Balance of Power

Balance of Power

Imagine that Earth is a Divine Being and that She exists on an evolutionary trajectory. This evolutionary trajectory is experienced by Her inhabitants as realities. Most versions of Earth represent realities of duality where there is a good and a bad, a right and a wrong, a just and an unfair. Each version of Earth exists first as a Vision, eventually as a hologram, and finally as a dense experiential plane. Let’s pretend that each version of Earth that exists is called by a number. The first version of this planet, let’s call Earth 1. Many speak of New Earth or of a “new world”; let’s call that Earth 2.

The balance of Power on Earth 1 is rooted in the Divine masculine. Earth 1 is created out of the merger of both the Divine feminine and masculine, as all Creation is. However, the intention behind the Creation of Earth 1 is based on experiencing the Divine masculine. In other words, Earth 1 is founded on an imbalance of Power skewed toward the masculine. Reviewing the history of the experience of Earth 1, it is easy to take account of a multitude of dynamics that play out on this particular version of this experiential plane that leverage the masculine and drown out the feminine influence. Men are coined as holding the power positions in Earth 1 reality, countries and economies are predominantly run by men, and the advantages of living a human experience often seem to land on the man’s lap.

Eventually, an experience of excess is always adjusted back into balance for it must align with the natural Laws of the All. The initial rebalancing on Earth 1 begins with women receiving rights and allowances at various points in history. Slowly, the feminine power is felt, heard, and seen. The masculine energy infuses with the influence of the feminine and the dynamics on Earth 1 begin shifting. However, where initially the reality of Earth 1 is based on the extreme end of the gender spectrum favouring the masculine, the pendulum eventually swings to the other end of the extreme. Enter: the scene on the main stage on which most everyone is focusing.

Note that neither extreme is of benefit to the whole but extremes are a natural element of a reality created in duality. As the pendulum passes over the middle point on the gender spectrum, the experience of the balance of energies is too subtle for the mass unconsciousness to experience or even to notice. What the human experience is searching for and focused on creating is an obvious experience of the feminine rising up to a point at which women are holding power positions that allow them to make changes in favour of ushering in even more of this wave of feminine rule.

What happens the instant the pendulum swings to the feminine extreme of the gender spectrum? The reality on Earth reflects the reality in which a single gender is again in power over the other. Imbalance is imbalance. It is of no benefit to anyone. Whether it be men in power or women in power, neither Serves to elevate humanity. Neither Serves as a bridge to Higher evolutionary realities. In the current reality that many are experiencing, women become the force to be reckoned with and men experience suppression.

Power plays no role in this dynamic for Power has no gender. In order to access Power, one must remember that Spirit is neither feminine nor masculine. At the Origin Point of Spirit, gender does not exercise influence. Another way of saying this is that at Origin Point, the frequency of gender is so low compared to the frequency of the purity of Formlessness that it has no influence. Ultimately, gender is experienced for a few very important reasons, one of them being to create reason for the desire to shift out of duality.

It is only in low-level dense realities, where friction and resistance are naturally built into the experiential mechanisms, that gender is relevant. The way in which gender is often experienced on these dense experiential planes is as a weapon. Until the baseline consciousness of the inhabitants of any given experiential plane shifts into a level of Knowing that allows them to remember that the energy of creation is the marriage of the Divine feminine with the Divine masculine, the duality of gender will remain a dominant operating script.

The world is currently experiencing the by-product of the pendulum having swung to the feminine extreme of the spectrum. Until there is a neutralization of the extreme nature of the gender experience, one or the other will always play the role of the villain. The original villain is masculine in nature; the current day villain is emerging as the feminine.

But that is not the whole story, for now We are Working on Earth 2.

What does that mean for the gender imbalance? Many things and nothing at the same time.

The human expects things to change. Spirit takes Action to Be the change. In the Earth 1 reality, Spirit plays a very quiet role for human is the loudest and most adamant to take over the experience. Earth 2 is not at all about continuing to amplify the human experience. However, because Earth 2 is a transitionary experience into a Higher expression of Being in physical form, aspects of the Earth 1 experience will trickle into the evolving reality. Because of this graduating dynamic, Our primary objective is to focus on holding Space from Spirit at all times in order to raise the vibration of the planet enough so that it can stabilize at even Higher rates of frequency in any given moment. The Higher we collectively vibrate on a planetary level, the easier it is for those just starting to remember what it means to hold that Sacred space to be able to do so while functionally navigating the physical experience.

What happens next? A very good question. One way of noticing the intention to shift into a greater State of balance is by Observing the conversation. For example, Justin Baldoni stepped up to contribute to the conversation in his 2017 TED Talk and now hosts a series on Facebook called “Man Enough” in which he and other men in prominent roles examine various points on the gender spectrum.

The subtle of the Unseen is far more profoundly impactful on the Whole than the delineated abruptness of the dense as experienced through separation in all its forms. The changes in the Unseen are tremendous and create a shift of such magnitude that it is felt in a great number of Higher versions of this experiential plane.

The physical experience is now catching up. The energy of the Mother is infusing into every aspect of the Earth 2 experience. We will see the human experience place greater emphasis on honouring mothers, the roles they play, and the functions they Serve in ushering in the New. But this will not happen organically without conscious Action. There are specific Beings currently inhabiting the planet that have come here purposefully and with great focus to show others the way to take the first steps in building the systems, platforms, and organizations that support awakening Beings ushering in the New. Those who feel they are here to help the New birth into this reality are a part of this initiative of Divine Intervention.

In experiencing and then Observing the balance of Power, we grow to appreciate that its definition and its nature shifts as We shift away from concepts of duality that only serve to skew and misperceive. In balance, it is not only possible but natural to experience the True freedom of living Spirit embodied. It is in this State that We are then equipped to build the future on this planet — one founded on the resonance of Love.

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