Upper Fourth

Portal to Power

In the summer of 2010, I was near Minneapolis attending a retreat. One night during my stay, I awoke to a tap on the shoulder. I was alone in my hotel room, or so I thought. I fumbled for the light and switched it on. There was no one there. I switched the lights off and went back to bed. As I settled into that first stage of light sleep, I felt the tap on my shoulder again but this time it came with a message.

“Get up and go to your computer.”

It was 3:42 am.

I had a feeling this would continue for a while, so I agreed to play along. I got out of bed and went to the desk where my computer lay closed. I opened it up. Word. Word? Where was the Word icon? Half asleep, I eventually clicked on the right sequence of spots on my screen to have a blank document staring at me.

Now what? It was earlier than the sun agrees to shine. Was I supposed to just start typing like a mad genius?


I don’t think so.

I live in the same world you do. I’m not used to placing my fingertips on the keys and watching the words appear. My process as a writer is very much normal: I think, I mull, I may map (and nap), but eventually, I come prepared to face the keys and tell them what I want them to say. But during this fantastical experience of being awoken by words spoken without a mouth to own them, I didn’t know what to do next. So, I did something I do know how to do. I surrendered.

The words started flowing. I wrote of how I was to hold a Healing Space. I wrote of something called the “Upper Fourth” and how it was the access point I was to use to send healing to the world. Not understanding what much of this meant, I kept typing.

I wrote details of this minor chakra and how it is such a powerful portal. The words I typed began to explain how the Upper Fourth is a way to access the Healing Space in the etheric; that that’s how I would tap into the initial healing Power I was to Work with. In retrospect, I See that a way to self/Self-healing is through the Upper Fourth. As the years went by, the intricacies of the meaning behind its healing potential became increasingly clear.

Searching through my files, I’ve been able to find the original download that came through that night. I want to share a portion with you.

It moves beyond the cellular structure of our physical body into the realm of Our Beingness. It is one that involves the understanding that the life force that We Are is, in fact, the one that not only sustains us but in actuality is the one that Created the patterns that make up Our Being in the first place. Access is through the breath.

Eventually, the Message stopped. No other words felt like they wanted to come through. The document of notes felt complete. But that didn’t mean that I understood any of it. I didn’t know what to make of this experience. I didn’t know what to do with the information that came through. I felt as though I had been hit on the head. I was reeling from the experience.

A couple of months later, I started the Healing Space Circle. I did not know what I was doing. All I knew was that I was compelled to hold these meetings and expand into whatever showed up. It was an act of allowing the Unknown to present itself.

I invited people to attend. Many who came were fellow Therapeutic Touch practitioners familiar with the concept that everything is energy. For 8 years, we got together to send healing out into the world each month. We used the Upper Fourth to enter into the Healing Space, which elevated us all. The more we used it, the greater the Power of its Truth revealed.

As I practiced working with the Upper Fourth over the years, I honed my skills and Abilities leveraging it to access more of my nature as Spirit. With this practice have come many revelations about who I Am and what I can do, both in this world and in others. There came a point at which I knew I couldn’t keep access and knowledge of this innate Ability to myself. It was time to share. And, albeit tentatively at times, share I have.

We now use the Upper Fourth with everyone who crosses our path at Conversations with Spirit. We counsel those starting their journey to remembering they are Spirit to create a habit of listening to the One Breath meditation regularly. Exercising free will to choose to breathe consciously may sound odd to some of you but it’s an incredibly important step in accessing the potential that lays dormant within.

What I’ve discovered of the Upper Fourth would take tomes to describe, but I shall attempt to provide an overview below of what I Know to Be so that you can make an informed decision about your next step.

The Upper Fourth is located in the middle of the chest at the thymus gland. It is midway between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It can be referred to as a minor chakra but I experience it more potently as a portal to the Unseen — to that part of me that has no body, no mind, no restriction nor limitation. It is the doorway through which I travel to bring more of Spirit into my world. It is my doorway to healing, to remembering, and to allowing all that Is to simply Be.

Most people already know where it is; they intuit it, even if they don’t realize what they’re doing. Everyone who taps their chest with their fingers as they have a conversation is tapping the Upper Fourth. But very few ask themselves why they make this gesture.

The reason for the intuitive tapping is to indicate that you are coming from where your “I” resides. When you engage in a conversation and say “I believe…” or “I know…” while touching the Upper Fourth, You are indicating that you are coming from a place of deep conviction. You are coming from the You that is not of physical matter, the Higher aspects of You that already remember. The Upper Fourth is a portal through which remembering comes through.

But if people aren’t conscious of the Power of the Upper Fourth, how do they nonetheless manage to find it? The reason is very important. The reason stems from the essence of who We Are. We Are not humans occasionally having a spiritual experience. People who call themselves “spiritual” or “enlightened” see the world from this refracted vantage point. But what if you flipped it? What if You Are Spirit having a human experience for reasons many are still to remember. As Spirit, We innately Know that we Know. Spirit Knows. Human forgets. But in those moments when human sits still for long enough, We remember. Spirit guides the hand to the Upper heart. Spirit is sending us a message.

The Upper Fourth is an access point to Spirit. Our connection to Spirit is our connection to Source, to that which brings life into our breath and guides the invisible hand of Divine Intervention. It is from where an eternal thread connects you to the Origin of You.

When activated, the Upper Fourth becomes an open portal to the boundless nature of You as Spirit. It grants immediate access to remembering, to Seeing, and to Being Spirit in form. Actively engaging the conscious breath stimulates passage to greater and more expansive versions of You. By activating this portal and by entering into the natural state of expansion and contraction that takes place as we initially open to this part of our Selves, the journey begins of releasing and setting oneself free from the constraints created either by society, family, or you yourself. It is a process of surrender and allowing the essence of You to emerge.

Knowing about the Upper Fourth has opened my eyes to what I have been born to do. Many use it to help them remember why they are here and to stay on track. It is a hidden honing device given as a Gift from G-d.

About Susan Phillips

I Am a healer. I facilitate the release of energies that do not serve you on physical and spiritual levels using the Upper Fourth as your guide. I Am an architect of matter, a protector, and a Being of Service. And above All, I Am.