No, that is not New Age speak for “think positively.” No, that is not the delusion of mindless babble. No yappy slappy here. It really has been a gift that continues to unfold. Discomfort is one of the more effective ways of shifting human into Action. Why? Because of those pesky comfort zones we program into our realities to keep us in the illusion of safety from the big bad world out there.

Being a Wayshower, a guide, a forerunner ushering the world into a New way of Being on this planet isn’t at all about being a hermit. Sitting in a space of isolation is guaranteed to throw you into a downward spiral that eventually leads to depression. If you’re feeling wrung out, if you’ve been tuning into the intensity and not knowing where to turn to find reprieve, Know that this is all part of the process of clarifying what the next few months on this planet look like.

Pay attention. Pay attention to the patterns, to the difficulties, to the areas where you feel stuck. Look for opportunities in the fear and doubt. If there’s something that you’re drawn to but the idea of doing it makes you cringe, DO IT! Get out of that jail cell of a comfort zone and live life in a New way. Do it today. Do it.

Step into the Unknown and take a Look. Call that person who’s been oddly on your mind for the last few days. Open the book that’s been screaming at you from the shelf for the past few weeks. Throw out that old sweater you’ve had for a decade that only you think still looks good. Take a chance. It’s the only way to get out of the cycle of emotion keeping you stuck. And if emotions do surface, Observe them without reacting when you can. That’s the way to find the gifts they hold in store for you if only you dare take a Look.

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