Is Spirit Happy?

The mind is a funny thing. It does more to sabotage us than it does to help us. It isn’t malicious, nor is it cruel. It’s simply very clear on its role. It’s on a team and the team it’s on is a team of two. Can you guess who the other member of its team could be? Shall I give you a moment to allow for the separation of yous to take place so that you can See which of you is the one working against You? Perhaps I sound too much like a character from Alice in Wonderland. Perhaps I’ll just tell you and we can go from there.

The mind serves only one. The mind works for the ego. The mind and the ego are in cahoots and Spirit has no place in their agenda. The mind and the ego are very cunning, very sneaky, very loud, and very strong. They overpower the subtle whisper of a wiser One, drowning out Higher Knowing from coming through in almost every instance. If ever you do hear that subtle whisper of Spirit, the mind and the ego amplify their influence on you because one thing that can’t happen is for Spirit to get in the way.

What is their agenda, you might be thinking? Funny, this “thinking” thing. Thinking most certainly implies the engagement of the mind and if the mind is engaged then the mind is part of our discussion in this moment. And I Know (oh how I Know!) that as you read these words, the mind is preparing a rebuttal, an attack, a counter to my proposition but I will propose it nonetheless. The mind is not as good of an ally as you may believe it to be.

Instead of happiness, allow for stillness.

The agenda of the mind and the ego is to vilify all that is not provable. The agenda is to refract and contort Truths bestowed upon all of us as given rights of passage. Once these Truths are confused, the mind and the ego have free reign. To give an analogy of what it looks like when the mind and the ego are in control, imagine yourself sitting in a stew of disempowerment for as long as it takes for the vegetables to turn to mush and for the clear stock to eventually transform into a murky sludge so thick that it would take multiple fine strainers to clarify it once again.

What has any of this to do with happiness? And why am I putting into question the one thing you’re holding on to that keeps you from drowning in your stewy sludge? Because happiness is part of the mind’s and the ego’s agenda and as long as you hold onto the illusion of happiness, you will not be able to See the stew nor the pot you sit in nor the fact that the heat has recently been turned up to temperature too hot to handle. And you’ll think that just by tossing in some more cubes of happiness, the stew won’t boil over and you’ll be fine. Just as long as the happiness-maker keeps spewing out the cubes of glee, you’ll be fine. But what if happiness contributes to making more of the murky stew in which you find yourself sloshing and slipping and eventually drowning?

But what’s so wrong with being happy?

To answer this very important question, let’s examine what happiness is. Happiness is a product of the mind. Any product of the mind serves the ego. Any product that serves the ego diminishes the presence of Spirit in your life. If the presence of Spirit diminishes, it becomes very challenging to sense when something is off, when a sixth sense is guiding you away from harm (whether it be a physical harm or a harm to Spirit). When happiness is a leading factor in your reality, one that must be present for a day to be good and for a life to be worth it, you experience the ups and downs of duality.

But we live in the physical world, so of course there is duality!

What if I told you that although we all look the same, each one of us is living in a reality of our own making. The beliefs we hold and the experiences we carry influence the choices we make, and those choices dictate how each of our realities unfold. No one else perceives the world in the same unique way that you do because no one else has had the exact same experiences and interpretations of those experience as you have. Because no one sees the world through your eyes but you, you experience a world so unique to you that no one else can relate to it fully. Sure, many share similar realities, and this is very often the case within communities of closely knit participants, but only you experience the specific sequence of actions and thoughts and memories and feelings and emotions that make up your reality. That is, until thoughts and memories and emotions are no longer part of your reality. That’s when things get fun!

But thoughts and memories and emotions are part of being human. How can they not be part of my experience? (What fruit loops are you smoking, lady? My commute’s about to end and I have no idea what you’re talking about!)

Is happiness the end game? When you’re happy, does that mean you’ve figured out this thing called life? Is that when you’ve won the game? Well, it depends on which game you’re playing. And by the way, there are only two.

Game #1:
You are human having spiritual experiences.

Game #2:
You are Spirit having a human experience.

If you’re playing Game #1, feel all the happiness you want. Bask in the ups and downs of emotions to your mind’s content. It makes for a rich experience based in the physical reality of this world. If, on the other hand, you want to change the game and start Seeing from a much Higher vantage point, it’s time to consider allowing your emotions to dissolve.

So if happiness is an illusion, then what’s left to aim for? What should we be striving to attain?

The answer is to stop striving, for in striving and seeking and searching and hoping and wishing we create all the more opportunity for lack to be the active ingredient in every one of our experiences. Instead of happiness, allow for stillness. Allow for quiet. Allow for expansiveness. As You expand into the Unknown, you transform it into the Known You’ve Known all along. This expansiveness is continuous. Once you allow it and practice stability in this State of Being, you simply ride the wave as you get bigger, remembering more, realizing in practice that You Know. That is when the quiet transforms into certainty. That is when doubt dissolves and effort is no longer needed. That is when emotion leaves the stage and the scene shifts into a reality in which you Know the script before it’s written and share the Knowing with the audience so that they too can transcend the regularly scheduled programming.

Be spiritually adventurous. Be willing to expand into the Unknown. Activate a certainty that is so unwavering that not even you can stop You from accomplishing what you’ve come here to do. The more you can tap into the Reason why you’re here, the more you can maintain a steady State of presence and it is this presence of Spirit in your life that has no need for the undulating experiences of emotions for emotions are too small to contain the expansiveness that is You. What is happy to human is quiet expansiveness to Spirit.

About Katherine Pisana

I Am here to Assist those willing to Remember why they are here in this life so that they can, with purposeful precision, contribute to the evolution of humanity.